Story of the Drama

Fırat Bulut seeks to escape the prison after he is wrongly indicted for the murder of his wife, Zeynep. Barış Yesari, a super-rich maniac kills his twin brother and impersonates his personality to deceive his family. His weird actions stir suspicion among his family members. He seems to be behind the murder of Zeynep. A lawyer, Cemre tries to free Fırat from prison as she seeks the real murderer.

Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Mahkum’ in English. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Mahkum – Cast & Characters

Episode 1

Air Date: 14-Dec-2021

Fırat is on the run from prison while cops and hunting dogs are on his tail. The scene then switches to the past where he is working as a public prosecutor and is living a happy life with his wife and a daughter. He then wakes up while in prison where he is told how he killed his cheating wife and throttled his five-year-old daughter. Fırat can’t remember exactly what happened to his family. He first denies being the murderer but later becomes doubtful of himself. Five months ago, Barış Yesari has a twin brother named Savaş Yesari. Savaş is married to Büge and has a son as well. Their family includes a psychologically disturbed mother, one sister, and a business tycoon father who is the third richest man in Turkey. The twin’s father wants to hand over all his wealth to his capable son, Savaş. Barış is a typical playboy and undeserving to inherit his father’s legacy. He is outraged and quarrels with his father. He then leaves in anger and gets drunk at a bar. A gold-digger girl there consciously approaches him to strip Barış of his money. Her plan fails as Barış overhears her while she’s on the phone. He then tortures the greedy girl to death. Fırat pulls him to the jail and interrogates him on the murder. Barış shows a non-serious attitude towards Fırat and leaves without telling much. Savaş visits his brother and tries convincing him to surrender. Barış instead knocks his brother out and assumes his identity. He then pushes his brother off the terrace. Fırat becomes suspicious of Barış’s move. The seriously injured Savaş then reveals his identity to Fırat while in hospital. Büge also recognizes how it is Barış in her husband’s getup. She screams while Barış forcefully kisses her.

Episode 2

Air Date: 16-Dec-2021

Savaş dies in hospital due to severe injuries. Fırat collects Savaş’s fingerprints. Barış’s father is happy since it was his good-for-nothing son ‘Barış’ who chose to suicide. Fırat then calls upon Barış and collects his fingerprints as well. He investigates the surveillance footage from the hotel room but finds nothing odd. The doctor who’s investigating the fingerprints is killed in a truck accident. The scene shifts to the present where Cemre acts as Fırat’s lawyer despite his protests. Fırat has a scuffle in the jail with other criminals he had captured in the past who now beat him up as revenge. Barış tells the prison warden to let no harm come to Fırat and so the warden resolves the fight. Fırat’s brother, Tahir comes to visit him. He’s also clueless as to what happened and whether his brother is the criminal or not. Fırat then suspects that it’s impossible for him to have spared himself after killing his wife and his daughter. Fırat is then moved to his new cell with three other cellmates. Hacı agrees to give him his phone after Fırat promises to help him run away from prison. Fırat’s call is received by Barış who somehow has Fırat’s wife’s sim. He gives no reply to Fırat’s questions. Barış successfully poses himself as Savaş in the business meeting as his friend, Sasha helps him figure things out. Hacı decides to forget the previous misgivings and considers Fırat as his partner. Büge blames Barış for killing her husband while he’s driving the car. He drives recklessly for a while and later they sit on the roadside and weep together. Büge steals Barış’s keys and later grabs her passport from his locker and leaves.

Back in the past, Savaş’s fingerprints are recovered and it is confirmed that Barış is the killer of his own brother. Barış slips away but Fırat catches up to him. Barış burns his hands along with his fingerprints. In the present, two other criminals come to Fırat looking for trouble. He beats them up and later tries running away from prison. Barış is having a chat with the prison warden and is attracted by the noise. Fırat reacts quickly and takes Barış hostage. Bekir finally convinces Fırat to let Barış go. Cemre investigates the murder scene at Fırat’s house. Sasha tails Cemre upon Barış’s order. Büge manages to get away despite Barış’s attempts to stop her. Cemre and Barış watch the camera footage where Fırat drags his daughter in the suitcase and rushes away to dispose of her dead body. Bekir goes digging for something.

