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Episode 1 Story

Air Date: 14-Apr-2021

Bao Jee, the patron of the house lives with his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, Basim and Bela; who are maternal cousins. Basim wishes to move abroad just like his uncles but is stuck in Bao Jee’s family business. Bela, an orphan secretly likes Basim and is the glue that holds the family together.

Episode 2 Story

Air Date: 15-Apr-2021

Bela gets sad when Basim sneaks out to meet another girl for his plan to move abroad. When his family finds it, he gets in trouble and makes it up to Bela by taking her out. Ashiq, Basim’s father, talks to his brothers-in-law and suggests them not to move back to Pakistan while Bao Jee misses his sons.

Episode 3 Story

Air Date: 16-Apr-2021

Basim fails his visa interview for America and his mother is elated. She talks about his wedding and future plans with Ashiq. Basim vents out his anger at Bela who steals a necklace kept for her dowry from Bao Jee’s closet in order to help Basim but he refuses the help.

Episode 4 Story

Air Date: 17-Apr-2021

Basim’s friend Rocket makes a fake report showing Bao Jee’s deteriorating health and sends it to his daughter abroad. Bao Jee misinterprets Ashiq and tells him to leave the house with his family. Bela becomes worried as her jewelry is stolen.

Episode 5 Story

Air Date: 18-Apr-2021

Bela and Basim make sure that no one gets to know about the missing jewelry set. Basim talks to his agent who suggests a contract marriage with a Canadian national. Later, he tells Bela about this plan who supports him and the two introduce the new girl to the family as Bela’s friend.

Episode 6 Story

Air Date: 19-Apr-2021

Hina, the Canadian national, meets the family as Bela’s friend and questions Bela about having feelings for Basim. Basim’s mother tells Basim to stay away from Hina. Everybody celebrates Bao Jee’s birthday when Basim and Bela’s uncle Sadaqat, aunty Sajjo, and son Vicky show up. Looking at the craziness of the family, Hina decides to secretly run away.

Episode 7 Story

Air Date: 20-Apr-2021

Hina runs away and accidentally takes Sajjo’s bag with her. Sajjo suspects that Bao Jee took her bag. Ashiq complains of Sajjo giving the family cheap gifts. Sadaqat continues to ask for forgiveness from Bao Jee.

Episode 8 Story

Air Date: 21-Apr-2021

Vicky recognizes Hina as a wanted fraudster from Canada. The family finds out and Sajjo creates a fuss over Hina stealing her passport while Basim lets Bela take the blame. Bela gets upset and when Vicky consoles her, Basim doesn’t like it. Later on, Bela goes out with Vicky.

Episode 9 Story

Air Date: 22-Apr-2021

Bao Jee is rushed to the hospital. Basim questions Bela for ignoring him when his mother overhears his paper marriage plans and slaps him. He blames Bela and becomes angry at her. Meanwhile, Sadaqat reveals to Vicky about Sajjo’s real intentions for returning home as the world gets into a lockdown situation.

Episode 10 Story

Air Date: 23-Apr-2021

Bao Jee overhears Basim talking about his paper marriage. They get into a fight and Basim leaves the house. Late-night Bela goes to look for him and gets lost when a man attacks her. Their family worries for them and they return home safely. Meanwhile, Vicky hints at Bella about his liking for her and Sajjo plans to takeover Bao Jee’s property.

Episode 11 Story

Air Date: 24-Apr-2021

Bela overhears Sajjo’s real plans and falls ill the next day. The agent finds Sajjo’s bag and Basim’s money. Rafaqat, Basim’s elder uncle, arrives with his wife, Nikki, and daughter Isha, and Bao Jee doesn’t let them enter the house. During the commotion, Isha is accidentally left in the rental car and everybody worries for her.

Episode 12 Story

Air Date: 25-Apr-2021

Isha returns home safely and Bela notices her likeness for Basim. Bao Jee plans to fix Bela’s marriage with his friend’s grandson when Iffat mentions Basim as a suitable fit for Bela, but Bao Jee rejects him. Basim overhears Sajjo and records her conversation with Isha and Vicky about giving Basim and Bela expensive gifts. Later, he plays the recording for the whole family.

Episode 13 Story

Air Date: 26-Apr-2021

Bao Jee overhears Rafaqat and Sadaqat talking about selling his house and asking for their shares in the property. He reacts by naming the house after Bela which causes a commotion in the family. Basim takes out his anger on Isha and Vicky. Meanwhile, Bela tries to calm everyone down as her marriage talks become serious.

Episode 14 Story

Air Date: 27-Apr-2021

Bao Jee learns about Bela’s missing jewelry. Everybody searches for it as Vicky and Isha find out the truth. Isha suggests a plan to replace half the jewelry with the artificial one and Basim goes out to make the arrangements. He gets caught and lies that Bela gave the jewelry to her friend. Bela gets in trouble and Bao Jee goes to see a proposal for her.

Episode 15 Story

Air Date: 28-Apr-2021

Bela’s marriage gets fixed with Khokar’s grandson, Hassan. Basim protests against the relationship but Bela stays tight-lipped. Both fight and Basim ends up telling his mother the truth about Bela’s artificial jewelry. Meanwhile, Vicky talks to Bela about marriage and then asks for her hand from Bao Jee.

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