Dobara Episode 29 Story

Below is the episode 29 story of the dramaDobara that was aired on 18 May 2022.

Mahir’s step-father’s company is about to merge with Mahir’s group. This means that soon Mahir will become Mr. Anwar’s head in the office. Mahir accidentally comes across Nadia in a restaurant. He reveals to her his identity, and later explains the real motives behind why Aziz wants her to marry his brother. Nadia is dumb-struck at the realization of being used as a chess pawn. Any thoughts of marrying Zameer flood out of her mind instantly.

Next, Mahir meets Zameer and warns him against marrying Nadia. The consequences of doing so will be the loss of both Minal and his business. He then presents Zameer with a project. The latter readily agrees to look after it and even boycotts his brother afterward. Minal is baffled after learning of her late father’s treachery. Mehrunnisa is beyond grateful to Mahir for all his favors to her.

Mahir comes eye to eye with Narmeen in his office. She seems to be a new recruit there. Both stare at each other for a while. Mahir remembers how Narmeen thrashed his love in the dustbin and left him because of money. Meanwhile, Narmeen is flabbergasted after learning of Mahir being the company’s CEO.

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