Episode 3

Air Date: 23-Dec-2021

Five months ago, Büge recalls how Barış got her off the flight through his connections and brought her back home. He threatens her not to waste her time in such stupid endeavors again. He complains to the police head for Fırat being a pain in the ass for so long. Later when they’re both alone, Barış admits his real identity put loud. Fırat records it with a pen in his pocket. In the present, Cemre comes to Fırat and claims how she still believes him to be innocent. Fırat refutes her and so they argue over that. It’s Barış’s mother’s birthday and she complains about her other son Savaş’s absence. Barış is reminded of times when his brother would be the one looking for him on their mother’s birthday. Later, his father reminds him of the upcoming epee-fencing game. Savaş used to sponsor the game and now Barış has to do the same to save his identity. Sasha trains Barış in fencing.

Bekir (Fırat’s brother-in-law) interrogates him about his daughter’s burial place. Cemre is convinced that Fırat isn’t the murderer since he’s a left-handed person while the murder was done through the right hand. She expresses her speculation to Fırat’s brother, Tahir. Tahir visits Fırat in jail t get his signs on some documents but he refuses. Sasha secretly guides Barış during the fencing match. His performance is still average and his father halts the match in the end. His previous competitor congratulates him for dueling well. Barış crushes the guy’s hand and then walks away. Fırat deliberately messes with a couple of prisoners and beats them up. He’s taken to the darkroom where he discovers a few characters written on the wall. Next to him is Hacı. He questions what’s written on Hacı’s side but the sleazy old guy keeps talking nonsense. Both of them are taken out again but Hacı still refuses to open his mouth. The police warden deliberately sends Fırat back to the darkroom with a lame excuse. The warden hands over an apparently very important diary to Barış. Fırat is taken to his first court hearing. His brother acts against him as one of the judges in charge. Fırat goes crazy and is taken away.

Büge recalls an envelope handed to her for safekeeping by her late husband before his death. She relocates the envelope when nobody’s watching. Cemre asks whether Fırat remembers anything from the night of the murder. All he can recall is hearing the doorbell ringing twice in a row. Fırat and Cemre start suspecting Tahir over his behavior. Büge and Barış are about to talk in a live broadcast. Büge intends to reveal Barış’s true identity but her son barges in and she stops. Barış comes across Savaş’s old girlfriend while taking the elevator. They talk a bit and then start kissing each other.

Episode 4

Air Date: 30-Dec-2021

Cemre shows photos of his family to Fırat. Later, she presents him with photos of a few people. Fırat becomes thoughtful after seeing Barış in one of the photos. Later he requests Hacıto tell him what was carved in the darkroom but to no avail. Savaş’s grilfriend, Ferda tells Barış that she misses him. He rejects her with a couple of excuses. He then instructs Sasha to look into Savaş’s relationship with Ferda. Tahir tries his best to cover the fact that it was him who met Fırat’s wife Zeynep on the day of the murder. He and Cemre get into a heated argument as she further investigates the case. Tahir recalls how he recorded his message for Nazlı on her birthday in a shark-shaped toy. The toy is now in police custody. Cemre has a chat with Fırat’s friend Zafar for a while. Later, he tears apart the card she gave him. Barış is suspicious of Ferda’s motives but he cares little as he ain’t really Savaş.

