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Rida belonging to a rich family is the sole sister of three brothers; Faham, Hatim and Asim. Their father is dead. She enjoys the prestige of being adored by all family members due to her innocence and beauty. Shameela, her sister in law and wife of her elder brother Faham, envies this situation since she is of the view that she is not getting due attention in the family due to Rida.

Touqeer, brother of Rida’s friend Rushna, likes Rida and wants to marry her. However, Rida rejects his love. Shameela exploits this opportunity to create misunderstandings in the family about Rida. Khadeeja, Rida’s mother, fearing such rumors to be true, decides to marry her daughter with Zeeshan, Hatim’s colleague. Zeeshan previously belonged to a rich background but after the death of his father, Zeeshan’s family was deprived of all the assets and they had no refuge. The family’s financial condition is worse now and Zeeshan himself has to earn for the family.

After the marriage, the couple starts to live a happy life. But this jubilant period comes to a halt when Shameela again makes fallacious claims about Rida’s character which put Zeeshan in doubt. Moreover, the discovery of an old love letter of Tauqeer which Rida had completely ignored previously corroborates such claims. This brings disaster to innocent Rida’s life since Zeeshan abandons his wife. Learning about the happenings, Rida’s brothers, too, doubt her character. Will Rida ever be able to prove her innocence or will she remain at the mercy of harsh circumstances?

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