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Diriliş: Ertuğrul – Cast & Characters

Season 1 Story

Ertuğrul and Gündoğdu are the two sons of Süleyman Şah (leader of the Kai tribe). Ertuğrul rescues Halime Sultan (princess of Seljuk Empire), her brother, and her father from the crusaders’ captivity. A Seljuk governor threatens to ruin their tribe unless they hand over the captives. The Kai tribe remains firm and later defeats the Seljuk governor after multiple perilous battles. The Kai tribe requests fertile lands from the Emir of Halap (Aleppo). The Emir is impressed by Ertuğrul’s bravery and bestows the lands upon his tribe. A trusted advisor of Emir, Nasir secretly collaborates with the crusaders. He slanders the wazir (also Emir’s uncle) as a traitor and almost gets him beheaded. Ertuğrul saves the wazir like rushing wind and runs away just as quickly. Meanwhile, the Emir is captivated by Halime Sultan’s beauty. Sadly for him, Halime and Ertuğrul have long since fallen in love with each other. The emir holds a grudge against Ertuğrul and refuses to let the Kai tribe settle within his lands. Nasir helps the crusaders to assassinate Emir but Ertuğrul once again comes to the rescue. The Emir feels enlightened and once again befriends Ertuğrul.

A crusader named Titus swears to avenge his dead brother (killed by Ertuğrul while rescuing Halime in the beginning). He’s aided by Petrocio, a great scholar within the Christian community. They capture Turgut (Ertuğrul’s sworn brother) and brainwash him into becoming a Christian by injecting him with lots of drugs. Back at the Kai tribe, Süleyman Şah’s brother Kurdoğlu betrays his brother. He collaborates with the enemy crusaders to win more support and finally usurps the position of Kai tribe’s chief. Gündoğdu’s wife also aids him in his schemes though she later repents. Kurdoğlu finally manages to defeat his brother through ill means. Meanwhile, Turgut acts as his loyal dog under the influence of drugs. Fortunately, he finally comes to his senses when tasked to behead Süleyman Şah and shifts to Ertuğrul’s side. Kurdoğlu is beheaded by Ertuğrul’s swift sword. 

A Muslim sage named İbni Arabi gives valuable advice to Ertuğrul throughout his endeavors. The Kai tribe launches a siege against the crusaders’ fortress after they have had enough of Titus’s schemes. The siege lasts for quite a while until the Muslims finally discover a secret tunnel leading to within the fortress. Ertuğrul thus manages to win the war through his quick-wittedness as well as the blood-curdling battles fought by Kai warriors. Titus flees while he can but is killed by Ertuğrul not long after. İbni Arabi suggests Ertuğrul head towards Anatolia and block the Mongols’ advance into Muslim territory.

Season 2 Story

Season 2 starts with Halime giving the good news of her pregnancy to Ertuğrul. The Mongols attack and take Ertuğrul into captivity. Meanwhile, the plague of Mongols also spreads to the Kai tribe. The survivors take refuge in the Dodurga tribe. The leader of this tribe is Haymee Hatun’s brother Korkut Bey and Ertuğrul‘s uncle. Noyan ruins Ertuğrul‘s left hand. Everybody grieves the apparently dead Ertuğrul. They’re shocked when he finally manages to run back home. Tuğtekin is the headstrong son of the Dodurga tribe’s leader. He’s given preference over Ertuğrul to be the commander of both tribes’ men since Ertuğrul‘s hand was impaired. Wazir Ertokuş arrives from the empire’s headquarters. He’s angered at the tribe’s attitude towards Ertuğrul. Later, he reveals the news of Sungurtekin, Ertuğrul‘s elder brother. Sungurtekin is in fact alive and currently serving as the empire’s spy among the Mongols ranks. Tuğtekin marries Selcan Hatun’s sister, Gökçe. Emir Sadettin Köpek arrives and assassinates Ertokuş. He then frames Ertuğrul as the murderer. Noyan pits Ertuğrul against the hot-blooded Tuğtekin. Later when Ertuğrul is away, he almost kills Tuğtekin. A traitor named Kocabaş Alp blames Ertuğrul for killing the leader’s son. A riot almost breaks out between the Kai and the Dodurga tribe. Ertuğrul beheads Kocabaş Alp in a decisive manner. Ertuğrul rescues Tuğtekin and takes him back.

