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Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Baht Oyunu’ in English. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Baht Oyunu – Cast & Characters

Episode 1

Air Date: 15-Jun-2021

Rüzgar and Ada had been married for three years to help Rüzgar gain citizenship. Ada, being serious about marriage does multiple jobs to support him but he keeps taking advantage of her. Bora, the famous writer leaves a bad impression on Ada when they meet at the restaurant she works in and is fired when she misbehaves with him. She is distraught to find Rüzgar romantically involved with Tuğçe, his colleague working at Bora’s office. Bora and Ada’s cars collide and he attends to her during the whole recovery process. Ada is determined to get back at Rüzgar and Tuğçe so goes to Bora for a job but he refuses to hire her. A video of Bora from the restaurant is released to malign his respect. Ada digs up the situation and extracts a complete video from her former boss that proves Bora’s innocence. She is willing to provide the video to Bora if he hires her. Bora offers her the job of assistant which she accepts.

Episode 2

Air Date: 22-Jun-2021

The staff bets on Ada leaving her job soon as bearing Bora had never been easy. Bora and Ada sign the contract with specific terms and she gets hired. Bora takes Ada to her house to find his missing niece, Elif. She finds and comforts the child while Bora is moved with her gesture. Bora asks Tuğçe to accompany her on a meeting with Mr. Serdar who can save the company from going bankrupt due to the video scandal. Rüzgar makes fun of Ada for the same and she mixes a sleeping pill in Tuğçe’s drink making her miss the meeting. Bora is forced to take Ada to the meeting and they share a sweet moment. Bora introduces her as his girlfriend and the meeting goes smoothly until Rüzgar and Tuğçe intervene. Rüzgar deliberately gives alcoholic chocolate to Ada and she creates a scene at the meeting embarrassing Bora and causing harm to his company. She is ashamed of her act and is fired. Serdar finds the couple true and honest and signs a contract with Bora causing Ada to return to the company, shocking the employees. Elif calls Ada to her birthday party and all have a great time. Tuğçe drags Ada to a corner making Bora suspect what’s cooking between the two.

Episode 3 

Air Date: 29-Jun-2021

Many games commence in this episode where Tuğçe asks Ada to inform her all about Bora’s activities. Ada makes Tuğçe correspond anonymously with Bora on the company’s article chatbox. Bora is impressed with the chat but it’s actually Ada replying on Tuğçe’s behalf. Ada makes Tuğçe break up with Rüzgar if she wants to enter Bora’s life. The closeness of Elif with Ada baffles Bora’s mother while his father is impressed. Bora invites the secret girl to dinner but Tuğçe is unable to show up due to Rüzgar. Ada comes instead and they spend a lovely time on the street. Tuğçe invites Bora to a chalet for a fake photoshoot to spend some time alone with him but he invites Ada as well. Rüzgar follows too and the couples find themselves under the same roof. In a turn of events, Bora wakes up to find Ada next to him. They run as Tuğçe screams, finding herself in the same bed with Rüzgar. Ada faints as she sees Rüzgar proposing to Tuğçe.

Episode 4

Air Date: 06-Jul-2021

Ada faints after seeing Rüzgar’s proposal and tries harder to bring Tuğçe and Bora close. Bora suspects Ada’s unhappiness at the proposal. His mother warns Tuğçe about Ada’s growing closeness with Bora’s family. Bora’s father, Zafer, talks to Elif about her liking for Ada. Elif states that she feels her mother is watching her when Ada looks at her. Bora and Ada’s friends clarify them about being interested in each other but they deny the claims. Bora strictly warns Ada to focus on work when he sees her chatting with Rüzgar and intentionally starts being cold towards her. He meets his ex-girlfriend Fulya on a date in an attempt to free himself of the allegation of being interested in Ada. The date is spoiled by Tuğçe and Ada. Things turn worse when Fulya and Ada get into a fight enraging Bora who is about to terminate Ada but the news of Elif’s disappearance shocks them. Elif gets into the car of Ada’s uncle to go to her place. They go to fetch her but their conflict continues. Tuğçe secretly meets Ada’s ex-boss who spread the false video of Bora. Ada accompanies Bora to his house. A conversation about “love” turns ugly and Bora shouts at Ada hurting her. She leaves quietly while he stands fuming in anger. 

