Story of the Drama

Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Meri Shehzadi’. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Meri Shehzadi – Cast & Characters

Episode 1

Air date: 22-Sep-2022

A simple, generous, and down-to-earth girl Dania, whose mother died at the time of her birth, lives with her maternal grandparents, Safiya and Sanaullah. Her father Salahuddin, who is also Sanaullah’s nephew, was madly in love with her mother. However, after her death, he remarried Almas within a year, who refrained him from keeping ties with Dania. Safiya abhors Salahuddin and keeps taunting him whenever he comes over to see his daughter. Salahuddin’s elder brother Ghayaz is a well-known politician. When he gets promoted to the position of Chief Minister, he throws a grand celebration party at his palace. Salahuddin, who occasionally meets his daughter once a year to hand a cheque, invites her to the party. Upon Sanaullah’s insistence, Dania goes to the party with her friend where she accidentally breaks an expensive vase. Ghayaz’s wife Shahana, who considers Dania low-grade and ordinary, insults her in front of the crowd. Her only son, Shehroz, who has just returned from abroad after completing his studies, blows off the steam.

Episode 2

Air date: 29-Sep-2022

Upon knowing that Shahana insulted Dania, Safiya does not hold back her anger and calls Ghayaz, berating him for his wife’s unpleasant attitude. All of a sudden, Ghayaz experiences a heart attack and gets a very weak prognosis. On his deathbed, he prepares to complete his unfinished business. He elects Shehroz as his successor and decides to hitch him with Dania to bring a pious and sensible daughter-in-law. Shehroz, who always desired to live his life abroad, is forced to comply with his ailing father’s wishes. Finally, Ghayaz and his entire family arrive at Sanaullah’s house with Shehroz’s proposal. When Safiya hears about it, she bluntly rejects it, refusing to give her precious, well-mannered granddaughter in a high-class, selfish household. Salahuddin, who had been expecting that he would be appointed as the chairperson, gets disheartened upon hearing his brother’s decision.

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