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Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Badshah Begum’. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Badshah Begum – Cast & Characters

Episode 01

Air Date: 01-Mar-2022

Roshan Ara is swaying on her feet together with her crush Bakhtiar at some disco bar. Roshi’s elder sister, Jahan Ara comes and takes her dead-drunk sister back home. Badshah Begum orders to cripple a pregnant woman’s feet over an insignificant mistake. Bakhtiar attends a social event where he keeps ogling at Jahan Ara. Roshan Ara is against her elder sister intermingling with her friends. Bakhtiar attempts to make a conversation with Jahan Ara but fails. Pir Shah Alam has long left to spend his last few years within the city. His two sons, Shahzaib and Qaiser, compete against each other for the throne. Qaiser is on the way to becoming a father. Shahzaib feels anxious and so selects a suitable bride for himself. Badshah Begum refuses to entertain his request for marriage. Bakhtiar pays a visit to Jahan Ara’s father. Both men find the opposite party quite entertaining. 

Episode 02

Air Date: 08-Mar-2022

Qaiser forcefully takes a doctor to his home for his wife’s delivery. At a party, Bakhtiar and Jahan Ara sneakingly gaze at each other. Just then, Bakhtiar expresses his love to Jahan Ara which she quietly ignores. Qaiser sends a message to Badshah Begum that he will come to meet her bearing good news. Roshan Ara’s jealous heart aches after witnessing Bakhtiar express his love to Jahan Ara. At the university, Bakhtiar tries to talk to Jahan Ara but she constantly warns him to stay away from her. Jahan Ara’s father shares a beautiful, heart-to-heart conversation with his daughter and celebrates her birthday elegantly. Bakhtiar pastes birthday wishes for Jahan Ara all around the university. Annoyed by Bakhtiar’s attempts to impress her, Jahan Ara leaves her class immediately. Qaiser comes to meet Badshah Begum bearing news of his newborn baby girl. Badshah Begum announces to perform the baby’s welcoming ceremony and Aqiqah at Qaiser’s House. Shahzaib is enraged to hear this news.

Episode 03

Air Date: 15-Mar-2022

Jahan Ara receives an apology note from Bakhtiar. Roshan Ara oppressively asks her to stay away from Bakhtiar. Badshah Begum is stabbed by one of her maids under Qaiser’s order. Surprisingly, she does not die. Instead, she stabs the maid back with her knife. Bakhtiar feels restless as he wants to know the reason behind Jahan Ara’s disregard towards him. Qaiser is elated by his daughter’s birth who will inherit the throne after Hakim Be and Shahzaib seems worried about it. Through Shahzaib’s conversation with Khalifa Nawaz, it becomes clear that Jahan Ara and Roshan Ara are Shah Alam’s daughters from his second “city” wife, and that they were never accepted by Badshah Begum. Khalifa Nawaz advises Shahzaib to forget the past vendettas and accept his half-sisters as that is the only way they can keep the throne from going to Qaiser’s family. Shahzaib is haunted by memories of his childhood where his father ignored his mother and prioritized his second family. Jahan Ara suggests her father to go back to Peerapur and take back what’s lawfully theirs. Shah Alam agrees but asks her to accompany him.

Episode 04

Air Date: 22-Mar-2022

Jahan Ara is elated to know that her younger brother, Shahmeer is coming back to Pakistan from abroad. Hakim Be advises Shahzaib to rethink his decision of calling his father and step-siblings to Peerapur as he will entirely lose control of the throne. Shahmeer is warmly welcomed by Jahan Ara in their house. Jahan Ara is startled to see Bakhtiar entertaining her father and brother at her house. Upon knowing that Shahmeer has invited Bakhtiar to Peerpur, she gets mad and immediately forces Shahmeer to uninvite him as their life in the village is poles apart from that in the city. Shah Alam and his family are welcomed grandly at Peerapur. Hakim Be and Shah Alam engage in an argument when she taunts him for raising ill-mannered daughters. Roshan Ara is annoyed by the traditions of village life. Bakhtiar arrives in Peerapur at Roshan Ara’s request and everyone seems to be talking about him.