Zeynep’s mother comes to visit Fırat in jail and hands over a blade to him. Fırat successfully smuggles the blade back to his cell by hiding it in his mouth. He later hands over the blade to Hacıfor carving the floor. Tahir allows Fırat to head to his home. Fırat is reminded of times spent with his daughter when wandering around the house. He later recalls the video recorder he found near Zeynep’s dead body. He tries to locate the memory card but fails. Tahir forcefully takes him away. Cemre later sneaks back into the house and finally discovers the memory card in the aquarium. She produces the memory card in court. In the video, the shoes of the killer can be seen which don’t match any in Fırat’s collection. Tahir refutes the evidence and replaces it with another video which was taken when he first had a conversation with his brother after the murders. In the video, Fırat admits to being the murderer. Tahir later throws away his shoes as his were the ones shown in the video. Zafar is helping Cemre investigate the case. Sasha smashes his car with a truck and takes away the documents in his hand. Barış spends the night with Ferda who becomes suspicious after discovering scars at his chest. Such scars couldn’t be found on Savaş’s body.

Episode 5

Air Date: 13-Jan-2022

Fırat stops his suicide attempt midway after hearing Ali admit to being the murderer of his family. He grabs the boy by his throat but the police intervene. Fırat is sent back to the darkroom while Ali is later released from jail. Barış succeeds in reducing Ferda’s suspicions by faking an identical scar on his chest like the one on his brother’s. He blocks any means of communication for Fırat by pulling a few strings. 

Tahir tries to talk Cemre out of her persistent show of support towards Fırat but she refuses him. Bekir’s mother becomes sick. He vents out all his anger on Fırat by launching a torrent of face slaps. Fırat tells him how Nazlı is still alive and requests Bekir to lend him his phone. Bekir simply leaves and pays no heed to Fırat’s jabbering. Barış inquires Sasha about the short video clip Zeynep took moments before her death. Cemre quits her job as a lawyer. Ferda tries to further investigate Barış but Sasha ruins her effort while hiding in the shadows. Hacı flirts with the charming lady doctor. The doctor recognizes Fırat and tells the security guard to buzz off. Fırat grabs the doctor by her mouth and threatens to break her neck. He then borrows her cellphone and calls Cemre. He reveals the news of Nazlı’s probable survival as well as Ali’s backstory about having a sister with kidney problems etc. Cemre is revitalized and throws her resignation papers into the trash. Tahir remains silent after Cemre reveals the news of the recent breakthrough.

Fırat is reminded of the scene where Hacı declared his innocence regarding his brother’s matter. Fırat believes him as the doctor with fingerprint-proof had been killed beside Hacı’s brother as well in the truck accident. Barış’s mother is admitted to the hospital. Cemre comes to pay a visit to the still comatose Zafar. She bumps into Barış by mistake and the documents in her hand regarding Ali are scattered. Barış manages to decipher Ali’s location from those documents and informs Sasha as well. Sasha manages to reach Ali before Cemre does. Ali finally runs away after playing a cat and mouse game with Sasha for a while. Barış becomes irritated at Sasha’s failure. Later, he chats with Fırat’s daughter Nazlı in his secret hideout and gives her fake consolations. Barış’s father becomes suspicious of his real identity after a series of events. Ali pays a visit to Fırat in jail but the latter fails to get any useful information from the boy. Barış finally has enough of Ferda’s constant investigations and simply kills her with a shovel. Sasha is at her wit’s end after Barış commits murder yet another time. He threatens her to buzz off or he’ll kill her as well. Büge crashes her car while talking to Barış on phone in anger.

Episode 6

Air Date: 20-Jan-2022

Ali reaches Barış’s site where Ferda’s murder occurred. The police there are a bit suspicious but he pretends to be oblivious of anything that happened. Ali then lets Nazlı to talk to her father, Fırat who’s in jail. Afterward, Ali takes Nazlı away after finishing the call. Fırat starts recalling his memories of the night of his wife’s murder. He recounts his memories and his chat with Nazlı to Cemre.

Barış instructs Sasha to deal with Ferda’s body. Meanwhile, he reaches the accident site where Büge had thrashed her car against a bike. The passenger on that bike had been killed. Büge further panics after having a peek at Ferda’s bloodstains on Barış’s shirt. He takes all the blame upon himself and is sent to jail. Ali recalls how Sasha manipulated him into doing her bidding and involved him in such a mess. Fırat and his prison mate Paşa cleverly sneak into a meat-carrying van after breaking their cell lock and fooling the chef. Bekir keeps an eye on them through the CCTV cameras and later catches them both red-handed. Fırat manages to convince Bekir about having remembered most of what happened and how he is innocent. Bekir then shows leniency by not exposing Fırat’s failed attempt at jailbreak.