Episode 5

Air Date: 13-Jul-2021

Ada storms into the jungle and Bora goes with Ali and Selin to find her. They have a small argument again but are arrested as they cross the military territory. They spend some time in jail and Bora smiles at Ada’s tactics. Zafer helps them out. Bora wants an article to be written on white marriages and a rivalry of writing begins between Tuğçe and Ada. Ada lies about knowing a friend with white marriage and Selin steps up to help her. Bora requests Selin to be true to Ali. Belma makes Ada’s family stay at her house after hearing emotional words from Elif. Ada feels attracted to Bora and tries to divert her attention. They happen to run into each other in the washroom early in the morning when Bora takes bath. Bora again laughs at Ada’s actions and asks himself not to lose control. Ada is enraged when Tuğçe steals her article. Bora doesn’t believe her but later rushes to her house to apologize when he remembers Ada reading him the same article when asking for a job. Ada finds a drunk Rüzgar at her house talking about making a mistake to leave her. She warns him to get out of her life. Bora is shocked to find Rüzgar coming out of Ada’s shower.

Episode 6

Air Date: 27-Jul-2021

Bora gets upset and leaves Ada’s place angrily after seeing Rüzgar there. Ada follows Bora on a bike. They go for a walk and talk it out. Bora asks how Rüzgar knows her address and expresses how he really wants to know the real Ada and her truth. Celal, the municipal officer, comes to meet Bora in his office. Rüzgar gets terrified as his truth about marriage might be out while Ada stays calm. Nevertheless, their secret remains intact. Bora decides to go to a camp accompanied by Ada and Tuğçe. Rüzgar joins them as a surprise that irritates Tuğçe. At camp, Bora and Ada act like a couple. Certain events such as dance practice or sharing the same room cause Tuğçe and Rüzgar to burn in jealousy but ignite romantic feelings between Bora and Ada. Rüzgar loves Tuğçe but is disturbed by Bora and Ada’s closeness. Unplanned but little scenarios seem to sparkle romantic feelings between Bora and Ada causing insecurity to some people.

Episode 7

Air Date: 03-Aug-2021

Ada manages the situation with Celal and Bora asks her to make Selin tell the truth to Ali. Burdened by the heap of lies, Ada decides to quit her job but Bora takes her to her university to attend an event. Ada is elated as Bora gives her a chance to express her thoughts in front of students. She gets emotional to see her former professor and regrets leaving her education for Rüzgar. Shattered, Ada quits her job leaving Bora upset. Ada and Rüzgar shoot for wedding photos on Celal’s insistence. She finds a job as a waitress in a small restaurant. Selin starts working with Ali. Bora reserves his business meeting in the same restaurant where Tuğçe tries to insult her but gets a fitting response from Ada. Bora tries to motivate Ada to achieve her dreams but she states to have always lied to him. Bora demands to know what she has been hiding.

Episode 8

Air Date: 10-Aug-2021

Ada informs Bora about not completing her graduation as she finds Tuğçe eavesdropping on them. Bora is enraged at Ada’s lies and accuses her of stealing articles as well. Ada decides to return to the firm to prove herself to Bora. Rüzgar makes Tuğçe hire Ada as her assistant. Belma and Yasemin join hands to stop the couple from becoming one while Zafer and Nergis plan to get them married. Bora, on seeing Ada’s stubbornness, assigns her a task of making a report with a celebrity, Kuney. She arranges an interview with Kuney who invites Ada to his party making Bora jealous. Concerned for Ada, Bora attends the party and beats the pulp out of Kuney and his guards for misbehavior. Evren, on a date with Yasemin, shares the pain of a child growing up without parents and Ada’s life and personality is beautifully portrayed in the scene. The wedding ring from Ada’s fake marriage lands into Bora’s hands that Ada keeps searching for desperately.

