Story of the Drama

Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Yaar Na Bichray’. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Yaar Na Bichray – Cast & Characters

Episode 1~4

Air Date: 17-May-2021 ~ 20-May-2021 

The story of the drama focuses on the hardships of a college girl, Palwasha who lives with her strict and middle-class father. A middle-class yet good-hearted man, Azar falls in love with her at first sight. Palwasha is trapped after she slaps a man, Sami, for misbehaving with hee, who turns out to be the son of a goon. As revenge, Sami sends a proposal to her father who owes money to his father. The proposal is accepted and both are engaged. Azar shares his feelings with his elder step-sister and asks for help despite her continuous bickering with his mother.

Episode 5~8

Air Date: 24-May-2021 ~ 27-May-2021

It turns out that Azar’s sister, Fiza wants to take revenge on Azar as their father caused the death of her lover. Azar is elated to find that Palwasha is being forced into marriage. As Sami tries to take advantage of Palvasha, Azar comes to her rescue. A dramatic scene ensues where Sami reveals Palwasha’s father agreeing to marriage as he was freed of his debts in return. Azar agrees to pay debt and announces to marry Palwasha who is distraught at the revelation of events. Fiza’s alliance is broken as Sami comes home after marriage with Palwasha out of the blue.

Episode 9~12

Air Date: 31-May-2021 ~ 03-Jun-2021

Fiza and Azar’s mother scream at Palwasha and mistreats her. Palwasha blames Azar for taking advantage of her situation while Azar puts efforts to clear the misunderstandings. A fight ensues as Azar thrashes Sami for breaking down his shop. It turns out Palwasha’s father is putting up an act to trouble his daughter for money when he can pay his loan easily. Sami joins hands with Saima who likes Azar to separate the newlyweds. Azar is hurt because of Palwasha’s hatred who, herself is petrified as Sami follows and harasses her as she returns from college.

Episode 13~16

Air Date: 07-Jun-2021 ~ 10-Jun-2021

As Palwasha is locked in her room by her mother-in-law, she misses her job interview and argues with Azar. Sami stabs Azar and Palwasha receives a scolding from Azar’s mom. He submits her portfolio at the boutique and Palwasha is hired. She starts having a change of heart at Azar’s help and also when he quits his gangster attitude and activities. Sami plans to trap Fiza into the web of his love and starts following her. Palwasha’s father comes to live at her place and her mother-in-law is irked to the core. She refrains Palwasha to go to work being an obstacle in her job to which Palwasha argues with Azar for being a coward.

Episode 17~20

Air Date: 14-Jun-2021 ~ 17-Jun-2021

Palwasha keeps insulting Azar for forcing her into marriage while he leaves no stone unturned in helping her with her career. Fiza keeps meeting Sami who is trying to trap her in his love and she is totally smitten by him. She also creates troubles for Palwasha at home and deliberately spoils all her work resulting in Amma’s wrath on Palwasha. Palwasha has a change of heart towards Azar when her father tells the truth about her marriage. She tries to be nice towards Azar but fails and is also teased by Sami in the market, later being scolded by Azar for the same. She falls sick and Azar attends her but it results in another argument.

Episode 21~24

Air Date: 21-Jun-2021 ~ 24-Jun-2021

Azar and Palwasha are unable to resolve their misunderstandings and the distance keeps growing, hurting both of them. Amma falls down the stairs and is bedridden for a long time. Palwasha is blamed by Fiza and Amma but she takes a break from her job to take care of helpless Amma. Amma has a change of heart and accepts her as her daughter-in-law. Palwasha admits to Amma about her feelings for Azar and he is elated. Sami proposes to Fiza and she accepts. Fiza feigns being unconscious and is taken to the hospital on the reception day of Azar and Palwasha.

Episode 25~28

Air Date: 28-Jun-2021 ~ 01-Jul-2021

Palwasha and Azar express feelings for each other and spend some romantic moments together. Saima comes to meet Palwasha and Azar exposes all her lies. Palwasha is hurt when Fiza belittles her. She shares her concerns with Azar. Palwasha inaugurates her new working place at her father’s house. Fiza feels left out and urges Sami to marry her who puts up an act and saves Fiza’s mother from a thief to impress her. Fiza successfully instigates Azar against Palwasha having no time for the family due to work. Misunderstanding arises when Palwasha misses Azar’s birthday.

Episode 29~32

Air Date: 05-Jul-2021 ~ 08-Jul-2021

Palwasha gifts the truck of Azar’s father to him on his birthday and they resolve the matter. They have another argument when Azar exposes the fraud of Palwasha’s father in her business. They patch up as Palwasha is pregnant. Sami cleverly arranges engagement with Fiza without being encountered with Azar or Palwasha. As Azar reaches during the engagement, the truth is out but Sami keeps contacting Fiza claiming to love her. Azar is angry at Palwasha for unintentionally lying about the family being worthy enough as Fiza asked her to stay mum. She melts down and goes to meet him leaving everyone worried.

Episode 33~36

Air Date: 12-Jul-2021 ~ 15-Jul-2021

Sami emotionally blackmails Fiza and she asks him to marry her. Azar searches for Fiza frantically but in vain. Fiza and Sami are married but thrown out by Sami’s father as a part of his plan so Sami stays at Fiza’s place. The family is shocked to see them married and Fiza speaks rudely with Azar. Sami portrays himself as a good person in front of Amma who takes his side. He makes ways to get close to Palwasha who is scared when Sami threatens her of destroying everyone’s lives. Azar asks him to divorce Fiza but the plan drops when she hurts herself. Palwasha and Azar share some moments regarding their baby.

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