Ali plans to hold a conversation with Cemre but is forced to tuck his tail and run after spotting Sasha nearby. Sasha tries handing over the ‘Savaş Yesari’ case to Cemre but the latter refuses and reveals how she’s already working on Fırat’s case. Barış instructs the police warden to place him in the same ward as Fırat. Fırat recalls incidents of his previous encounters with Barış while they’re both in jail. Büge imagines telling Barış’s father about being the previous accident’s culprit as well as Barış’s achievements so far. She later decides against it after thinking of the old man’s weak body and that he may be unable to handle the surprises. She then visits her ‘husband’ in the jail. Both reminisce over their romantic memories from times long gone. In the flashback, Barış and Büge get into a bar brawl after a lecherous man tries to flirt with Büge. The intruders are all beaten to the ground and both of them continue with the sweet stuff.

Ali leaves the hotel immediately after knowing that Cemre is on the lookout for him. Fırat tells Cemre of having remembered how he soaked the knife and his own hands in Zeynep’s blood on the floor. Sasha catches up to Ali and Nazlı after a lot of hurdles. Unfortunately for her, Nazlı spills her hot coffee on Sasha’s face after getting the signal from Ali. Both of them take the chance to flee while Sasha is groaning in pain. A handful of prisoners look for trouble with Barış in jail. He manages to hold his own for a while but is still overpowered by one against many. Fırat lends him a hand and they beat the hell out of their enemies side by side. Barış then thanks Fırat and both of them hug each other while also recalling their past encounters.

Episode 7

Air Date: 27-Jan-2022

There is a whole flashback scene that reveals the details of Zeynep’s murder where Tahir leaves after having a nice chat with Zeynep. Ali sneaks into the house and carries away the still asleep Nazlı. Barış and Sasha dominate Zeynep and later Barış stabs a knife into Fırat’s wife three times. Zeynep manages to record the video showing Barış’s footsteps. Fırat gets mad at seeing his wife dead while the daughter is nowhere in sight. Barış reveals his agenda of framing Fırat for his wife’s murder. He also threatens the prosecutor with his daughter as bait.

Back to the present scene, Barış’s father reveals his son’s atrocious act of killing his own brother to his wife. Cemre and Sasha come to visit Fırat and Barış respectively in jail. Fırat informs Cemre of how Barış is unaware of his memories coming back to him. He also warns her to beware of Sasha. Meanwhile, Barış recounts the incident when Fırat rescued him from criminals to Sasha. All the while, Fırat keeps getting flashbacks regarding his encounters with Barış. Sasha tries to assassinate Ali and Nazlı but fails. Ali then sets a trap for her and later escapes after smacking her head with something heavy. Fırat is about to be transferred to a different jail. Barış is taken to the dark cell where Hacı previously stayed. He gets scared at witnessing his true name written on the wall in red and orders the police to fetch Fırat back here. Barış’s father inquires the reason for hiring Sasha when there are plenty of elite advocates within hand’s distance. Barış plans a candlelight dinner with Büge in the meeting room. Sadly for him, romance is the furthest thing from Büge’s mind. Barış gets angry and lets her leave.

Nazlı’s health deteriorates and so Ali searches for a hospital. He bumps across Cemre’s aunt midway and hands Nazlı to her. Later, he flees after Sasha smells him to the hospital as well. Fırat and Hacı conspire together. As it happens, Hacı stabs Fırat with a knife and then slips the blade into Barış’s pocket within a flash. Fırat is taken to the hospital in a hurry while Barış is locked in the darkroom. Bekir helps Fırat switch to a doctor’s clothing and helps him sneak out. Fırat is moved to tears after finally locating his daughter in one of the wards.