Korkut Bey’s wife, Aytolun Hatun, her brother Gümüştekin Bey, and her niece Goncagül Hatun all conspire to take control of the tribe. Aytolun poisons her husband while Goncagül ensnares Gündoğdu in her charm and makes use of him. Noyan’s subordinate Tangut is disappointed in his decisions and leads a rebellion. Noyan defeats him and later Sungurtekin slays Tangut. Deli Demir, an avid supporter of Ertuğrul, embraces martyrdom during Noyan’s escape. Selcan stays suspicious of Goncagül and her aunt but nobody believes her. Finally, Ertuğrul brings the truth to light, and Gümüştekin and his sister are killed. Goncagül manages to escape and later joins Noyan’s camp.

Halime’s brother, Yiğit is captured by Noyan. Noyan tries to brainwash Yiğit into leading a rebellion against Sultan Alauddin. Yiğit instead pits Noyan and releases Turgut from the Mongols captivity. Goncagül is killed by Gökçe when Noyan captures Gökçe to threaten her husband Tuğtekin. He succeeds and Tuğtekin embraces martyrdom as well. Noyan and Ertuğrul have a final crash against each other. Ertuğrul emerges as the winner while Noyan gets killed. Sadettin attempts to kill Ertuğrul by insinuating members of the tribe. Ertuğrul‘s family is ambushed while on the go. Ertuğrul slays all traitors and saves his son and others. Sadly, Yiğit is killed in the crossfire. Ertuğrul plans on moving towards the West and breaking a war against the crusaders. His brothers, Gündoğdu and Sungurtekin disagree and try to block him or else the tribe shall split apart. Ertuğrul still manages to head West along with his group of supporters.

Season 3 Story

Many residents of the Kai tribe are dissatisfied with Ertuğrul after living poorly for years. A Seljuk messenger appears to reveal Sultan Alauddin’s new mission for Ertuğrul. Crusaders attack in the mid and the messenger gets killed. Ertuğrul slays all invaders and then pays a visit to Hanlı Bazaar to sell wool. He witnesses the cruelty of the place under the leadership of Simon. Çavdar tribe of Turks is also settled in the area and is the largest in scale and wealthiest of all. Candar Bey is the tribe’s leader while his elder son, Ural is his assistant. The other son named Aliyar has gone abroad for studies. Meanwhile, Candar Bey’s daughter, Aslıhan helps with the general matters of the tribe.

Ural conspires with Simon to maximize his own benefits while harming the interests of his own tribe. A loyal wazir from his tribe reports his deeds and is later poisoned to death by Ural as revenge. Aslıhan helps Ertuğrul to sell his tribe’s mats to a trader which puts her own tribe’s interests in jeopardy. Ertuğrul saves a slave named Hacaturyan Ustad from Ural’s cruelty. Hacaturyan proves himself as a man of value by revealing news of gold ores to Ertuğrul. Ertuğrul prepares an excavation team to hunt for the gold under Hacaturyan’s guidance. Aliyar heads back to his tribe. Simon’s sister, Maria falls in love with Turgut Alp. Ural burns Ertuğrul‘s mats and kills the soldiers on patrol. This ruins Ertuğrul‘s reputation among the traders. Maria saves Turgut from the site of the massacre and takes him back to the inn. Simon reveals the master-mind behind the catastrophe to Ertuğrul, hoping to see both tribes at loggerheads with each other. Simon is in fact a spy of the crusaders and trade is just a mask for him to cover his wretched plans of ruining the Turks. Aliyar acts as the bridge in both tribe’s friendship and communication. Halime and Aslıhan are delegated with the tasks of supervising the production of mats. Ural and his wife are unhappy upon witnessing both tribes’ harmony and collaboration. Turgut recovers and stays in Simon’s inn as Ertuğrul‘s spy. Simon gets a hint of Turgut’s betrayal and thus poisons Ertuğrul by manipulating Turgut and using him as bait. Artuk Bey manages to heal Ertuğrul but they decide to hide it from everybody else.

