Story of the Drama

Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Yargı’ in English. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Yargı – Cast & Characters

Episode 1

Air Date: 19-Sep-2021

A girl’s corpse is found and prosecutor Ilgaz is informed about the case. During another case, a lawyer, Ceylin messes with him and he puts her behind the bars. He goes home to find his father, commissioner Metin shouting at his younger brother, Çınar for losing the credit card. The card is found near the girl’s dead body and Çınar becomes a murder suspect. Ilgaz takes Ceylin’s help to fight for Çınar. All evidence turns against Çınar. Ceylin tries to save him by hook or crook but both Metin and Ilgaz refuse to betray their morals and stay honest. Ceylin receives emotional birthday wishes from her sister, İnci and terribly misses her. Prosecutor Pars, leading the case, gives hard time to Ilgaz and his family. Metin gets furious at Çınar for his actions and seems like some past incidents are being hidden. The body is identified and Ceylin is shattered to find that it is her sister İnci who was murdered.

Episode 2

Air Date: 26-Sep-2021

Ceylin rushes to Çınar for investigation and beats him for hurting İnci. Çınar denies all allegations and refuses even knowing İnci. Ceylin backs out as Çınar’s lawyer but Ilgaz wants him back so she can have access to updates of her sister’s case. Ceylin’s mother refuses to accept İnci’s death while her father scolds her for defending Çınar. Engin is a colleague of Ceylin and stays with her through hard times. His father is a lawyer who is approached by İnci’s father to fight against Çınar. Metin sees İnci’s corpse and apologizes to Ceylin on Çınar’s behalf. Ceylin takes back the case as Çınar’s lawyer to access information and approaches İnci’s friend Merve. She finds out how İnci lived a secret life with a boyfriend and other luxuries. She finds out İnci was given a car. Ceylin and Ilgaz are shocked to find İnci’s picture with Metin.

Episode 3

Air Date: 03-Oct-2021

Ilgaz rushes home to question his father who was the officer when Ceylin’s father, Zafer was falsely detained in a case. He was helping İnci’s family out of guilt. A new criminal, Serdar is put to jail and warns Çınar to keep mum and not spill the beans. At the first trial, Çınar again denies the blame and Ceylin supports him. Still, he is put behind the bars. Upon Çınar’s information, Ilgaz and Ceylin visit Ozan and Nurjan, İnci’s professor. Ceylin steals their toothbrushes for a DNA test. She secretly takes officer Eren’s help and DNA matches İnci’s nails and scars on the body. Meanwhile, the culprits attempt to flee from the country. Engin and Ilgaz feel uneasy about each other whenever Ceylin is with each of them. Ceylin finally cries her heart out and Ilgaz pacifies her. Pars finds evidence that shows İnci being beaten by Zafer. He becomes a new suspect while Ilgaz deduces it to be a drug case that is forcing Çınar to be silent.

Episode 4

Air Date: 10-Oct-2021

Ceylin questions her father about his behavior towards İnci. He gives his explanations to which she gives an emotional reply of her being the head of the family when he was away. Ilgaz is shattered to find drugs in Defne’s toy placed by Çınar. Çınar begs Ceylin to stop Ilgaz from complaining about drugs to the police in return for information about İnci. Ceylin tries her best but Ilgaz and his father stick to their honesty. She lies to Çınar about handling the situation to which he reveals more information. He cries for not being able to save İnci and Ceylin consoles him. Zafer beats İnci’s teacher for having an affair with a student. Ceylin searches for İnci’s missing earring to find the killer. Engin’s mother angrily hands over the earring to her husband. Ceylin is slapped by her mother for supporting Çınar. Her father throws her out the house and she sits devastatingly as Ilgaz watches her helplessly.

Episode 5

Air Date: 17-Oct-2021

Ilgaz takes care of Ceylin when thrown out. They visit her office where Ilgaz finds Engin feeling up Inci’s scarf. The suspects complain about Ceylin visiting their house and stealing the toothbrushes. Metin plants flowers at Inci’s grave. Ceylin decides to stay at Engin’s place for a while. Engin’s mother Laçin is ashamed to be in the house of a killer while her husband, Yekta wipes out all evidence. Ceylin finds a clue in Engin’s living room and runs to Ilgaz. Çınar is attacked in the jail and an argument ensues between Ilgaz and Pars. Ilgaz wakes up a father in Metin who finally treats Çınar lovingly seeing him injured. Defne consoles Ceylin who breaks down describing the events to Ilgaz. She stays at his place for the night and sets a trap to find the killer. Ceylin is devastated to find that İnci’s murderer is Engin who was being used by her and the chaotic turn of events forced him to commit the crime.

Episode 6

Air Date: 24-Oct-2021

Ceylin is enraged and wants to attack Engin but Ilgaz stops her. She hits Ilgaz and he helplessly takes her into custody till she calms down. Ceylin is shattered and Ilgaz promises to protect her. As per the plan, Ceylin is forced to stay normal beside Engin but feels terribly sick. Ilgaz helps her. He takes help from his criminal grandfather to gather clues and finally Çınar is proven innocent. Yekta manipulates Zafer’s mind and takes steps to protect Engin. Zafer has held a chief bureau captive to find out the man who falsely blamed him. Zafer leaves the house to take revenge from Çınar. Neva is upset to see Ceylin and Ilgaz together. Pars files a case against Ceylin for barging into Ozan’s house and stealing the toothbrushes. The only witness to the case is Ilgaz who refuses to lie, putting Ceylin’s job at risk. When investigated, he refuses to make a statement using his right of being related to Ceylin. When asked how, Ilgaz and Ceylin shock Pars by presenting their marriage certificate.