Episode 8

Air Date: 03-Feb-2022

Fırat is immersed in cuddling and having a chat with his daughter Nazlı. Ali comes over and soon they get to know of Barış and Sasha’s arrival as well. The two pay a visit to the hospital’s monitoring room and succeed in locating Fırat’s accurate position. Meanwhile, Fırat, Ali, and Nazlı run off to the parking lot. Ali manages to hide well along with Nazlı before their stalkers arrive. Barış fails to locate the others and is about to interrogate Fırat. The prosecutor fails to hold himself up and falls down due to being injured. He sneakily spares a glance to where Ali and Nazlı are hiding before being taken away. Barış tortures Fırat a bit in order to let him spill Nazlı’s whereabouts but fails.

Bekir stops Cemre outside the ward but the warden finally lets her in. Bekir is refreshed after Fırat sends him a screen-shot of his still alive daughter. Soon, he and Cemre help Fırat escape by hiding him in a big garbage can. Cemre later takes Fırat back to her home. Both start developing feelings for each other while reminiscing over past memories. Ali arrives and explains how somebody snatched Nazlı after turning him unconscious. Fırat is enraged and later leaves. Büge and Barış have dinner tighter. She reveals the news of the mysterious man who’d been nagging her lately regarding Ferda’s whereabouts. Barış promises to handle the matter well. Later, he meets the spooky man and threatens to destroy him in case he continues pestering him regarding Ferda.

Fırat somehow gets evidence of the accident where Büge smashed a biker with her car. He threatens to publicize the event in case Barış refuses to hand over his daughter. Barış is also clueless as to who captured Nazlı. Fırat then resorts to threats along with a knife. Being the crazy man he is, Barış almost smashes Cemre’s car with his own. Fırat helplessly removes the sharp object from Barış’s throat. Ali is taken hostage by Sasha. Tahir is one who took Nazlı away. He manages to hide the fact during Cemre’s visit to his home. He calls his brother who’s once again revitalized after seeing his daughter. Barış and Sasha arrive along with armed reinforcements. Fırat is scared out of his wits after the guns are pointed at his daughter.

Episode 9

Air Date: 10-Feb-2022

Barış forces Fırat to hand over his daughter by threatening to kill Nazlı. Fırat instructs Cemre to search for his brother’s whereabouts. Büge is scared out of her wits after seeing her son asleep in that mysterious man’s lap. The man once again inquires about Ferda and then leaves after handing over a card to Büge. Barış reassures her of his ability to handle this newcomer. Büge remembers the documents Savaş had handed over to her before his death. Sasha visits Cemre’s home and slumps on the couch like a lazy cat. She refuses to leave until Cemre reveals the person’s name who’s been helping her behind the scenes. The lawyer finally manages to get rid of the troublesome fellow.

Barış’s mother arrives and reveals the news of her son Savaş’s death. The police head refuses to believe her. Her being mentally deranged doesn’t help the matter either. Cemre drops Barış’s mother back home. She and Barış bicker with each other during a confrontation. Barış’s assistant Ceyda reveals his instructions to some unknown guy on the phone. Barış pays a visit to a bowling club where the mysterious man yet again inquires about the same stuff. Cemre comes across Tahir and is amazed to see him back to his job again.

Fırat and his cell-mates come up with a new strategy. Paşa later sneaks to the policeman Mujahid’s side and informs him of Fırat’s plans to escape. The only condition is to let Paşa out of jail for a day so he can handle some business issues. Mujahid is fooled and later slapped by Paşa after entering their cell. Paşa then switches clothes with the policeman and heads out for a day. Meanwhile, Fırat hands over the video footage containing his encounter with Nazlı in the hospital. A fire erupts in the kitchen, trapping Fırat and his friends inside. The scarred man kidnaps Sasha as well as Büge and tells Barış to choose who lives and who dies. All this happens after he hears Barış talking to Sasha about Ferda’s death. The man has in fact sneakily planted a mini-device on Barış’s collar to hear him talk while alone. The choice of killing one is supposed to serve as a punishment for Barış’s crime.

