Story of the Drama

Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Aşkın Tarifi’ in English. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Aşkın Tarifi – Cast & Characters

Episode 1

Air Date: 07-June-2021

The episode opens up in Gaziantep where Fırat is an expert in cooking kebabs. He works in a shop in Istanbul with his aunt and friends. He is a happy young man who is devastated when his fiancé leaves him on the day of their wedding. He goes nuts with wrath and while making an inquiry from his fiancé, he comes across a name, Taylan who is known as Doctor Aşk. He is a renowned life coach and a hope for many people but becomes Fırat’s bitter enemy. Fırat wants revenge from the man for destroying his love life. He plans to ruin the Doctor’s love life as well and makes investigations. He feels bad for attempting to play with a woman’s feelings, but is left with no choice, he sets out to meet Doctor’s girlfriend, Naz who is the owner of a French restaurant and belongs to a notable family in Istanbul. Fırat, having exposure to French cuisine, starts working at the restaurant after lying a bit about himself. To manage a situation at the restaurant during an event, he kisses Naz in front of everyone. 

Episode 2

Air Date: 14-June-2021

Naz slaps Fırat for his gesture and fires him from the job. The Doctor is also angry at Naz but controls himself. He decides to rush the marriage with Naz. Some important clients show up at Naz’s restaurant. The chef refuses to work in haste having an argument with Naz’s friend, Şebnem, and leaves the place. Fırat comes to the restaurant and saves the day. Şebnem advises Naz to hire back Fırat for the sake of business. As she goes to talk to him, she finds Fırat and his family busy cooking for a wedding. Upon Doctor’s orders, Fırat’s shop is sealed. He still manages to prepare food for the wedding and Naz helps him as well. Naz and Fırat find themselves being attracted to each other. Naz convinces the bride for marriage who tries to step back by giving her a lecture about love. Naz enjoys it a lot and Fırat asks her to get rid of her fake relationship with Taylan. The next day, pictures of Naz and Fırat dancing at the wedding are released. When the media starts questioning, the Doctor proposes to Naz. She accepts with hesitance after giving a look to disturbed Fırat. 

Episode 3

Air Date: 21-June-2021

Fırat’s job becomes tough after Naz’s acceptance of the proposal. Taylan seems happy at his win but is bothered to see Fırat working again at the restaurant. This starts to intensify the relationship between Naz and Fırat. Fırat doesn’t admit it but he is visibly upset about Naz accepting the proposal. He also makes vain efforts to re-open his shop. Taylan is worried about the rash actions of his brother, Bora, who comes across Fırat’s friend, Sevi. Upon hearing about the orders regarding his kebab shop from Taylan’s worker, Fırat punches him and the scene is witnessed by their important client, Arda. Fırat and Naz make attempts to get him back and they succeed. Naz misses her family dinner when helping Fırat in the kitchen. Taylan along with Naz’s uncle and aunt goes to her restaurant to see her rejoicing in Fırat’s arms. Least do they know that it is because of the successful dinner with Arda.  

Episode 4

Air Date: 28-June-2021

Naz tries to explain the scene to her family and Taylan but in vain. Fırat’s aunt, Sultana finds out the whole story about Naz and Fırat and wants her out of their lives. The shop opens again and Fırat finds it was Naz who paid their fine. Bora and Sevi meet and seem to have romantic feelings for each other while Mirza, her friend, seems to be in love with her as well. As her plan to get rid of Naz, Fırat’s aunt, Sultana, invites her family to her kebab shop. Fırat is shocked at her arrival. Sultana is surprised to see Naz’s father as she had quite an unpleasant encounter with him before. She calls her neighbors with their daughter and announces them to be Fırat’s in-laws. Naz is hurt and leaves with her family. Fırat is furious and refuses to marry, infuriating his aunt. Naz is stuck between Fırat and Taylan. On the day of engagement, Fırat rushes to stop it followed by Sultana and her friend, Gülendam who are now aware of Taylan’s truth. Naz faints in Fırat’s arms.