Episode 9

Air Date: 17-Aug-2021

Ada lies about the ring belonging to her grandmother later found by Yasemin leading to her weird conversation with Rüzgar. Bora’s childhood friend, Meltem makes an entry at his house and is hired as his assistant arousing jealousy in Ada. Ada hears her talking secretly on call about harming the company. She complains to Bora about Meltem rummaging through his computer and files in the office but he doesn’t believe her. During the dinner at Bora’s house, an argument ensues between Meltem and Ada and Bora asks Ada to accept her jealousy. Elif is scared to go to school thinking about being questioned about her parents but finds comfort with Ada. Ada also solves her school situation and advises Belma about treating an orphan being one herself but receives rude replies in return. Ada sends her uncle and Tuğçe to gather evidence against her but fails to understand that the plot has been set by Meltem herself.

Episode 10

Air Date: 24-Aug-2021

Bora excuses Ada about Meltem being in a bathrobe as a heartbreak over Rüzgar’s rejection. Ada lets it slide and everyone goes to dinner where a bitter series of events id faced by Ada. She deliberately increases the temperature of AC causing pain in Meltem’s neck letting her miss her day at the office. While at home, Ada asks Aslan to keep an eye on Meltem leading the case to Zefer who discovers about Meltem being a spy. Despite the truth, Bora asks Ada to make arrangements for Meltem’s birthday and gifts Ada’s pen to her. Ada creates a scene and Bora reveals about being aware of Meltem’s truth. He states to have forgiven her as she was helpless to save her dying father. Ada expresses being hurt as Bora schemed whole birthday plan to take revenge on her for lying once and not lending support when she was right.

Episode 11

Air Date: 31-Aug-2021

Ada furiously leaves the house followed by Bora but her car breaks down and Bora brings her back. The next day, Belma and Nergis have a heated argument over Belma’s dislike towards Ada resulting in Aslan’s fall and injury on the head causing him to lose his memory for a short time. Rüzgar breaks up with Tuğçe and blackmails her to make him a graphic manager in the company. Ada wishes and tries to reunite them but in vain. Through various tricks, Tuğçe and Ada successfully let the graphic designer quit the company so Rüzgar could take his place. Aslan comes to his senses when he is accidentally hit by Evren and screams after seeing him romance with Yasemin. Upon Bora’s insistence to tell the truth, Selin lies to Ali about being married. Ada gets frustrated and gives Rüzgar an earful for always using her. He denies her claims and refuses to divorce. 

Episode 12

Air Date: 07-Sep-2021

Ali instantly forgives Selin and they plan to bring Ada and Bora together. Selin pretends to kidnap Ali and they both run away to a far hotel followed by Ada and Bora. The incident is mistaken and Nergis and Belma fight over their children. Tuğçe and Rüzgar track them down and the three couples spend the time together. One thing leads to another and Bora ends up confessing his feelings to Ada.  Yasemin questions Ada about her marriage with Rüzgar and asks not to break it but Ada makes Rüzgar sign the divorce papers. He approaches Yasemin with his crocodile tears who informs Nergis about Rüzgar being Ada’s first love. Bora takes out Ada on a romantic dinner where he talks about losing faith in love after discovering the lies of his first love. Ada feels sad and asks him not to continue their relationship. Bora stands shocked as Ada leaves crying.

Episode 13

Air Date: 14-Sep-2021

Ada doesn’t give any reason to Bora and decides to leave his house as well. Nergis questions Ada about her actions and she reveals to Yasemin about how Rüzgar always used her. Yasemin tries to convince Nergis about Bora being Ada’s first love but she is stuck in her superstitions related to marriage. Ada gives the same reason to Bora who promises to stay by her side. Everybody is shocked at the company when Bora announces his relationship with Ada. Ali sees Tuğçe crying and Bora talks to her as a friend who wishes him happiness. But, Tuğçe digs up how Rüzgar and Ada are related through a similar law firm. Nergis wants Ada to give another chance to Rüzgar. Bora and Ali leave a thief unnoticed in their drunken state and Bora’s house is looted. They reach the junkyard of thieves and get beaten up. Ada is worried as it may turn out to be bad for Bora as per her family’s false beliefs about marriage. Ada tends to Bora at her house when Celal arrives. 

