Story of the Drama

Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Dour’. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Dour – Cast & Characters

Episode 1

Air Date: 29-Jun-2021

Mrs. Ihtisham is an influential figure but hides the secrets of her dark past. Asma hails from a low middle-class family but is a bright student. Romaan, Mrs. Ihtisham’s son is hurt when his handicapped brother Abaan shouts at him. He is attracted to Asma when he hears her singing and hires her for an event which she happily accepts.

Episode 2

Air Date: 06-Jul-2021

Asma’s father is asked by Mrs. Ihtisham to start his voodoo dolls performances again. Romaan is excited to see Asma at his place and supports her father when a guest tries to insult him. Abaan misbehaves with her and is scolded by Mrs. Ihtasham but fills her ears regarding the chemistry between Asma and Romaan.

Episode 3

Air Date: 13-Jul-2021

Asma’s father, Sabir, faints while dealing with troubles caused by her elder daughter’s husband, Shaukat. Romaan comes to the rescue and Asma argues with her aunt when she suggests asking Romaan for money. Abaan’s condition worsens and he reminisces about a past, bitter memory after peeking into an old picture.

Episode 4

Air Date: 20-Jul-2021

Abaan tries to commit suicide when his girlfriend leaves him due to his condition. The stress faced by Asma’s father because of his son-in-law affects his health and he is hospitalized. Romaan manages his hospital finances without Asma’s knowledge. Romaan’s mother is irked when Asma’s aunt shouts in the hospital.

Episode 5

Air Date: 20-Jul-2021

Asma thanks Romaan for helping her father. Sabir sold his house to meet Shaukat’s demands who is having an affair. He throws Yasmin out of the house. Asma, with Romaan, goes to take her nieces from Shaukat where Romaan warns him to return Sabir’s money.

Episode 6

Air Date: 26-Jul-2021

Abaan asks his mother to enter Asma into his life. She tries to inquire Asma personally and suggests Romaan for marriage. Abaan is furious again at his mother for her actions. Shaukat files a complaint against Asma and Romaan for kidnapping his daughters and warns her to not mess with him.

Episode 7

Air Date: 27-Jul-2021

Shaukat divorces Yasmin and Asma’s aunt shouts at Romaan for creating troubles. Mrs. Ihtisham asks for Asma’s hand from her sick father for Abaan. He refuses to reminisce their previous conversation where Sabir reveals to be a witness of a murder committed by Mrs. Ihtisham. As Sabir warns her, she takes off his oxygen mask and kills him.

Episode 8

Air Date: 02-Aug-2021

Kulsoom taunts Asma and Yasmin for adding to her burdens after their father’s death. She also misbehaves with Mrs. Ihtisham but apologizes instantly when she asks for Asma’s hand in marriage for Abaan. On the other hand, Romaan is happy thinking that Mrs. Ihtisham is arranging Asma’s marriage with him.

Episode 9

Air Date: 03-Aug-2021

Romaan is revealed as the step-son of Mrs. Ihtisham. She cleverly makes him believe that the girl is interested in Abaan and he agrees for them to marry. Romaan is hurt when he prepares for Asma’s engagement who considers Romaan as her groom. Mrs. Ihtisham shouts at Kulsoom when she asks Abaan to extend his hand for engagement.

Episode 10

Air Date: 09-Aug-2021

Kulsoom is shocked to see Abaan’s right side completely paralyzed. She decides to perform the nikkah ceremony at Abaan’s place. Yasmin’s daughters accompany Asma to the nikkah venue. They find the truth about nikkah and inform Asma who is shocked to find herself getting married to Abaan. Adil, Kulsoom’s son, makes an entry.

Episode 11

Air Date: 10-Aug-2021

Mrs. Ihtisham puts all blame on Kulsoom for trying to ruin Asma’s life and gets her married to Romaan. Abaan plays along but is hurt and gets Asma to stay in her room as Mrs. Ihtisham fakes sick health by taking Romaan to the hospital. Adil argues with Kulsoom in support of Yasmin and Asma. The maid warns Asma to be wary of her in-laws.