Episode 5

Air Date: 05-Jul-2021

As Fırat had planned on breaking the engagement, his family feels much ashamed. Sultan apologizes to Naz’s father. They talk about their children while there seems to be something else going on as well. Şebnem and Ergin’s friendship grows and takes a new turn. Mirza and Sevi spend some time together but she is still interested in Bora and tells him how much she hates Taylan oblivious to the fact that Bora is Taylan’s brother. Sumru, a magazine writer, comes to shoot in Naz’s restaurant. Sumru and Fırat’s affinity makes Naz jealous. Bora and Taylan argue with each other hinting at a past family tragedy. Fırat and Naz celebrate the magazine’s success by dancing which ignites romance between them. Mirza breaks into Taylan’s office in order to find proof against him but gets caught. Taylan asks Fırat to get out of Naz’s life to save his friend from being arrested.

Episode 6

Air Date: 12-Jul-2021

Fırat doesn’t go to work and avoids everyone’s calls to protect Mirza. Naz gets tensed as Fırat needed to deal with some important clients at the restaurant but everything seems to be a mess. Atila, Taylan’s worker, narrates Mirza’s story to Bora, due to which he destroys all evidence against him. Fırat rushes to the restaurant for help and gets insulted by Naz. Atila gets closer to Gülendam at the order of Taylan, to extract information about Fırat. Taylan tells Bora about his childhood traumas and they share an emotional moment. After realizing the closeness between Sultan and Naz’s father, Khazym, Gülendam invites him to Sultan’s birthday party. Mirza clears Naz’s misunderstanding about Fırat and she shows up at the party too. Mirza tells Sevi that Bora is Taylan’s brother. Naz is confused as she finds articles about her family on Fırat’s laptop.

Episode 7

Air Date: 26-Jul-2021

Khazym is hurt by Sultan’s comments as she argues with Feyza, Naz’s aunt. The family leaves and Fırat follows Naz who reveals to have seen a folder in his laptop by her name. She calls him a fraud but Fırat clears her misunderstanding and leaves angrily. Naz regrets her behavior. Şebnem meets her college friends in the restaurant and introduces Ergin as her boyfriend who as an act expresses his true love to her. Fırat decides to quit his job but Naz forces him to stay until the cooking competition. Sevi is informed that Bora saved Mirza by deleting all evidence against him. She still ends their relationship when she becomes aware of Mirza’s feelings for her. To reveal Taylan’s truth, Fırat meets Yusuf, another victim who narrates his story to Naz making her doubt Taylan. Fırat gets hurt in an attempt to stop a fight between Yusuf and Taylan. Sultan requests Naz to leave Fırat alone. Naz leaves crying and Asuman, Fırat’s ex-fiancé re-enters the scene.

Episode 8

Air Date: 02-Aug-2021

Fırat is shocked after seeing Asuman. Sultan beats the pulp out of her for her betrayal. Naz and Fırat impress the judges and make their way into the final. Fırat makes it clear to Asuman about him moving on. Naz breaks up with Taylan. Asuman reaches there and asks Taylan to reunite her with Fırat. Taylan is stunned to find Fırat as her ex-fiance. Fırat and Naz meet at a restaurant and express their feelings to each other. Everybody is delighted at the new relationship but Fırat still has to tell her the truth before Asuman reveals it on Taylan’s show. He is late and Naz discovers the reality. Sultan is hurt to see a drunk and shattered Fırat. The next day, Naz meets him and forgives him. Wedding preparations get started. Naz’s refusal on the wedding day leaves everyone shocked.

