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Mere Damad – Cast & Characters

Mere Damad – Story

Sajeela, a lawyer has brought up her four daughters (Sania, Hania, Mahnoor, and Wania) and is against the will’s marriage due to some past bitter experience. That’s why she has married her two elder daughters without consulting them. Her eldest daughter, Sania is living a happy life with her husband, Amaad and a daughter. While the other one, Hania is mistreated by her jobless husband, Farhan. Mahnoor has a love interest in her university fellow, Alyaan. Things get tense when Amaad’s brother, Danish also expresses interest in Mahnoor. Sajeela tries to enforce her decision of marrying Mahnoor with Danish. Mahnoor finds herself in a difficult position after Alyaan threatens to go to extreme limits to get her. 

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