Episode 05

Air Date: 29-Mar-2022

Hakim Be slaps Roshan Ara for her outrageous and rebellious behavior. Jahan Ara fumes with anger after Hakim Be badmouths her mother. In the middle of the night, Jahan Ara catches her sister who is sneakingly going to meet Bakhtiar. She stops her from doing so as it will put Bakhtiar’s life at stake. Shahzaib’s younger brother, Murad, and Bakhtiar engage in a sarcastically sociable conversation discussing differences between city and country life. Qaiser boils with anger after knowing that Hakim Be has performed the rituals meant to include Shah Alam’s daughters in the family. Jahan Ara is frightened to see Bakhtiar with his camera inside the females’ portion of the house and immediately pushes him out. Bakhtiar proposes to Jahan Ara and upon her refusal, he decides to talk to Shah Alam about their marriage. Qaiser recklessly tramples his maid, Sakina’s young son while speeding in his jeep.

Episode 06

Air Date: 05-Apr-2022

Jahan Ara unravels the truth to Bakhtiar that women of the Pir family are prohibited to marry anyone. Bakhtiar is stunned to hear about such inappropriate custom and suggests Jahan Ara go back to the city. To avenge her child’s death, Sakina spills the beans to Shahzaib about Qaiser’s child who is not a girl but a eunuch. Hakim Be acquaints Jahan Ara about the struggles and difficulties that come after becoming the Badshah Begum and gives her a last chance to leave Peerapur before enthronement but to no avail. Shah Alam chooses Shahmeer as the new heir to his throne and Jahan Ara as the new Badshah Begum. Qaiser kills his child in cold blood as he is of no use now. He buries Sakina alive along with his child as revenge for revealing to Shahzaib his child’s real identity. Murad lecherously grabs a housemaid, Gulnar to make her feel uncomfortable. Jahan Ara struggles to hold back her feelings for Bakhtiar.

Episode 07

Air Date: 12-Apr-2022

After spending a night alone with Jahan Ara, Bakhtiar persuades her to run away with him but she is obliged to fulfill her parent’s dream of ruling Peerapur as Badshah Begum and bringing change in its traditions. Roshan Ara expresses her love to Bakhtiar and upon his rejection, threatens to disclose the truth of his secret meeting with Jahan Ara. Shahmeer and Jahan Ara are depressed after getting enthroned. However, Jahan Ara encourages Shahmeer that with the power of ascension, they will be able to change Peerapur’s destiny. Bakhtiar reveals to Shahmeer his love for Jahan Ara and requests him not to allow her to pay the price at the behest of the baseless traditions of Peerapur. Meanwhile, Roshan Ara blows the gaff to Shahzaib about Bakhtiar and Jahan Ara’s secret meeting. At the ascension ceremony, Jahan Ara is flabbergasted at the absurd and infidel customs of sacrificing newborn girls and muting the personal handmaiden in the name of Badshah Begum. However, after Shah Alam’s coaxing, she agrees to sacrifice the newborns but orders that her handmaiden, Gulnar will not be muted.

Episode 08

Air Date: 19-Apr-2022

Shah Alam hosts a family lunch and summons the entire family together so he can clear any grievances or complaints against him. During lunch, Shahzaib deliberately mentions Bakhtiar to draw the attention of Jahan Ara. Jahan Ara sends a message to Bakhtiar via Gulnar saying that she can’t reciprocate his love and requesting him to not get in touch with her ever again. Bakhtiar injures his hand and replies back with a note covered with blood. Qaiser witnesses this message exchanging scene and suspects that something interesting is cooking. Shahmeer decides to announce the Nikah of Jahan Ara with Bakhtiar but Shah Alam and Jahan Ara restrain him from doing so as he will be dethroned for making such insubordinate decisions. Gulnar’s fiancé, Tara asks her to run away with him to the city but Gulnar is bound to stay in Peerapur as she is the special handmaiden of Badshah Begum.