Episode 9

Air Date: 09-Aug-2021

Naz declares to Fırat about her short revenge for him to experience the pain of betrayal. He continues working at the restaurant. Taylan’s show is shut down as a complaint is made against him by Fırat. Both get in a terrible fight at the restaurant and Naz fires him. Şebnem is at the peak of her anger due to stubbornness and asks Naz to bring Fırat back or lose her best friend. Naz convinces Fırat for the sake of Şebnem but hires Asuman as a receptionist. The cold war between the couple continues. Bora tries to reconcile with Sevi. Taylan is adamant to destroy the restaurant and pays the finance manager, Mr. Selim to run with all savings from the restaurant. Fırat ends up in a hospital after food made by Naz to teach him a lesson. He still shows up for help when suppliers demand money from Naz and Şebnem. Fırat brings money but puts a condition in return for his help. 

Episode 10

Air Date: 16-Aug-2021

Fırat asks to spend a day with Naz in return for lending her money. She rejects it and borrows some money from Tylan. The next day, Şebnem tells her that Fırat paid her debt. To clear the tab with Fırat, Naz makes him a restaurant partner. Naz books a room for Fırat and Asuman, inviting Fırat herself but jealousy takes over and Naz goes there. At the same time, police raids the area and they both spend the night in jail. Discussing the situation with Sultan, Khayzam stays the night at his home. Feyza gets tensed by their closeness. While doing chores, Fırat slips and hurts his head, he then pretends to have memory loss. Şebnem realizes her love for Ergin. Fırat and Gülendam find out about Mirza’s love for Sevi. Taylan finds out about the man who lent money to Fırat and decides to reveal the truth to Naz.

Episode 11

Air Date: 23-Aug-2021

Naz reveals to Sultan about Fırat taking money from her ex-husband, Serdal. Sultan slaps Fırat and berates him for betraying her. Naz states about Serdal’s intentions of buying her restaurant for years and Fırat denies having known the fact. No one believes him and Sultan throws him out of the house. His situation worsens when he loses his sense of taste due to the head injury. Naz happens to find him searching about his condition on Şebnem’s laptop and decides to confirm it. Bora and Sevil continue their romance without anyone’s notice. Sultan is enraged to find her secret recipes stolen by her new competitive restaurant. Sevil steals her mother’s recipe book for Fırat who decides to cover his condition with Sultan’s tips. Naz calls out the whole staff and orders Fırat to taste the dishes and identify the saltier one. Fırat begs her not to embarrass him but she doesn’t bother.

Episode 12

Air Date: 30-Aug-2021

Fırat reveals to have lost his taste to everyone and is hurt by Naz’s actions. Şebnem too berates Naz for spoiling Fırat’s career. Sultan takes Fırat back in and consoles him. The competitor restaurant turns out to be of Serdal. Sultan clears him to stay out of her life while he attempts to win his family back. Asuman gives the news to Taylan who spreads it on social media. Sevil is upset about a secret related to Serdal. Khazym is asked by Serdal to stay away from Sultan. Fırat divides the restaurant in half and invites Sultan to help him in the kitchen. Naz is angry at Şebnem for supporting Fırat. The customers seem to attend Fırat’s portion which turns out to be a success while Naz’s side faces loss. Sultan seems upset after hearing about Fırat’s test reports. Fırat goes to check his results only to see Naz already checking the laptop. 

Episode 13 (Last Episode)

Air Date: 06-Sep-2021

Naz kisses Fırat to stop him from seeing the reports which are actually fake and state zero percent recovery for Firat. He imagines meeting Naz under different circumstances where she runs away from her wedding and meets Fırat. As he saves her from Taylan, he gets hit on the head facing the loss of taste. Coming out of imagination, shattered by his situation, Fırat ends things with Naz and asks her to move on. Naz is seen flying abroad. Fırat, in his devastated state, passes out after drinking. He wakes up to find his family preparing for Gülendam and Atila’s wedding but it actually turns out to be Naz and Fırat‘s event. Sultan has ended things with her ex-husband who came to get a liver transplant via Sevi. She enjoys her moments with Khazym and so do Şebnem and Ergin. Gul and Atila plan to marry. Fırat accepts Bora and Sevi’s relationship and consoles Mirza who wishes them happiness. Taylan and Asuman understand the true definition of love. The show ends with family dancing at the wedding.

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