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Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Baş Belası’ in English. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Baş Belası – Cast & Characters

Episode 1

Air Date: 20-June-2021

The episode opens up in a police station introducing Şahin Kara, a police officer with an unswerving and charismatic personality. He grew up in an orphanage with his sister and became successful with his brave and strong attitude. He loves and cares for his team but finds it hard to work with a non-police. That is when he crosses paths with İpek and his life takes a turn. İpek is a psychology graduate who is deeply interested in investigation and detective stories. She is married with children and starts to find clues about the case of her friend, Nazlı who just got cheated. She is trapped in the middle of a murder investigation and must testify as a suspect to the chief of the homicide bureau who is none other than Şahin. İpek is shocked by emerging evidence and has a clash of arguments with Şahin who is investigating the case. On the other hand, İpek’s happy life is not as it seems and she has to discover many secrets while working with Şahin.

Episode 2

Air Date: 27-June-2021

İpek decides to work in the bureau to support her son after separation from her husband when she discovers his affair. The suspect of the case is Kadir who needs to be found. Şahin and İpek while working together catch his trail. Chief of the murder bureau, Mehmet orders Şahin to make peace with İpek but he gives her a hard time and is unable to bear her presence. İpek is protected by Sahin when she witnesses her first crime scene. This doesn’t stop her from breaking down and she continues her work. Her psychological observations help Şahin get clues about his case. Simge is hired to have sessions with Ipek’s son to make sure his feelings about divorce but the woman is actually involved in criminal activities of the Network. Kadir is wanted as a fugitive and during the investigation, Şahin finds out that İpek is also on the trail. İpek is scared to death when her son goes missing. She considers withdrawing from the case but Şahin helps her get her son back.

Episode 3

Air Date: 04-Jul-2021

Kadir dies and this puts İpek’s life on an unexpected break. Mehmet receives the crime scene report from Şahin in which Kadir and İpek met each other. İpek will not be able to work safely anymore after the processing of this report. She gets scared by continuing her job strongly. Şahin wishes to use this chance to get rid of her. Şahin and his team discuss the benefit of letting İpek work with them on the cases but this also puts her life in danger. In a slum, a secret grave is found where a dead body is discovered. A mysterious phone call informs the police about the body being the caller’s grandfather. The man only communicates with İpek and the police consider him to be a murderer. A sad story is revealed by İpek from her past during investigations melting Şahin’s heart. This puts İpek at the risk of death and Şahin steps up to protect her despite their clash of opinions. 

Episode 4

Air Date: 11-Jul-2021

Şahin saves İpek’s job by not filing his report. They come together in a new case, finding a couple dead in a house. Şahin considers it mere coincidence while İpek disagrees. Şahin suggests İpek leave the case and work as a psychologist fuelling a banter that ends in Şahin sharing his issue with İpek, which helps her understand his sadness and hostility. They both work together to solve his sister’s case. Meanwhile, İpek connects both cases via the shoe sole of the woman found dead in the house. Yener Yılmaz, a senior officer, is under threat. Şahin suspects one person for both murders. İpek hates secrets and Şahin has many which makes him doubtful. İpek needs solid evidence before moving any further. On the other side, to win desired property in divorce, Nazlı prepares a trap for Birol. İpek gets in trouble as she explores Şahin’s past.

Episode 5

Air Date: 18-Jul-2021

Everyone in the murder bureau knows that Yener Yılmaz likes to give a hard time to Şahin. To avoid any kind of investigation regarding a bad situation against Şahin, Chief Mehmet presents two options: either Şahin leaves his gun and badge, or gets therapy. Şahin has to solve his sister’s murder case, thus losing his badge is no option for him. İpek has a new case and asks for Şahin’s help. He agrees regardless of his own situation. When İpek asks Şahin about his past, he equivocates it by telling her to live in the moment. İpek prepares a dance performance for the school with Görkem but due to some unfortunate events couldn’t participate thus Şahin performs instead. Nazlı, in love with Birol, surprises him by taking her demands for divorce back and breaks out in front of İpek. The therapy session between İpek and Şahin reveals secrets about Şahin’s past. İpek tries to help Şahin, he apprises her and she can’t fix it.

Episode 6

Air Date: 25-Jul-2021

Aggressiveness in the previous interrogation leads to an investigation against Şahin, making him stay away from the bureau. Mehmet shares his concerns with İpek that how the passionate Şahin will still follow the case and put his life in danger. They both talk to Şahin but he is adamant to solve the case. İpek tries to get involved in the case, but it all ends up in an argument. Şahin indirectly asks İpek to leave him but the petty arguments and action seem to bring them closer. Şahin’s team, already unable to attain a new lead, faces İpek’s mother asking authorities to fire her due to her disturbed married life. Seeing this, İpek steps up and digs up some secrets regarding the case. The team trusts in her but she too realizes Şahin’s importance. İpek reaches the same place as Şahin where he was investigating two men. İpek is held captive while checking out the place and Şahin is shot while driving causing him to lose balance and fall unconscious.

Episode 7

Air Date: 01-Aug-2021

Şahin survives the accident and receives İpek’s kidnapping video. He rescues her with the help of clues she left throughout the case. Scared, she hugs Şahin and shares an intimate moment. They also have an emotional yet fun conversation at the tea stall. The murder bureau finds a dead body and all the evidence points towards Uğur, Şahin’s friend. Şahin is torn between his duty and relationship. He returns to the Bureau to sort out the messy case regarding his childhood friend. He teams up with İpek as he is in need of her psychological skills. He also bonds with İpek‘s son. The case links to another case where a woman shoots her husband as he beat her and wanted to harm their child. Şahin and İpek are busy discussing the case when İpek gets a call from Nazlı who wakes up scared at her house with her hands covered in blood.

