Dour – Episode 38 & 39 Story

Below is the story of episodes 38 & 39 of the drama ‘Dour‘ aired on 15~16 November 2021.

Hania shares her fears with the family and all share an emotional moment. Mrs. Ihtisham warns everyone about giving any job to Romaan who faces terrible financial conditions. Yasmin helps with stitching.

Rehmat Baba brings products for him and makes him meet his boss who reveals facts about Romaan’s childhood. Romaan is shocked to find that he was born with a silver spoon. He stays upset about the whole situation.

Asma visits her university and decides to resume her education. Romaan finally gets a job but Asma moves out with Yasmin due to Romaan’s prior betrayal. Romaan visits Adil for help but Asma doesn’t want him to contact her. Asma and Yasmin resume their father’s puppet show and Mrs. Ihtisham worries about the old man’s words. 

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