Story of the Drama

Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Kalp Yarası’ in English. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Kalp Yarası – Cast & Characters

Episode 1

Air Date: 28-Jun-2021

The rich and handsome Ferit is to marry his childhood friend, Hande but is shattered to find her cheating on him with his best friend, Yaman. Ferit’s mother, Azade is all excited for the marriage as she finds Hande suitable to her family in terms of status. Her nature puts her on clashing terms with her elder daughter-in-law Leman. Ferit leaves the city in rage and meets a lively, struggling girl Ayşe. They hardly spend a day with each other when Sinan, Ferit’s elder brother, comes to take him back. He is shocked when Ferit discloses the truth and is further surprised when Ferit refuses to follow his mother’s wish despite everything as she ruined Sinan’s desire to marry someone else. Ferit makes an offer to Ayşe to marry him for six months in exchange for money. She firmly refuses until her friend, Bach is taken into police custody as he stabs a thug who tried to molest Ayşe. They sign the contract with various terms oblivious to each other’s reasons behind the agreement. Ferit’s family is shocked to see him with Ayşe on his wedding day.

Episode 2

Air Date: 05-Jul-2021

Ferit arrives with Ayşe at the wedding venue and all guests assume Hande has been betrayed by Ferit. They both continue their wedding while Ayşe faces death glares from both Hande and Azade. Azade doesn’t accept her and still considers Hande a perfect match for Ferit as Ayşe doesn’t meet the standards of her family. Yaman asks Hande to forget Ferit and move on with him but she is distraught and furious. The ties between both families are shaken. Ferit supports Ayşe when all berate her for stealing Ferit. Hande’s mother discovers her betrayal and forbids her from exposing it. Ferit explains to Yaman about not revealing the truth to save Hande’s reputation and will not forgive them for their betrayal. Hande loses her mind and puts a gun to her head screaming at Yaman to reveal about kissing her forcefully. As she sees Yaman moving away, she shoots at him but the bullet hits Ayşe who appears from behind. Ferit runs to rescue her as she faints.

Episode 3

Air Date: 12-Jul-2021

Yaman stops Ferit from taking Ayşe to the hospital or Hande will face trouble. Ferit runs Ayşe to the hospital and is worried for her. He apologizes to Ayşe for bringing her into a mess. Bakhtiyar, the worker of Ferit’s father, Adnan, witnesses the incident and informs the police. Hande is arrested and Ferit informs Azade that Ayşe will be soon testifying against Hande. Ayşe however tests in the favour of Hande and saves her. Azade offers money to Ayşe to leave Ferit but receives a cold reply from her. Yaman’s dad is hospitalized and requests Adnan to reveal a hidden truth to Yaman. Ferit meets Yaman’s father as well. Yaman’s father speaks of Ferit and his family in his last moments enraging Yaman and dropping a chit from his hand. Bakhtiyar reads the chit which reveals Yaman is Adnan’s son. Azade breaks Ayşe’s personal stuff and she cries miserably causing Ferit to ask her to return. Azade and Hande celebrate their victory but the family stands surprised when Ayşe refuses to leave her husband and challenges Azade to try her best. Bach, Ayşe’s friend, is devastated to hear about Ayşe’s marriage. 

Episode 4

Air Date: 26-Jul-2021

Sinan is excited to be announced as CEO of the company and shares a moment with his wife and daughter. His feelings rush back when he meets his ex-girlfriend Ebru. Yaman burns down his old house to get rid of the past memories. Adnan is worried to see his state and shares a tearful moment with his brother’s wife, Vedia. This shows that they are hiding something. Seda, Bach’s sister, shows up at Azade’s house and blames Ayşe for leaving her brother alone in misery. Bach is furious when Ayşe clears her feelings about him and decides to escape from jail. Ayşe and Ferit share some close moments. Adnan wants to protect Yaman and calls him to the company. Ferit and Adnan vote for him to be CEO leaving Sinan devastated. Azade shouts at Adnan for being unfair to Sinan but Sinan blames Azade instead for messing up his life. Yaman is hired by İhsan for a side hidden business and gets illegal money to improve his status with Betul as his girlfriend. Hande leaves for Iskenderun behind Ferit, making Ayşe believe to spend the night together. Ayşe follows them and is shattered to see the two together. Ferit is hurt thinking Ayşe let Hande reach him. Ayşe has had enough and asks Ferit for a divorce.

