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The story revolves around the families of two friends; Mehmood and Ariz. Ariz feels indebted to Mehmood for his financial help in the past which has enabled the former becoming rich. Mehmood has three children, Hamza being the eldest and Sameera and Rohina. On the other hand, Ariz has a son and a daughter, Salman, and Wardah. Both families are also bound in a relationship as Hamza is nikkah-fied with Wardha. Salman and Sameera are too in love though no explicit relationship exists between them. Salman’s mother, Salma a proud lady, is against this Watta-Satta and expects a better match for his son.

Hamza’s demand for a formal proposal for his sister before his own marriage puts things in danger. Succumbing to the pressure, Salma agrees for the proposal but now Sameera refuses, citing these hurdles as an excuse. Instead, she prefers her medical career. At the hospital, she develops differences with a senior doctor Feroze. However, after Hamza’s wedding and an apology from Salma, she consents for Nikah.

Sameera’s life takes a dramatic turn when she is abducted on gunpoint by some drunken guys and faces a sexual attack. Her family refuses to file a case mistrusting police and fearing the shame the case might bring to the family. She blames her father for protecting his daughter-in-law instead. Salman, her fiancé, too hesitates to stand by her in this difficult time. She resolves to pursue legal proceedings against the offenders amid all the domestic chaos.

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