Episode 14

Air Date: 21-Sep-2021

Bora questions the presence of Celal but Ada handles the situation. Celal gets suspicious when Bora gets close to Ada and informs Rüzgar. Rüzgar meets Tuğçe and they join hands to separate Ada and Bora whom they claim to love respectively. As part of their plan, the staff gives a grand welcome to the couple at the company. Rüzgar steals Bora’s ID card and places it in Ada’s room. Nergis creates a huge scene at the office questioning Ada about Bora’s card with her. Ada and Bora deliberately put an act of fight to make people believe that their relationship is not going well. It is because their family members have teamed up to separate them as well. Ada leaves Bora’s house and Nergis plans her dinner with Rüzgar. Tuğçe lands at Bora’s place for dinner. The couple sets their own private dinner to spend romantic moments but are intervened by their families.

Episode 15

Air Date: 28-Sep-2021

Ada sneaks out of the house and Bora is blamed for having another girl in a lone house. Yasemin helps Ada visit Bora in the middle of the night as he is furious at the whole situation. Bora questions Ada about her first love being sick of the “fate” excuse of the family but she stays mum. Bora talks to Nergis and finds out that Ada’s first love lives close to her. Ada visits her lawyer who introduces her to Turgut, the new in charge of her divorce case. Bora doubts him to be Ada’s ex-lover and hires him at his company. After a few meetings, Bora clears his misunderstanding. He arranges for his family to ask for Ada’s hand. Belma is unhappy and fears Ada’s betrayal. Ada finds a ring and Ali lies to propose to Celine soon. Tuğçe finds the truth about Rüzgar being Ada’s first love and warns her to end things with Bora.

Episode 16

Air Date: 05-Oct-2021

Ada’s family mistakes Zafer talking about Selin and Ali’s marriage. The confusion is cleared and Ada refuses the proposal. Bora is hurt, shattered and turns cold towards Ada. Ada decides to leave the job but a new client forces her to stay where she and Tuğçe get into an article writing competition. Due to Ada and Bora’s situation, the lovely couple, married for years, starts fighting. In an attempt to unite them, Bora and Ada face their own rush of feelings. Ada goes missing in her research for the article and ends up at a stranded house with a stranger. Bora tracks her down and saves her. Tuğçe, the next day, confesses to Ada’s attempts to unite her with Bora. Bora is shocked to find out about Ada’s lies. Ada cries and apologizes but he shouts at her to get out of his life.

Episode 17 (Final Episode) 

Air Date: 12-Oct-2021

Bora fires Ada and she approaches Zafer for help. Zafer hires her back in the company to not let Tuğçe steal her writing samples. Tuğçe and Ada compete for an article which will lead them to an award ceremony. Bora is furious as Ada gets the article posted on site without his consent. He takes Tuğçe to the ceremony and flirts with her, hurting Ada. Rüzgar finally gives up realizing Ada’s happiness and divorces her. Tuğçe brings Burkhan to put the initial video blame on Ada but he leaves a number who contacted him for defaming Bora. Ada, weighed under her lies, states the whole truth to everyone. Bora shouts at her and they part ways. Six months later, Bora terminates partnership with Tuğçe finding that the number Burkhan gave belonged to her. Rüzgar moves back to his country. Selin and Ali are married. Bora reconciles with Ada realizing her worth. They get married and rejoice as next marriage in line is that of Yasemin and Evren. 

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    this was THE BEST DRAMA...... literally bcz this couple is my favr and whenever my mood is off i watches this drama and i am freshened up...... tooooooooooo great........... as far i am a fond of romantic comedy..