Episode 09

Air Date: 26-Apr-2022

Shahzaib takes Bakhtiar hostage after which Jahan Ara begs him to let Bakhtiar go. He agrees to do so only if she admits to Bakhtiar that she got him abducted. Shahmeer is preparing for his announcement speech in which he is going to address something out of the ordinary and Shahzaib is curious to know about it. Hakim Be reveals to Shahzaib that Shahmeer is planning to announce the marriage of Jahan Ara with Bakhtiar. Shahzaib boils with anger and goes to hurt Bakhtiar. Later, he delivers Bakhtiar’s ring covered in blood to Jahan Ara. Jahan Ara is devastated to see it and blames Roshan Ara for luring Bakhtiar to Peerapur. During the speech, just when Shahmeer is about to announce his decision, Jahan Ara falls unconscious after she is bitten by a snake that was left by Hakim Be. Since Badshah Begum isn’t allowed to leave the premises, Shahzaib offers to take her to the hospital secretly.

Episode 10

Air Date: 10-May-2022

Jahan Ara’s condition becomes critical as the poison has spread throughout her entire body. Meanwhile, Bakhtiar attempts to escape Shahzaib’s captivity but to no avail. Later, Shahzaib himself drops Bakhtiar at his house safely and warns him to stay away from Peerapur. Hakim Be appoints Roshan Ara as a substitute for Badshah Begum. She assures Roshan Ara that she will become the real Badshah Begum since she believes that Jahan Ara won’t survive. Gulnar begs Hakim Be to save her from Murad’s lustful intentions but Hakim Be instead hands her over to Murad. After she is raped, Hakim Be orders her not to stir any trouble by telling anyone about the harassment. In a state of devastation, Gulnar heads out to seek revenge but is stopped by Tara. Jahan Ara gains consciousness and Shah Alam takes her to the city so she can recover there in peace. 

Episode 11

Air Date: 17-May-2022

In the city, Jahan Ara spends time recovering in the comfort of her modern home. Shah Alam calls Roshan Ara to the city as well and instead of coming home, she goes straight to meet Bakhtiar. Heartbroken by the fact that Jahan Ara got him abducted, Bakhtiar unwillingly gets together with Roshan Ara. However, in reality, he is just playing a pretense to make Jahan Ara jealous. Seeing Roshan Ara return to her scallywag attitude, Shah Alam asks Jahan Ara to keep an eye on her. Shahzaib arrives in the city to meet Roshan Ara. He wants Roshan Ara to become the Badshah Begum and instructs her to change her rebellious attitude. Murad is unable to find Gulnar and, in his fury, he burns Gulnar’s father alive unbeknownst to the fact that Qaiser has given Gulnar refuge. Since Murad is the unimportant and ignorant child of the family, Hakim Be instigates him to aim for the throne instead of sparing it to Shahmeer.

Episode 12

Air Date: 24-May-2022

Qaiser sends Gulnar and Tara to the city with a motive. In the city, Gulnar along with the other devotees arrive at Shah Alam’s house to meet him. Gulnar takes the opportunity to avenge Hakim Be and informs Shah Alam about the location of the snake’s den in his Peerapur’s mansion. Seemingly Shah Alam turns a deaf ear to it in front of the devotees. Later, he rushes to Peerapur and accuses Hakim Be of trying to kill Jahan Ara with the snake. As a punishment for her sins, he isolates Hakim Be in a shrine for the rest of her life. Jahan Ara berates Gulnar for stirring trouble in the family but soon understands that Gulnar was forced to do so. Tara finds out from Gulnar that Badshah Begum is in the city and so he decides to inform Qaiser about it. However, Gulnar restrains him from doing so.

Episode 13

Air Date: 31-May-2022

Murad arrives at Shah Alam’s house in the city and Gulnar is stunned to see him. Later, he threatens Gulnar to kill her lover, Tara. Gulnar begs him to spare Tara’s life and in return serves herself to him brazenly. Jahan Ara explains to Shahmeer that she stopped him from making the address the other day to protect Bakhtiar’s life. She further elucidates that Hakim Be offered her help to save Bakhtiar and instead put Jahan Ara’s life at stake. Shahmeer is not ready to become a part of his family’s spectacle and decides to return abroad. Roshan Ara proposes to Bakhtiar for marriage and seeing her with Bakhtiar, Jahan Ara envies her. In Peerapur, Shah Alam promises Khalifa Nawaz to make his daughter, Zulekha, the bride of Shahmeer. Later, Shahzaib visits Nawaz and asks for Zulekha’s hand in marriage. Nawaz refuses him as he has already committed to Shah Alam to marry his daughter to Shahmeer.

