Story of the Drama

Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Rang Mahal’. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Rang Mahal – Cast & Characters

Episode 1~5

Air Date: 24-Jul-2021 ~ 27-Jul-2021

Rayed belongs to a rich family who consider their secretary’s daughter, Mahpara, as their own due to a past incident. Maha is in love with Rayed who on the outside seems to get irritated with her but actually cares for her. The elder son, Sohail is set to marry Hajra. He seems like a decent man but actually has a different personality. Hajra is not happy at the attention Mahpara receives from the family and considers her a servant. Rayed supports Maha during the wedding to keep her protected from Hajra. Sohail clears to Hajra about Maha’s importance in their family adding to her hate for Maha.

Episode 6~10

Air Date: 28-Jul-2021 ~ 31-Jul-2021

Hajra plays her tricks to plant a seed of doubt in her mother-in-law’s mind about Mahpara gaining more importance and her being inferior to her. Sohail keeps spending time with his ex-girlfriend while lying to his family about being away for a sick friend. Rayed’s friendlier behavior with Mahpara gives her the wrong clues about them being romantically involved. Rayed’s mother warns him about his behavior towards Hajra. He clears to her about protecting Mahpara and warns his mother about Hajra’s intentions. Hajra is upset to see Rayed flirting with her cousin, Maheen. The family is shocked when Maheen asks about Maha’s fiance.

Episode 11~15

Air Date: 01-Aug-2021 ~ 04-Aug-2021

Rayed clears the misunderstanding and Sohail grows curious about his relationship with Maha. Rayed makes it clear to Maha about being sympathetic towards her. Maha is hurt and draws distance with the family. Hajra is pregnant but hides this fact and instead makes Sohail believe about Maha expecting Rayed’s baby instead. Sohail grows fond of Maha and buys a necklace for her. He turns the situation in Maha’s favor by presenting the same necklace when Hajra accuses her of stealing. Maha is elated as Rayed expresses his feelings for her but actually intends to protect her. 

Episode 16~21

Air Date: 05-Aug-2021 ~ 08-Aug-2021

Shehla is shocked to see Rayed gifting expensive items to Maha and expressing his feelings. She sends Rayed back abroad but his flight is delayed. Shehla gives an earful to Maha for deceiving her after being instigated by Hajra. Maha is hurt and decides to return gifts back to Rayed. It is when Sohail tries to misbehave with her but puts all blame on Maha. Rayed enters and slaps Maha for blaming Sohail. She is insulted terribly and her family leaves the place for good. Before leaving, Hajra strains her mind against Rayed and Maha curses her to never find happiness for playing games with her life.

Episode 22~25

Air Date: 09-Aug-2021 ~ 12-Aug-2021

Mahpara and her family spend the night at a station where she has a last emotional conversation with her father and finds him dead in the morning. Shattered and enraged, she curses Shehla and Sohail and leaves to stay at the house of Fazal’s friend. The woman at the new place keeps taunting her, making her feel dependent on others while her son, Salar secretly supports her. Sohail tries to search for her but in vain. Rayed suffers from brain hemorrhage and grows seeds of hate against Maha. Maha decides to take up a job and live an independent life.

Episode 26~30

Air Date: 13-Aug-2021 ~ 15-Aug-2021

Maha applies to an international firm where the boss insults and rejects her. The man later becomes Rayed’s partner in business. Maha is hurt at not finding a job as she wants to teach a lesson to the people who did wrong to her. She starts working as a teacher. Shehla is furious at Hajra as she blames Sohail for being characterless. Hajra also fakes the news of Maha dying with her grandmother in an accident. Salar threatens to kill himself to convince his mother to marry Maha. He gets engaged to her and plans to leave for Islamabad for a job.

Episode 31~35

Air Date: 16-Aug-2021 ~ 21-Aug-2021

Salar’s mother, Shakeela finds the whole truth about Maha and tactfully makes her accept the truth about being thrown out of the previous house causing her father’s death and Salar hears it on call. She throws her out in the middle of the night where she is saved from a guy by Shahmeer, the man she went to interview for, now a partner of Rayed. Maha takes refuge in the house of the school’s principal who treats her grandmother like a servant. Hajra loses her baby. Salar comes back, inquires about Maha’s past from her friend, berates his mother, and searches for her. Shahmeer too tries to find Maha. 