Episode 5

Air Date: 02-Aug-2021

The matter between siblings is resolved when Ferit reveals to Sinan about Yaman’s betrayal resulting in Sinan’s anger touching the sky. Azade gives a warning to Leman and Ayşe adding to the worries of their husbands. It is revealed that Azade’s strict nature is a reflection of her father’s stern and harsh personality. Vedia mourns the death anniversary of her daughter who died the same day when born. Müge befriends Ebru’s son and Leman catches Sinan meeting Ebru at Müge’s school. Ayşe and Ferit attend a company party where Hande plays a video of Ferit making a statement to spend life with Hande. Broken, Ayşe leaves the place followed by Ferit and survives an accident. The couple shares emotional moments where they give each other an idea of being in love. Bach, who was approached secretly by Hande, arrives injured at Ayşe‘s doorstep as she is about to meet Ferit to finally sort their feelings.

Episode 6

Air Date: 09-Aug-2021

Ferit is upset as Ayşe doesn’t show up as she is busy attending Bach. She takes Vedia’s help who finds her a house where she can hide Bach. The news is published enraging Ferit who blames Azade for her cheap tactics oblivious to the fact that it was Hande’s action. İhsan meets a beggar child and is instantly drawn towards him. Leman asks for Azade’s forgiveness and informs about Ebru’s return. Cem and Müge seem to grow closer. Vedia gets emotional as Leman discusses marriage and children with her. Ihsan digs into Adnan’s past on how he sacrificed the love of his life for the company and married Azade. Vedia seems to be disturbed by the conversation. Ferit follows Ayşe and expresses his feelings with a kiss but she states not to feel the same. Bach injects Ferit’s horse causing him to run crazily and lose consciousness while Ferit is riding him.

Episode 7

Air Date: 16-Aug-2021

Bakhtiyar finds Ferit’s horse and informs the family about the incident. Azade is shattered and blames Ayşe for bringing a curse to the family. Everybody visits the incident area and gathers the neighborhood to search together for Ferit. Hande rushes to Azade and Sinan warns her to stay away from his family. Yaman is distraught and searches for Ferit. He spots Ayşe and gives her hope. Ferit is found to be in Bach’s custody. Ayşe and Azade make dolmas for Ferit in hope of his return. Hande receives a message from Bach and brings back Ferit. Everyone is relieved but Ferit is rude to Ayşe. Leman spots Sinan with Ebru and they have an argument. Sinan receives a call about Ihsan & Yaman’s criminal activities and informs Adnan but tables turn and Sinan is scolded for his false accusations. Müge informs Ferit about Ayşe‘s birthday and he celebrates with her. Ayşe is shocked to find Bach as Ferit’s new driver.

Episode 8

Air Date: 23-Aug-2021

Ayşe wishes to tell Ferit about Bach but he doesn’t let her speak. Sinan parts ways with his father and spends the night out leading to a hideous argument with Leman. Müge is upset as Cenk ignores her calls. Ebru gets a panic attack after remembering her conversation with Leman and is hospitalized. Cenk complains to Sinan about Leman leading to a severe clash between the couple. Leman refrains Müge from leaving the house, who later turns to Ayşe for help. Hande expresses her love to Yaman but they give up their love for the sake of Betül. Ayşe helps Müge meet Cenk and they make up. Bach drives Ayşe away and declares never to share her but she tells him about being in love with Ferit. Cenk and Ayşe meet with an accident. Yaman spots her in the middle of the road and helps her reach Ayşe where Ferit is also present. He is disturbed to see the two together. Ayşe figures Yaman to be the guy who betrayed Ferit. She promises to never leave Ferit and they lock their feelings with a kiss encountered by Hande.

Episode 9

Air Date: 30-Aug-2021

Ferit and Ayşe finally express their feelings and are elated to be together. Leman stays upset with Sinan about his meetings with Ebru but he seems to be tired. Müge burts out at her family for their continuous problems. Vedia is pleased as İhsan brings the abandoned child, Zeytin, to his house. Hande is shattered as Ferit has fallen in love with Ayşe. Bach realizes his mistakes and leaves the couple’s life. He tries to flee to Egypt but Hande kidnaps him. Betül and Yaman are engaged but he keeps imagining himself with Hande. Adnan throws a party for them where Hüseyin finds out about Hande’s actions. Azade seems pleased to see Ferit happy with Ayşe. Leman states to Azade about taking divorce but she shuts her up, packs her stuff, and decides to send Leman to her mother’s place. Hüseyin locks Hande in her room who calls Ferit to inform about Bach’s attempt to kill him.

