Story of the Drama

Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Inteha-e-Ishq’. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Inteha e Ishq – Cast & Characters

Episode 1

Air Date: 15-Sep-2021

Rida and Saim’s families live together. Both the cousins are in love with each other. Rida’s parents and Saim’s father have the same desire but Saim’s mother is against it. A man is smitten by Rida’s beauty in the market. Saim’s sister, Feriha, tries to distract the topic by bringing up Rida’s proposal for a guy in her in-laws. 

Episode 2

Air Date: 22-Sep-2021

The man Rida collided with turns out to be a doctor. Saim’s mother, Naseema gives a clear image to Rida’s parents about not being interested in making her a daughter-in-law. The family comes to fix Rida’s engagement. Saim announces himself as Rida’s lover. Rida asks him to forget her as she can’t humiliate her parents. 

Episode 3

Air Date: 29-Sep-2021

Rida’s father, Javed is hospitalized due to sick health. The doctor, Daniyal treats him. Saim’s father, Saeed berates Naseema for causing trouble in Rida’s life leading to Javed’s condition. Saim is shattered and wishes to go abroad. The matters are resolved and Saeed gets the two engaged. 

Episode 4

Air Date: 06-Oct-2021

Daniyal is shocked and hurt to find Rida getting married soon. Rida and Saim celebrate their love. Saim hears his mother and sister plotting against Rida to stop the nikkah. He convinces Javed to send off Rida to her in-laws after marriage. Naseema is annoyed as Saim and Rida get properly married. 

Episode 5

Air Date: 13-Oct-2021

Saim and Rida prepare for the reception. On the way, goons attack Saim and shoot him. Daniyal comes to his rescue, calls the police and ambulance but leaves him as his mother is hospitalized. Naseema blames Rida for putting Saim in a critical situation while Daniyal attends to his mother. Everyone is shattered as Saim breathes his last.

Episode 6

Air Date: 20-Oct-2021

Saim’s family mourns his death. Rida is blamed by Saim’s mother and sister for killing him as he refused to give Rida’s necklace to the gangsters. Daniyal is upset to see the news of Saim’s death on TV. He repents for not helping him properly. Daniyal’s friend, Aiza is in love with him but he is not interested in her.

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