Episode 10

Air Date: 17-Feb-2022

Barış falls into a dilemma as the scar-faced man lets him choose between Sasha and Büge. The life of one shall spell the death of another. He then reminisces about the time when he rescued Sasha six years ago. He’d just lost Büge, the love of his life, to his brother Savaş and had been drinking like a lunatic. A man dragged Sasha to the skyscraper’s edge and nearly dropped her from the intense height. Barış scares the hell out of that guy with his handy pistol and thus saves Sasha. Ever since then, Sasha vows to be Barış’s guardian angel (her name means the same thing). He then thinks of the sweetest memories of his life while Büge still belonged to him alone. They would cuddle together and watch movies etc. Under intense pressure, he finally breaks the game by pointing the gun to his own head. The mysterious man can’t bear to kill the still useful ‘Savaş’ and so he lets the girls live. He and Barış decide on a meetup location for later.

The fire brigade arrives and blows out the kitchen fire. Fırat and his comrades are saved. Mujahid later gets blamed for conspiring to kill the prisoners. Büge is a bit jealous of Barış’s relationship with Sasha and inquiries about her. Sasha manages to discover a secret safe from Savaş’s place. She and Barış fail to unlock the safe and later hunt for the key. Cemre is suspicious of Tahir’s involvement in Fırat’s case and threatens him to spill the truth. He in turn reminds her of his high social status and for her to show him some respect. Fırat recalls how he instructed Hacı to set a mini-fire. The smoke from the said fire shall cover the camera’s sight. Hacı miscalculates and nearly kills them all by setting a deadly and intense fire. Barış’s father instructs his secretary to keep an eye on his son. Later, Cemre’s aunt questions him on his reaction once Cemre finds the truth of what he did to her parents. A new cell-mate arrives to join Fırat’s gang. He concocts a clever plan of digging tunnels and escaping the freaking jail. The whole team of prisoners, including Fırat, collaborate for the mission’s success. Barış sneaks into his father’s room to hunt for a key. Afterward, his mother confronts him regarding his real identity. She then leaves after giving him a memory photo album. The prisoners go through arduous efforts to hide their escape attempt from Mujahid. Büge and Barış bring Nazlı to meet her father in jail. Barış finally locates the safe keys within the piano. The scar-face guy introduces his name (Rafi) to Barış. Somebody flashes a torch on Fırat’s face the moment he digs his way out of prison.

Episode 11

Air Date: 24-Feb-2022

The police order general cell checkups whereas the prisoners shall remain outside. They also plan for a movie day to ‘entertain’ the said prisoners. Büge is shocked to discover the millions of dollars Savaş had transferred in her name. Moreover, he didn’t let her catch any wind of it. Furthermore, he had innumerable passports under his own name but none for his wife and son. Büge is disappointed in her deceased husband. She hands over the envelope Savaş gave her before his death, to Barış. A ring with a precious yet unknown stone accompanies the envelope. Barış puts the ring on his finger and continues prying into the secret files. Cemre tries to figure out how Tahir is related to Fırat’s case. Ali arrives and points out how Tahir had been present on the night of the murder. Barış instructs Sasha to keep Büge safe. Sasha is a bit jealous but still complies with his wish.