Episode 12

Air Date: 16-Aug-2021

Asma fires Poro due to her misbehavior with Abaan. Mrs. Ihtisham is happy at this action as Asma takes Abaan’s responsibility. Romaan is worried because it’s difficult to handle Abaan. Yasmin feels hurt when her daughters talk about Adil. Asma visits Yasmin but Kulsoom acts bitter. Abaan’s behavior confuses and upsets Asma.

Episode 13

Air Date: 17-Aug-2021

It turns out Yasmin and Adil are former lovers. Abaan misbehaves with Asma as she drops him accidentally. Romaan tries to search for a new caretaker. Asma feels irked as Abaan becomes cheesy and keeps praising her, expressing his likeness for her. Romaan finally gets a new helper for Abaan which angers both Mrs. Ihtisham and Abaan.

Episode 14

Air Date: 23-Aug-2021

Adil works for the official divorce of Yasmin and states his wish to marry Kulsoom. She agrees but refuses to accept her daughters. Shaukat doesn’t cooperate with the official divorce process. Asma and Romaan spend quality time while Abaan threatens his mother to reveal all her lies if she doesn’t get Asma back to him. 

Episode 15

Air Date: 24-Aug-2021

Kulsoom asks a lady to find a girl for Adil while he visits Asma and expresses his wish to marry Yasmin. Mrs. Ihtisham deliberately puts her jewelry in Rehmat’s stuff and accuses him of theft. Asma feels sorry for the old man while Mrs. Ihtisham starts misbehaving with him.

Episode 16

Air Date: 30-Aug-2021

Rehmat Baba shouts at Mrs. Ihtisham for insulting him and Romaan throws him out. He shouts at Asma for supporting him although the real culprit is another servant, Geiti. Yasmin shouts at Adil for always helping her. Abaan expresses his love for Asma but receives a befitting reply from her.

Episode 17

Air Date: 31-Aug-2021

Asma and Romaan face tension between themselves. Asma feels helpless and shattered as Abaan keeps harassing her. Her deteriorating health indicates symptoms of pregnancy but Mrs. Ihtisham asks the doctor for test results to be shown to her first as part of her vicious plan.

Episode 18

Air Date: 06-Sep-2021

Abaan blames his mother for being unfair to him. Mrs. Ihtisham informs him about her decision to kill Asma’s baby before birth. Yasmin takes up sewing tasks to be independent. Geiti adds abortion medicine in juice for Asma but drinks up herself as per Abaan’s order. Romaan and Asma reconcile and he expresses his love to her.

Episode 19

Air Date: 07-Sep-2021

Adil’s visit ignites the fire of doubt and jealousy in Romaan who turns bitter towards Asma. Kulsoom chases away Yasmin’s clients. Shaukat demands three lac rupees from Romaan to divorce Yasmin formally. Abaan pulls Asma’s hair and misbehaves. She decides to tell his truth to Romaan.

Episode 20

Air Date: 13-Sep-2021

Mrs. Ihtisham tries to choke Abaan to end all troubles but Asma stops her. Asma’s professor asks her to make use of her excellent grades which leads to bickering between Asma and Romaan. Asma goes to Yasmin for a few days and Abaan threatens his mother to bring her back.

Episode 21

Air Date: 14-Sep-2021

Adil tries to talk to Romaan but he replies rudely and the conversation is disturbed by Shaukat. Mrs. Ihtisham gives medicine to Kulsoom who mixes it in Asma’s drink. Asma visits the hospital and some tests are performed. Mrs. Ihtisham leaves to get reports but both Asma and Romaan arrive too. She reveals Asma’s pregnancy but Asma refuses to return home.

Episode 22

Air Date: 20-Sep-2021

Mrs. Ihtisham insists on Romaan to bring Asma back. Kulsoom wants to get rid of Yasmin but Adil states that he likes her. She keeps taunting Yasmin, forcing her to leave the house with her daughters in the middle of the night. Mrs. Ihtisham lies to Asma and Romaan about the child not being expected to be born normally as per the reports. 