Episode 8

Air Date: 06-Aug-2021

Nazlı is taken into custody until the case is resolved. The dead man is Saim who was asked to be stalked by his wife, Filiz. Nazlı states it all but is put into jail much to İpek‘s worry. İpek‘s mother, Peri, also screams and gets sick at Nazlı’s arrest. İpek and Peri spend time with her as well. Seeing İpek worried, Şahin takes her out for dinner and opens up about his sister, Zehra. Doruk and Nermin, Şahin‘s juniors, argue with each other over Nermin’s ex-boyfriend. Nermin is upset with Doruk and he expresses his feelings to her but is rejected. Filiz is arrested for her lies, who suspected her husband having an affair with Arzu but was actually his daughter. Nazlı is elated at her freedom. Arzu meets with an accident and tells about the culprit to be the man obsessed with her. The guy holds Nermin at gunpoint and Doruk is shot amidst all chaos.

Episode 9

Air Date: 13-Aug-2021

İpek blames herself for Doruk’s condition and Şahin pacifies her. Nermin, seeing Doruk on the verge of death realizes her feelings and decides to give them a chance when he wakes up. The bureau blames Doruk for his haste in anger. A dead body of a 19-year-old, Burkan, a mentally retarded boy is found on a cliff. Nazlı is elated as her husband gives her all property and separates from her. Burkan is shattered to find about his mother dying soon and to free him from a devastating life, his brother lures him into moving towards the cliff with eyes closed leading to his fall and death. This symbolizes that murder doesn’t only take place in terms of revenge or anger. İpek and Şahin work on the network case where they are supposed to collect specific keys leading to the head of a gang. He tracks Orhan but finds him dead with his wife.

Episode 10

Air Date: 20-Aug-2021

Şahin calms down İpek and they do their investigation of the dead bodies. The secret case of Şahin leads him to a girl, Melek and he saves her from a killer. It turns out Simge and Yener are working together in the network and are chasing the girl. İpek hides the girl in her house and Doruk is kept in charge of her safety. İpek seems to be falling in love with Şahin. She gets him involved in therapy and he remembers some incidents related to his sister’s death. Doruk and Nermin too continue their secret romance. Simge suddenly appears for Görkem’s session and spots Melek who runs away from the house. Enraged, Simge hires men to kill Şahin but he saves himself and one of the shooters is found to be his sister’s murderer. Şahin remembers Yener being a part of the gang. Simge, on the other hand, goes to kill İpek.

Episode 11

Air Date: 27-Aug-2021

Yener arrives in time and saves İpek. Şahin reaches and hugs İpek, scared and concerned for her. He shouts at Yener who explains himself and turns out to be innocent. Simge is captivated but doesn’t spill any beans. Şahin and İpek spread fake news of Simge siding with police so that the head of the network would try to finish her. The situation goes as planned. Simge is attacked but doesn’t open her mouth. Sila, Şahin‘s adopted sister is kidnapped and he is forced to hand over Simge to the head. The police follow her and reach the hideout. Simge is shot by a man who shoots himself too. That man is thought to be “Mr.”, head of the gang but the real master actually escapes. Having an idea of the case being over, Peri asks İpek to quit the job. Şahin is upset with her decision. İpek gives her resignation but the same day, the dead body of a girl is found.

Episode 12

Air Date: 03-Sep-2021

Peri insists İpek quit her job and Naz bursts out at her for always controlling İpek‘s life. This leads to a feud between Peri and Naz. Naz is defamed on her social media by a schoolfellow and tracks down the woman through Yener’s help. Yener seems to be quite smitten by Naz and watches her videos as well. Mehmet spots Nermin and Doruk together. Doruk is worried and requests him not to share it with Şahin. He shares the same with Umut and hides the fact from Nermin. Şahin is upset at İpek‘s resignation and feels jealous to see her close with inspector Aytug. İpek is angry as Peri sends her resumes to various places as she doesn’t want her close to Şahin. Peri cries and sorts her issue with Naz. The murdered woman leads to her teacher she was having an affair with. İpek and Şahin reach his house but find him dead already.

Episode 13 (Final Bölüm) 

Air Date: 10-Sep-2021

The case becomes complicated when two more dead bodies are found. Şahin and İpek are unable to find any clues. Syla and Nazlı discuss İpek and Şahin’s feelings and decide to unite them. Syla tries to confirm Şahin’s interest in İpek. He receives a call from the killer who kidnaps Şahin. Şahin sees Mr. held hostage who shot his sister. İpek digs out the clues and tracks down Özgün, who was her senior in psychology. The whole game is played by him to take revenge on İpek for always being better than him. He kills Mr. enraging Şahin as he wanted his sister’s revenge himself. İpek reaches his warehouse with Mehmet and calls the rest of the team. To save Şahin, she shoots at the killer. After a few days, Şahin is delighted to find İpek back at work. She confesses about never leaving him and he too feels content about her continuing the job with him. During the barbecue party at İpek’s house, Peri and Mehmet seem to be cooking their own cute moments. So does Yener with Nazlı. Everyone celebrates as Nermin accepts Doruk’s proposal for marriage. Görkem enjoys with Şahin as everyone is seen happy as a family by the end of the show. 

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