Episode 14

Air Date: 07-Jun-2022

Seeing Bakhtiar’s tactless behavior towards her, Jahan Ara feels ashamed to have associated with him in the past. She grounds Roshan Ara, restraining her from keeping any ties with Bakhtiar, and also warns Bakhtiar’s mother to put a leash on Bakhtiar. Shahmeer informs his father about his intentions of getting married in London and is stunned to find out that Shah Alam has already given his word to Khalifa Nawaz. Gulnar confides in Jahan Ara and opens up to her about Murad, revealing to her his atrocious actions. Jahan Ara tries to take action against Murad but seeing Shah Alam worried about Shahmeer’s marriage, she delays the revenge. Despite Gulnar’s reluctance, Tara blows the gaff to Qaiser about Badshah Begum being in the city. Qaiser dances with joy and starts planning a scheme against Shah Alam. Jahan Ara is surprised to see Gulnar secretly meeting Tara.

Episode 15

Air Date: 14-Jun-2022

After Jahan Ara catches Gulnar spilling the house secrets to Tara, she brutally slates her and threatens to chop off her tongue. Gulnar doesn’t hold back this time and blames her for not fighting for her justice, leaving Jahan Ara speechless. Later, Gulnar informs Jahan Ara that Tara has spilled the beans to Qaiser about Badshah Begum being in the city. Jahan Ara panics and promptly gets ready to rush to Peerapur, forcefully taking Roshan Ara along with her. Meanwhile, in Peerapur just when Khalifa Nawaz is about to assign Shahzaib the throne, Qaiser intervenes and blows the gaff of Badshah Begum’s absence from Peerapur. However, things remain under control as Jahan Ara arrives back in time. Shah Alam summons Shahmeer to Peerapur after lying to him that he has had a heart attack. Shahmeer and Roshan Ara are done with Peerapur and demand to go back but Jahan Ara keeps them caged.

Episode 16

Air Date: 21-Jun-2022

Zulekha is head over heels for Shahmeer and can’t wait to get married to him. However, her friends remind her that her marriage is still not fixed and that Shahzaib is also a probable prospect for her, making Zulekha anxious. Jahan Ara pays a visit to the shrine to meet Hakim Be and asks her to return back home. Later, she sees Murad flitting around Gulnar and warns him to stay away. Gulnar secretly goes to meet Tara and asks him to skip town to keep himself safe. Shahmeer is enraged to see preparations of his wedding happening in the house, despite his disapproval for marriage. In his fury, he seeks help from Shahzaib and runs away from Peerapur. Shah Alam fears that he will be defamed if the news of the groom’s escape comes out to the public. The family contemplates on either using Murad or Shahzaib as the groom to avoid defamation. However, Shahmeer arrives back and announces to fulfill his father’s order of marrying Zulekha.

Episode 17

Air Date: 28-Jun-2022

Shahmeer brings Bakhtiar and his mother along with him as his guests. Jahan Ara is stunned to see them. She berates him for putting Bakhtiar’s life at stake. Roshan Ara is overjoyed to see Bakhtiar and asks him to return to the city together. Bakhtiar refuses and reveals that he never loved her. He leaves her devastated stating that he only used her to get close to Jahan Ara. Jahan Ara warns Roshan Ara that she will lose her life if she keeps pursuing Bakhtiar. Before Tara could skip town, Murad abducts him. Murad tortures him by narrating how he raped Gulnar and threatens to do the same thing over and over again. Bakhtiar’s mother flips out after discovering that the daughters of the Pir family can never marry. She insists Bakhtiar leave the place immediately but he refuses. Later, he begs Jahan Ara to grant him her love but she feels helpless as she is bound to the traditions of Peerapur.

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