Episode 36~40

Air Date: 22-Aug-2021 ~ 25-Aug-2021

Sara, the daughter of the school head, Durdana berates her mother for mistreating Maha and her grandmother. Rayed spots Maha at the pharmacy and everyone thinks he’s going crazy. His family goes to dinner at Sara’s place. She is upset to see him there as their previous meeting was quite unpleasant. Hajra is taken aback to see Maha at their house. Upon hearing her conversation with Sohail against Sara, Rayed decides to marry her. Maha searches for a new place and gets an earful from Durdana. Hajra keeps threatening Sohail about exposing his lies if he ever hurt her.

Episode 41~45

Air Date: 26-Aug-2021 ~ 29-Aug-2021

Maha leaves for Islamabad and meets Salar who helps her take CA exams. Hajra meets Sara and states Rayed’s history with Maha and the mental torture he went through after her betrayal. Sara still accepts him and narrates her feelings to Rayed. He, on the other hand, keeps missing Mahpara. Sara’s mother talks rudely to the sick grandmother of Maha and makes her perform household chores. Sohail is completely under Hajra’s control and tolerates her misbehavior. Maha tops the CA exam and is grateful to Salar who decides to wait to propose to her till she settles with her grandmother.

Episode 46~50

Air Date: 30-Aug-2021 ~ 03-Sep-2021

Sara decides to stand by Rayed. Maha is granted a high post in a company. She shifts to a new place with her grandmother. Salar turns out to be working in the same company as Maha. Hajra, expecting again, takes advantage of her condition to control Sohail. Maha’s decline to work with Rayed’s company results in them being blacklisted. Shehla finds Maha’s bracelet at Sara’s house and misses her terribly. Rayed is shocked to find Maha alive and storms out angrily reminiscing about the news of her death. He shouts at his family for considering him crazy.

Episode 51~55

Air Date: 04-Sep-2021 ~ 07-Sep-2021

Rayed stays upset about Mahpara and remembers his happy memories and betrayal. Sohail finds the truth about Maha and goes to meet her. He states how he still desires for her but she gives him befitting replies. Salar’s parents find out the truth about Fazal’s family and regret their treatment with Maha. Maha’s grandmother wants her to get married but she strictly refuses. Durdana scolds Rayed for his company’s failures and asks Sara to give a second thought to the proposal. Maha calls Hajra to inform about Sohail’s action whose disturbed mind starts affecting her pregnancy. 

Episode 56~60

Air Date: 08-Sep-2021 ~ 11-Sep-2021

Rayed offers money to Maha in exchange for the contract but she kicks him out. Salar requests Maha to share her worries but she decides to handle things on her own. Fazal and Maha get into a heated argument over her actions. She slaps Sohail as he tries to get close to her and he plans revenge. Through his worker, Sohail accuses Maha of bribery and she is arrested by the police. Salar rushes back to the city for Maha’s help. Hajra warns Sohail of his heinous acts. He meets Maha’s grandmother and states to get Maha by hook or crook.

Episode 61~65

Air Date: 12-Sep-2021 ~ 15-Sep-2021

Rayed stays upset imagining Maha’s closeness with Salar. Hajra delivers a baby girl, Fari. Sohail beats up the inspector who released Maha. Maha’s boss inquires about the whole case and with Salar’s help proves Maha innocent. Sohail grows possessive of his daughter and doesn’t let anyone touch her. He terribly pushes Sara as she tries to hold the baby. Hajra too fears Maha’s curse and asks Sohail to mend his ways. Rayed talks rudely to Sara, seeing her dressed as Maha. He apologizes to her and mends things between her and Rayed. Maha can’t get her mind off of Salar and his soothing words.

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  1. Sajal August 11, 2021

    This drama is so fantastic and amazing

  2. Muhammad Ammar Yasir August 29, 2021

    Aoa i am so happy to see that serial its amazing can u upload that should rayed meet mahpara.. ? If it is possible then in which episode..? And is there any way to meet these chracters if any one have link kindly contact me on fb insta or email thank u coment me and mention me i will send u a link

  3. L August 31, 2021

    This drama was written by someone who has no clues on how to become a chartered accountant. It take minimum 4 years in articleship and passing intermediate and final exams before you be a CA