Episode 10

Air Date: 06-Sep-2021

Hande calls to tell Ferit about Ayşe’s truth but Hüseyin breaks the phone and locks her up. Ferit shares the matter with Sinan and both start digging up the facts. Vedia and Azade argue over Vedia’s dead sister, Feraye who was Adnan’s lover. After a bitter quarrel, Azade is surprised to find that she was pregnant with Adnan’s child and died at childbirth. Yaman joins hands with Hüseyin behind İhsan in illegal business. Hüseyin plans Bach’s killing but he is taken away by Sinan. After a short treatment, Bach escapes. Ayşe opens up her new cafe and celebrates with the family. Betül is upset with Yaman who always lies to her when with Hande. Ayşe gets angry at Ferit for trying to contact Hande and fears losing him. They share intimate moments and consummate their marriage. The next morning, Bach comes to Ferit, lies about Ayşe being his fiancé, and blames all deeds of Hande on Ayşe.

Episode 11

Air Date: 13-Sep-2021

Bach lies to Ferit upon Hüseyin‘s order who threatens to kill Ayşe otherwise. Sinan is shocked to find the truth and makes inquiries. Ferit receives Ayşe’s statement she gave in the court of being Bach’s fiance. While Ayşe cooks food for the whole family to celebrate her happiness, Ferit reveals his fake marriage to the family. Ayşe is shattered and questions Ferit who receives explanations from Ayşe but doesn’t believe her. Sinan brings back Leman and sorts out his problems with her. Azade has a heated argument with Adnan over his child with a former lover. Hande is elated to find Ayşe leaving while Yaman tries to make Ferit understand his mistake. Hande argues with Yaman for hurting Betül as she breaks off her engagement due to his love for Hande. Bach runs from Hüseyin‘s captivity and tries to tell the truth to Ayşe but is shot dead. Ayşe runs to Ferit for help as the police want to arrest her as a suspect in Bach’s murder.

Episode 12

Air Date: 20-Sep-2021

Ayşe explains the whole truth to Ferit but he doesn’t believe her. She accepts the crime in frustration and faints. She leaves the next day hoping Ferit had believed her. Adnan suffers a heart attack. The family shouts at Ferit for still running after Ayşe. Azade receives a video proving Ayşe’s innocence but doesn’t show it to anyone. Ayşe turns herself in and accepts her crime in the trial, shocking everyone. Ihsan reads Adnan’s inheritance document and is hurt to see Yaman being given a share instead of him. He bribes the lawyer to change it. Yaman reads the same and questions Bakhtiyar who reveals to him about Adnan being his real father. Yaman is distraught and walks silently with Betül crying. Zümrüt inquires Hüseyin about being involved in Bach’s murder. Hande is shocked to find the same truth. Ayşe refuses to meet Ferit but he steps forward as his lawyer and promises to help her. 

Episode 13

Air Date: 27-Sep-2021

Ferit behaves as a lawyer with Ayşe and hurts her during cross questioning. Ayşe faces misbehaviour in the jail by a fellow criminal and retorts back. Ayşe faints due to extreme stress. Yaman is furious and it turns out that he is Adnan and Ferya’s son. Bakhtiyar stands by him and tells how he too wants revenge from the family as Adnan’s father killed Bakhtiyar’s dad. Zümrüt goes to meet Ayşe and apologizes for Hande’s actions. Hande meets Ferit and gives him pictures of Bach and Ayşe. She tries to get close to Yaman when Betül quits working for her but Yaman too rejects her. She is distraught being left alone. Azade joins the company as a director where Yaman exposes Ihsan’s hidden business. Ihsan and Vedia adopt Zeytin. Vedia shouts at Ihsan for his actions and refuses to bring up Zeytin with him. Leman and Sinan spend quality time together. Ayşe denies having taken the pictures but Ferit doesn’t believe her. Zümrüt removes her wedding ring after finding out about Hüseyin’s schemes. Ferit spends the night in jail with Ayşe hurt at the given turn of events. 

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