Story of the Drama

‘Hassad’ depicts how far one can go to ruin others’ life but the eventual outcome is self-destruction. The story serves poetic justice: good for the good and bad for the bad.

The main focus of the drama is Sadiqa’s family who has two sons. The elder one Farhan is married to his cousin Zareen and the younger is married to Nain Tara. Farhan is an introvert person and for him, professional life matters more than the domestic one. He is hesitant to show his emotions towards his wife. This situation puts her in competition with the other couple who enjoy their married life. Arman is more expressive in his love and conveys emotions towards his beautiful wife. Their happy life perturbs Zareen who then takes benefit of every benefit to humiliate and tease the innocent girl.

Things turn around when Arman loses his life in a house robbery. Now, pregnant with a boy, widowed Nain Tara is more vulnerable to Zareen’s eternal enmity. She has no other refuge but to stay in the same house along with Zareen. Zareen tries to arrange her marriage with her inept brother. Failing to do so, both siblings accuse Nain Tara of a loose character. The neighbors also speculate Nain Tara and Farhan’s relationship since Zareen has left the house after bitter relations with her husband.

Sadiqa, worried about the present situation, decides to marry Nain Tara with Farhan. The news of their marriage enrages Zareen who then plans to take revenge from Nain Tara, this time a different way. However, her plans go in vain and she desperately throws acid over Nain Tara. Nain Tara survives the tragedy and due to her husband’s fear, Zareen becomes mad in the end.

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