Episode 23

Air Date: 21-Sep-2021

Abaan taunts Asma about her unborn child. Adil goes berserk in search of Yasmin who in a dejected state visits her father’s grave. A man at the shrine provides food to her daughters. Adil inquires from Shaukat who is busy partying with girls. He visits Asma who asks him to visit the grave. Romaan and Asma follow him and he asks her to abort the child. 

Episode 24

Air Date: 27-Sep-2021

Adil finds Yasmin and her daughters along Sabir’s grave. They are rushed to the hospital where Yasmin’s younger daughter, Guriya, dies. Adil is distraught and breaks all ties with Kulsoom. Abaan misbehaves with Geiti but she slaps and beats him, pushing him to the ground. Adil hugs and consoles Asma as his sister but Romaan accuses them of cheating and Asma demands a divorce. 

Episode 25

Air Date: 28-Sep-2021

Shaukat is called to take Guriya’s dead body. Asma scolds him but later apologizes to him and is later given the body by Shaukat in exchange for money. Asma taunts Romaan not to be different from Shaukat wanting to kill his child. Kulsoom repents and tells Romaan that his mother is not a good woman.

Episode 26

Air Date: 04-Oct-2021

Romaan brings everyone to his house to carry the funeral. Mrs. Ihtisham is irked at the arrival of guests. Kulsoom repents and promises to unite Adil and Yasmin. Yasmin wants to work and Mrs. Ihtisham offers her to work as a helper at her house to which she agrees but Asma feels uneasy. Abaan refuses to be served by Yasmin.

Episode 27

Air Date: 05-Oct-2021

Yasmin attends to Abaan and he acts innocent. Romaan has a change of heart as he helps special kids from an organization. He decides to let his child be born. Mrs. Ihtisham is angry but calmly accepts his decision. Shaukat demands money from Adil or he’ll take Hania into his custody.

Episode 28

Air Date: 11-Oct-2021

Romaan and Asma are elated to find that their baby is normal. They arrange to get a copy of old reports. Yasmin has a hard time with Abaan. Asma pushes him away from Yasmin and Abaan falls down. Asma is forced to apologize to him and shares her concerns with Yasmin. Mrs. Ihtisham slaps Abaan for spoiling her game. 

Episode 29

Air Date: 12-Oct-2021

Romaan shouts at Asma for blaming Abaan for harassing Yasmin. He mocks her about her relationship with Adil. Adil brings a proposal for Yasmin but she states not to have another child. Adil accepts but Kulsoom leaves angrily. Romaan apologizes to Asma for his mistrust and decides to unite Yasmin and Adil.

Episode 30

Air Date: 18-Oct-2021

Mrs. Ithisham supports Yasmin’s decision of trying to take her mind off of Adil. She brainwashes Hania’s mind who later calls Shaukat to take her away in an attempt to reduce Yasmin’s burden. Hania cries as she misses her mother and Guriya. Mrs. Ithisham tries to convince Yasmin to move on in her life. 

Episode 31

Air Date: 19-Oct-2021

Mrs. Ihtisham asks Yasmin to marry Abaan if she feels indebted to her. Yasmin hears Mrs. Ihtisham telling Abaan to marry her as he needs a permanent caretaker. Adil goes to save Guriya from Shaukat. Yasmin too arrives with Asma. Shaukat threatens Haniya and she refuses to leave with her mother.

Episode 32

Air Date: 25-Oct-2021

Yasmin is shattered as Shaukat plans to send Haniya to Dubai. Adil and Kulsoom come for engagement but Yasmin refuses and decides to marry Abaan. Both Romaan and Asma oppose her decision and question Mrs. Ihtisham. She turns Romaan emotional who wonders about Asma’s behavior with Abaan. Asma stands against Mrs. Ihtisham and promises not to let the marriage happen. 