While his enemies are celebrating his ‘death’, Ertuğrul prepares his soldiers and takes over Hanlı Bazaar. The commander of Karacahisar Fort named Vasilius assassinates the governor and becomes the overlord of the castle. He and Ertuğrul remain at loggerheads with each other. Sultan Alauddin himself arrives to lend Ertuğrul a hand. Saddettin Köpek is at the end of his wits with the Sultan supporting Ertuğrul. Vasilius learns of the Sultan’s secret visit and plans to assassinate him. Unfortunately for Vasilius, Ertuğrul plans him like a fool and in the end, slays the Byzantine Governor. Ural, who’d taken refuge among the crusaders, is slain as well. In his anger, Saddettin poisons the Sultan and puts all blame on Ertuğrul. İbni Arabi manages to cure Alauddin and Saddettin tastes defeat once again. He then plays his final card by suggesting to move Ertuğrul to fend off against the Mongols. The Sultan agrees and as expected, Saddettin lays a trap for Ertuğrul on the road. The Kai soldiers are mostly martyred while Ertuğrul himself is badly wounded.

Season 4 Story

It is revealed how Sadettin had conspired with Governor Ares of Karachahisar castle to launch the deadly attack on Ertuğrul. The Kai tribe is wretched after Ertuğrul ‘s gruesome ‘death’. In reality, though, the injured Ertuğrul is held captive by a Byzantine trader named Simko. Dündar is appointed as the new leader of Kai. He decides to sell Hanlı Bazaar under pressure from Sadettin and the crusaders. The Kais protest but to no avail. Bahadır Bey (a new character from the Çavdar tribe) offers to buy the bazaar under Sadettin’s instructions. Ertuğrul manages to run away after beheading Simko and reaches Kai. The tribesmen are ecstatic at their true leader’s reappearance. Ertuğrul tears apart the selling papers regarding Hanlı Bazaar and asks Saddettun to buzz off.

Ares sends a spy named Titan into Kai. Ertuğrul does the same by sending Atsiz into Karacahisar. Sadettin poisons Turgut and Aslıhan on their wedding night. Ares helps Ertuğrul cure the sick as a sign of his friendship. Titan kidnaps Gündüz and takes him to Karachahisar in secret. Ertuğrul becomes aware of Ares’s treachery and plans a counterattack. He manages to rescue his son through the help of Ares’s maid, Maria. Ertuğrul gathers the Turk elites and proposes to prepare weapon arsenals to wage war against the crusaders. Bahadır Bey betrays the Turks in secret by conspiring with Ares to kill all Ertuğrul ‘s men at the construction site. He then usurps the Çavdar tribe’s leadership and captures Turgut and Aslıhan. Ertuğrul slays Bahadır and his son as a show of respect to the deceased. He then fakes his death and succeeds in lowering Ares’s guard. The castle is conquered while Ares is forced to run like a rabid dog. He is later captured and taken to Sultan Alauddin to spill the truth.

Sadettin poisons the Sultan and puts the blame on Ertuğrul. He then kills Alauddin’s son as well as the future heir. The Sultan’s elder son, Ghaisuddin inherits the throne. Sadettin’s adopted son Günalp takes control of Karacahisar and orders to hang Turgut, Artuk Bey, Bamsı, and the newly returned Sungurtekin. İbni Arabi advocates for Ertuğrul and so Ghaisuddin frees the Kai leader. Ares is won over by Ertuğrul ‘s charm and accepts Islam. Ertuğrul manages to free his comrades and later convinces Günalp of Sadettin’s treachery. Aslıhan is slain by Sadettin in an attempt to assassinate him. Sadettin starts targeting Ghaisuddin and is later killed by Ertuğrul upon the Sultan’s order. Halime dies while giving birth to Osman. Noyan returns along with his sister. Ghaisuddin agrees to pay taxes to Mongols to sustain peace. Ertuğrul accompanies Noyan and meets the Mongol head Ögedei Han. Ögedei is later killed while Noyan suspects Ertuğrul behind the scheme. Ghaisuddin advocates peace and so Ertuğrul migrates to Sogut.

