Dobara Episode 7 Story

Dobara – Episode 7 Story

Below is the episode 7 story of the drama ‘Dobara‘ that was aired on 08 December 2021.

Mehrunnisa is disturbed by Affan’s misbehavior. Minal asks Affan to control his temper while Durdana keeps taking his side. Mahir calls Mehrunnisa, suspecting she is sad and she shares her agonies with him. Zameer asks Minal if there is an affair between Mehrunnisa and Mahir and Minal gets upset with him.

Mahir finds out about Narmeen’s marriage to Zamaan and shares his despair with Mehrunnisa. His stepfather sees them together. Durdana asks Minal to talk to Mehrunnisa about Mahir. Minal defends her in front of Durdana and Affan.

Mehrunnisa starts learning driving from Mahir and invites him to the house. Affan misbehaves with Mehrunnisa and Mahir and Mahir decides to leave. She stops him but Affan threatens to leave the house. Mahir’s stepfather informs his wife about Mahir’s affair with Mehrunnisa who then shares it with Mahir’s father. Mehrunnisa decides to leave everything for her children.

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