Bekir is a bit nervous at Fırat’s attempt to escape. Fırat convinces him how he needs to locate the true murderer of his wife at any cost. Barış asks Tahir about the reason why most foreign accounts are made. Tahir points out two reasons: either to handle taxes or to stuff illegal money within those accounts. Fırat and his accomplices plan to escape while everybody else is immersed in the movie. The police warden recalls how he’d been the one to lock up Fırat etc within that kitchen. Of course, he hadn’t expected the kitchen to catch fire. Büge continues pestering Barış regarding Sasha’s identity. Rafi (scar-face) orders Barış to meet him. Cemre taunts Tahir about how he managed to reach his current status. She then recalls what Ali had told her. It was about Tahir ringing the bell twice while Fırat was asleep and then came in. She then walks away without mentioning the subject. Fırat sneakily takes away the warden’s key. One of his teammates records the key structure so they can sculpt a similar key. The warden orders to check Fırat’s clothing for the key. Soon they find the missing key under the table and Fırat is let go of. Barış meets a baldie together with Rafi. Rafi kills the baldie and declares the dead man a traitor. Sasha comes running after hearing the gunshot. She’s relieved to see Barış alive. Rafi points out how there’s still another spy within their ranks. Sadly for them, the spy’s identity is still unknown. Later, Barış and Sasha discuss the available suspects, and whether any among them is the spy. Barış omits his father, Ceyda, and Büge from the list. Another prisoner threatens Fırat and his teammates to join his camp. Fırat and Hacı frame the guy by hiding a cellphone in his cell. Hacı rings the phone while Mujahid is nearby. The poor guy is taken away for breaking the rules.

Barış pays a visit to Fırat in jail. He shows him a photo where Fırat is seen together with Turgut (dead baldie). Fırat says how he can’t remember anything about the person. Barış resorts to threats but to no avail. Fırat lets the new prisoner join them on their holy mission of escape. Barış’s father had been the one to send Cemre’s dad to jail. Cemre confronts Tahir about his role in the murder. Tahir admits being present and liking Zeynep. But he also believes Fırat to have been the murderer. Sasha and Büge accidentally break the mysterious ring. They discover a memory card inside of it. The prosecutor and his team manage to escape through an ingenious plan.

Episode 12

Air Date: 03-Mar-2022

Fırat and the others are ecstatic upon having escaped. Sadly, one of their crew members is forced to stay behind. Mujahid interrogates him about the strategy Fırat and the others used to escape but fails. He and the warden get suspicious of Bekir’s involvement in the prison break attempt. The police manage to block the prisoner’s escape truck midway. Surprisingly, Fırat and his henchmen had already evacuated the truck a while ago. Fırat sneaks into his home while the rest wait outside. He finds a slip with the words, “Never forget this day” written on them. 

Büge rings up Barış’s phone and reveals to him her deceased husband Savaş’s goals. As it happens, Savaş had intended to transfer all his assets in Ferda’s name and then run away with her. The old cellmate’s friend lends a place to Fırat and the others. Fırat announces the place to be their new headquarters. Tahir is amazed to see the news of his brother’s escape. He’s still unaware of Barış being the one behind Zeynep’s murder. The two discuss Fırat’s recent endeavors and his murder of Zeynep. Rafi presses Barış to dig out the traitor among their ranks. Barış later reveals to Sasha about having decided on who’s gonna be the traitor. Sasha pays a visit to Cemre’s aunt. The naive auntie keeps on ranting about Cemre’s childhood. Soon, Sasha spots a childhood picture of Cemre along with her father. Cemre’s aunt closes the album with quicksilver speed. Her strange behavior makes Sasha doubtful about Cemre’s father. Fırat and the others arrive at the local junkyard. He’s hoping to trace the murder weapon (a knife) from the wreck of cars there. Barış lies to Rafi about having located the traitor. He blames it all upon the ‘dead’ Barış. Rafi finds the story plausible but still asks for proof. Barış negotiates for some time to gather the evidence. 

Fırat is unable to locate the knife. Later, he moves his search to another place under the Yesari’s name. The police warden is in the middle of scolding Bekir when the latter resigns from his position. Fırat video calls Barış and has a chat with his daughter Nazlı. The two then plan for a meetup. Fırat’s mates warn him to steer clear of the cunning Barış. Meanwhile, Barış lives up to his name and prepares a trap for Fırat. Büge forcefully brings Nazlı to her home despite Sasha’s resistance. Fırat and his teammates fall face flat in Barış’s ambush. The police sirens wail while they stand frozen in front of Sasha’s gun. 

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