Episode 1 -25

Mahnoor is in love with her good-natured cousin Haroon whose mother fixes his alliance with another cousin, Hira due to the past differences with Mahnoor’s family. Mahnoor is married to a greedy man Murad. She faces a hard time and is mistreated by her in-laws for dowry. Haroon pays the amount to save her from trouble. Her agonies are aggravated when Shoaib, Murad’s brother-in-law also starts harassing her. Murad secretly marries Anum, a divorced woman who earns a handsome amount working in a multinational company. Mahnoor on the other hand becomes pregnant.

Junaid, a loafer in the neighborhood plays a love game with both of Murad’s sisters and steals all money from the eldest who puts the theft blame upon Mahnoor. The family forces Mahnoor to start a job as punishment and she loses her father due to a heart attack when he was insulted for taking a stand for his daughter. Malika starts to develop feelings for Haroon who ignores her. Mahnoor is beaten by Murad and suffers a miscarriage. The family decides to treat her with love as they start to receive her salary. Malika blackmails Mahnoor to ask Haroon to bring a proposal for her else she would expose their old love. Haroon agrees in order to save Mahnoor.

Episode 26-50

Murad mortgages his property and takes a loan from Akram to buy a house worth six crore rupees from Manal who betrays him. Murad finds himself in a difficult position when Akram demands his money. He goes to a rich man who wishes for a child. He makes a deal to hand over his child to him in exchange for money as Mahnoor is pregnant again with twins. On the day of Malika’s marriage, Anum shows up and reveals the truth and Haroon breaks the alliance. One child of Mahnoor dies and Murad decides to sell the other one. He cooks up a story of losing the child but Haseena exposes his lies. Mahnoor is thrown out of the house and Haroon comes for her help. Murad takes his family to Anum’s house and the efforts to find the baby go on in vain. Mahnoor later gets her child back with the help of Haroon and files a case against her husband.

Episode 51-54

Murad is being blackmailed by many people and is then arrested by the police. Anum realizes that her husband is responsible for the child’s kidnap. Murad’s creditors try to abduct his sister, Shahzadi who trying to escape loses her life. Murat gets angry at everybody’s taunts in jail. As he tries to retaliate by shooting them, he himself is shot to death by police. Haseena finally becomes pregnant after years of marriage.

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