Episode 33

Air Date: 26-Oct-2021

Asma and Romaan fight over Abaan. Romaan catches Geeti who reveals evil doings of Abaan and makes Romaan watch CCTV footage. Shaukat takes away Haniya and Mrs. Ihtisham pretends to help Yasmin. Romaan is enraged and finds Asma wincing in pain as Abaan tripped her. Romaan tries to hit Abaan but Mrs. Ihtisham intervenes.

Episode 34

Air Date: 01-Nov-2021

Rehmat baba spots Asma in the hospital and gives his blood to save her. Adil too comes to her rescue and Yasmin begs him to find Hania. Romaan tries to strangle Abaan as Asma loses her baby and receives a slap from Mrs. Ihtisham. Romaan apologizes to Asma but she refuses to see him. 

Episode 35

Air Date: 02-Nov-2021

Rehmat’s new boss addresses Mrs. Ihtisham as Suraiyya. She remembers losing her husband after an argument as she gave Abaan to her childless rich sister who later gave birth to Romaan and tortured Abaan and Suraiyya. Adil takes a man’s help to find Hania. Roman files a complaint against Abaan and the police arrest him. 

Episode 36

Air Date: 08-Nov-2021

Mrs. Ihtisham blackmails Yasmin to marry her son in return for Hania. Seeing Abaan being taken into custody, Mrs. Ihtisham breaks all ties with Romaan who then shifts into a new house with Asma and Yasmin. He taunts Abaan for being handicapped and promises karma. Adil meets Hania and tries to save her. Kulsoom requests Yasmin to agree to Mrs. Ihtisham’s demands. 

Episode 37

Air Date: 09-Nov-2021

Yasmin quietly leaves to marry Abaan. Romaan goes berserk in search of Yasmin. Adil brings the police to save Hania. Shaukat falls into a kiln and dies of burning. Romaan is informed about the marriage by his servant and reaches to save Yasmin. She puts a knife on Abaan’s neck to take out information about Hania. Adil arrives and the matter is resolved. Everyone blames Mrs. Ihtisham for her sick games.

Episode 38

Air Date: 15-Nov-2021

Hania shares her fears with the family and all share an emotional moment. Mrs. Ihtisham warns everyone about giving any job to Romaan. He faces terrible financial conditions. Yasmin helps with stitching. Rehmat Baba brings products for him and makes him meet his boss who reveals facts about Romaan’s childhood. Romaan is shocked to find that he was born with a silver spoon. 

Episode 39

Air Date: 16-Nov-2021

Romaan stays upset about the whole situation. Asma visits her university and decides to resume her education. Romaan finally gets a job but Asma moves out with Yasmin due to Romaan’s prior betrayal. Romaan visits Adil for help but Asma doesn’t want him to contact her. Asma and Yasmin resume their father’s puppet show and Mrs. Ihtisham worries about the old man’s words.

Episode 40

Air Date: 22-Nov-2021

Yasmin and Asma move on in life and resume their father’s puppet show. They patch their relationship with Kulsoom and Yasmin rekindles her romance with Adil. Rehmat baba requests Asma to stand by Romaan as the upcoming truth will be bitter to handle. Romaan is taken aback to find that Mrs. Ihtisham captured his property. The man reveals the past to Romaan about how Mrs. Ihtisham killed his parents and misused the power of attorney. 

Episode 41 (Last Episode) 

Air Date: 23-Nov-2021

Romaan goes to Mrs. Ihtisham and has an emotional conversation with her. He hugs and kisses her forehead calling her a mother. He makes her remember their childhood memories. Mrs. Ihtisham feels guilty and realizes how she always loved Romaan. Asma comes back to Romaan and they both wish to start afresh. Mrs. Ihtisham shares her pain with Abaan and falls dead while crying. Romaan is shattered. He and Asma move back to the house. Abaan realizes his mistakes and everyone starts living as a family. Soon, Abaan is able to walk after his treatment through Romaan and Asma’s help. Adil and Yasmin too enjoy their happy married life with Hania. 

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