Dobara – Episode 9 Story

Below is the episode 9 story of the dramaDobarathat was aired on 22 December 2021.

Mahir wakes up at the hospital where Babar tells him how his parents have shunned him and wouldn’t even want to see his face despite the accident. Mehrunnisa comes to visit Mahir in the hospital while Ibtisam drags along with her as well for a checkup. As a good friend, Mehrunnisa bears all expenses at the hospital while aiming to let Mahir get the best treatment.

On the way back, Ibtisam who’s become afraid of Mehrunnisa’s driving volunteers to drive himself and smashes the car in the process. Affan gets quite irritated at Ibtisam for ruining his car.

Having become impressed by Mehrunnisa’s generosity towards Mahir, Babar advises his friend to grasp the opportunity and marry her. Mehrunnisa’s son-in-law, Zameer is still up to his old tricks on the business side.

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