Below is the episode 28 story of the dramaDobara that was aired on 11 May 2022.

Mehrunnisa is worried after spotting Zameer secretly dining with Nadia. Mahir reassures her and even promises to look into the matter. Minal arrives at the office and seeks a couple of explanations from Mahir. He points out the reason for denying Zameer’s request for money. However, he keeps his mouth shut about why Minal’s brother left for good. Affan reveals the truth under his sister’s inquiry.

Mahir’s real mother pays a visit to Mehrunnisa and bombards her with torrents of sarcasm. Mehrunnisa starts feeling guilty under the onslaught of criticisms. In short, Mahir’s mother provokes Mehru by pointing at her inability to give birth anymore. Mehrunisa is truly saddened by the incident until her husband comes over. Mahir claims how love is more dear to him than children.

Babar manages to worm his way into the office with Mehrunnisa’s support. Mahir later berates his mother for being nosy. He then comes across his step-father while on the way out.

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