Season 5 Story

Ten years have passed since Ertuğrul migrated to Sogut. The Mongols have overtaken most of the Seljuk Empire’s lands and imposed heavy taxes over what remains. Osman is heavily injured while saving a few strangers from Dragos’s men. İlbilge Hatun from the Umuroğlu tribe carries him to the Kai tribe. Later, she heads back to her tribe and recounts the incident to her father, Ömer Bey. Ömer Bey is the new tax collector appointed in place of Ertuğrul. The Umuroğlu tribe is a renowned tyrant and always on the move. They decide to settle at the Kai tribe’s location. Dragos is a Byzantine spy who is on a mission to cleanse Sogut of all Turks. He wanders around the Kai tribe to gather intelligence by disguising himself as a hunchback weakling. Later, he assassinates Ömer Bey and frames Gündüz as the murderer. Ertuğrul trusts his son and so he blocks İlbilge Hatun from killing Gündüz in vengeance.

Seljuk Sultan’s reputation and control are at an all-time low. Artuk Bey is captured by the Mongols and turned blind. Ömer Bey’s son Beybolat conspires with the Mongols and forces Gündoğdu‘s tribe to flee to Sogut. Beybolat wishes to marry his sister to Emir Bahattin of Sogut. Ertuğrul ruins their plans by proposing to marry İlbilge Hatun who readily agrees. He then attacks the Mongol tax collectors and plunders all of the available goods in preparation for war. The Mongol leader, Halagu Han sends his two commanders Alıncak and Sabutai to deal with the Kais. A battle erupts with Ertuğrul as the final victor. Beybolat usurps Umuroğlu as well as the Kai tribe through the Mongols’ support. İlbilge Hatun frees Selcan Hatun’s son Suleyman from Bebolat’s captivity. Ertuğrul saves Alıncak’s life and later exchanges the captive Gündoğdu by selling information of Berke Khan (a Mongol who embraced Islam). Sabutai is played to death by Ertuğrul’s schemes. Ertuğrul kicks the Umuroğlu tribe out of his lands. Beybolat kidnaps Suleyman in rage and executes him. Ertuğrul is faced off with Alıncak. Bamsı is delayed in reaching the battle zone which results in Gündoğdu‘s injury as well as Selcan’s escape. Ertuğrul appoints Abdurrehman in place of Bamsı as the head of Kai soldiers.

Beybolat stirs conflict between Hafsa Hatun and Selcan. Bamsı’s son is kidnapped by Alıncak while he himself is also captured while trying to rescue his child. Ertuğrul later rescues him and kills Alıncak. Dragos’s identity is finally revealed. His doom soon arrives at the edge of Ertuğrul’s sword. Ertuğrul and İlbilge Hatun set a trap for Albasti (Beybolat’s secret identity) and finally learn the truth of his treachery. Beybolat manages to jump into the river and survive. Arikbuka (Alıncak’s brother) traps Ertuğrul while he is on the way to meet Berke Khan. Ertuğrul is captured and handed over to Beybolat. İlbilge Hatun and Abdurrehman rescue Ertuğrul and Beybolat is slain. Turgut and the others block Arikbuka but fail. Gündoğdu is ambushed and injured by Arikbuka while on the lookout for his brother. Ertuğrul learns of a Mongol spy among Berke Khan’s ranks. Sırma Hatun plans to stir revolt and usurp Umuroğlu’s leadership from İlbilge Hatun’s hands. Turgut and İlbilge Hatun uncover the Mongol spy while also learning of Sırma Hatun’s betrayal. İlbilge Hatun is later poisoned by Sırma Hatun. She manages to kill the traitor and afterward regains her health. Arikbuka once again launches an attack against Ertuğrul and Berke Khan but is finally executed. Ertuğrul marries İlbilge Hatun while Osman takes an oath to spread Kai’s glory around the world.

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