Dour Episode 32 & 33 Story

Dour – Episode 32 & 33 Story

Below is the story of episodes 32 & 33 of the dramaDouraired on 25~26 October 2021.

Yasmin is shattered as Shaukat plans to send Haniya to Dubai. Adil and Kulsoom come for engagement but Yasmin refuses and decides to marry Abaan. Both Romaan and Asma oppose her decision and question Mrs. Ihtisham. She turns Romaan emotional who wonders about Asma’s behaviour with Abaan. Asma stands against Mrs. Ihtisham and promises not to let the marriage happen.

Asma and Romaan fight over Abaan. Romaan catches Geeti who reveals evil doings of Abaan and makes Romaan watch CCTV footage.

Shaukat takes away Haniya and Mrs. Ihtisham pretends to help Yasmin. Romaan is enraged and finds Asma wincing in pain as Abaan tripped her. Romaan tries to hit Abaan but Mrs. Ihtisham intervenes. 

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