Story of the Drama

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  1. Rauf Amir November 14, 2020

    It’s a storey of two cousins Sara and Mahi. Sara has always been in love with Ali for his weath and looks. But Ali loves Mahi and marries her. But Sara it’s spoiled and always used to getting what she wants ( a lot like story of Jalan ). This is a storey of how Sara manages to ruin Mahi’s life due to her stubbornness. Mahi is already dead before the storey starts. Dead Mahi is visiting her mom’s house. She remembers her life in that house. Sara who has killed Mahi can still not get over that even though Mahi is dead but Ali stills thinks about her all the time, can sense and feel Mahi’s spirit. She wants to do something to get the thaught of Mahi out of Ali’s head. She pretends that Mahi’s spirit is still trying to kill her plans to get scared and jumps down from roof pretending that Mahi’s spirit is trying to kill her. But ends up hurting herself and taking care of Mahi&Ali’s child and the house. The whole drama is a memory of last year of Mahi’s life. Such turmoil in one year.