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Cheekh explains that there are only two ways: to stand for the truth and the right path or choose the wrong way. It depicts how standing for truth and justice can bring misery and agony for someone. Had she opted silence over her friend’s death, Mannat would have enjoyed all the pleasures of her life but she chose the road not often taken.

Cheekh is the story of three friends, Mannat, Haya and Nayab. Mannat and Haya belong to upper-class families while Nayab is a poor girl whose mother has died and she lives with her father, stepmother, and stepbrothers. Haya has three brothers and she manages to arrange one of her friends; Mannat’s marriage with her brother. Both friends now plan to enjoin Nayab into their family by marrying her with Haya’s younger brother, Wajih nicknamed Raja.

At Haya’s own engagement night, three friends gather where Wajih tries to assault Nayab who resists it. Failing in his plan and agitated over the situation, he pushes Nayab from the roof and she hurts badly falling down. In the hospital, right before her death, she reveals the murderer’s name (Raja) to Mannat. Beware of the offender, Wajih’s family tries to protect him offering the victim’s family compensation. The deceased stepmother being an avaricious character tries to accept it but her father stands for justice. On the other hand, Mannat resolves to fight for justice for her friend and confronts her in-laws in the pursuit, who then intimidate her by all possible ways so that she would withdraw the case. Choosing to be on the right side, her husband stands by her in this difficult time. She has a miscarriage and loses her husband by the hands of the same culprit Wajih. But she does not give up. At last, justice prevails and she brings Wajih to gallows who then confesses his crimes.

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