Episode 7

Air Date: 31-Oct-2021

It turns out that Eren was a witness to Ilgaz’s sudden marriage which was the only way to save Ceylin. Pars is enraged and Neva is shattered. Çınar is kidnapped by Zafer who gets into a tiff with him and a gunshot is heard. Pars digs into Pars’s grandfather, Merdan to somehow blow him out of the business. Ilgaz faces a backlash from his fellows and seniors on his sudden marriage with Ceylin to save the trial. Ceylin stands by him with full support. Yekta cleverly creates the whole murder scenario at Aylin’s house and Osman is arrested as a suspect. Eren finds out the car that was used by Engin to transport İnci’s body. The bloodstains match with İnci and finally, a warrant is issued for Engin as a suspect. Ilgaz tries to contact Ceylin but she cannot be reached as she is shattered enough to question Engin. Çınar returns home injured and cries at having killed Ceylin’s father. 

Episode 8

Air Date: 07-Nov-2021

Engin verifies his stance by stating that İnci deserved to die. Ceylin stops herself from attacking him but Engin hits her and runs. Ilgaz follows him and he is arrested by Eren. Ilgaz shows his concern for Ceylin. Çınar‘s wound opens up and he is hospitalized. Meanwhile, Metin removes Zafer’s dead body and clears the crime scene. Ceylin and Ilgaz collect evidence to prove Osman’s innocence. She gets him released and he confesses the truth of his affair to Aylin who blames Ceylin for causing trouble. The family doesn’t believe Engin to be the murderer and scolds Ceylin. Ceylin and Ilgaz get upset hearing about each other’s past love stories. Metin apologizes to İnci at her grave as he brings Zafer’s body which vanishes from his car. Pars believes Engin to be the murderer. The hearing begins and Engin blames the murder on Yekta leaving him shocked.

Episode 9

Air Date: 14-Nov-2021

Engin and his mother had planned earlier to put blame on Yekta and they succeed in doing so. Ceylin is upset and worried about the whole situation and argues with Ilgaz. Eren finds evidence against Engin where he is seen dumping the body into a trash can. Engin is arrested and put behind bars. Yekta keeps his distance from his wife. Aylin goes to Zümrüt and politely confronts her, leaving her embarrassed. Ceylin’s mother spots Çınar. She apologizes and loves him for blaming him for İnci’s death. Ilgaz states having gunshot wounds on his body lessening the distance with Ceylin. Metin somehow deals with Zafer’s dead body but feels guilty to see Ceylin at his house and asks her to leave. Ceylin decides to keep her relationship professional with Ilgaz. She bids him an emotional farewell. Both are sad and hurt as Ceylin moves out.

Episode 10

Air Date: 21-Nov-2021

Ilgaz is upset as Ceylin leaves suddenly and taunts her for being a good runner. A dead body is found and Metin feels scared if it is of Zafer. Metin’s father comes to stay at his house upon Defne’s insistence. Ilgaz wants him gone but Metin doesn’t interfere as his father is aware of Zafer’s murder. Metin is relieved as his father handles Zafer’s body and vows to always protect him. Metin is enraged to find out about Ilgaz’s marriage and worries about his profession. Engin calls his aunt who left the house years ago because of Yekta. She promises to help him in return for Engin’s help to avenge Yekta. Zafer’s wallet is found and it turns out that he is missing. Pars is suspected to be involved with Yekta as they were together on the night of the murder. It turns out that he covered his accident through Yekta’s help as he is suffering from epilepsy. As Ilgaz helps Pars make a positive restart with him, Ceylin unknowingly complains the same about him to the senior prosecutor. Ilgaz argues with Ceylin about the same and later both are tensed as Ceylin’s recording of stealing the brushes from the suspect’s place is found.

Episode 11

Air Date: 28-Nov-2021

Ceylin apologizes to Ilgaz for talking against him during the case. They patch up and try to solve other cases. Engin’s aunt meets Yekta and reveals the truth about him being a lawyer with fake degrees. She threatens him on Engin’s behalf to tell his identity to the world. She also blackmails Neva who once was dishonest in her profession as she trapped an innocent person despite having the proof against the culprit. Through this, she tries to shake Pars’s life as well. Her next target is Çınar who receives a video where is being held captive by Zafer. Çınar panics and reminisces about the whole incident. Aylin and her mother try to search for Zafer. Eren meets his ex-wife and finds out that he has a daughter. Ceylin is distraught to find her father missing and goes to Ilgaz. She expresses his feelings for her. He wishes to reciprocate but remembers his father being the reason behind the destroyed life of Zafer and stops himself from being caught in the moment. 

Episode 12

Air Date: 05-Dec-2021

Ilgaz tells the truth to Ceylin who berates Metin and promises to get him behind the bars. She bursts out in front of Eren who tells her how Metin used to pay their rent and İnci’s fee out of guilt. Eren meets his ex-wife, Özlem and inquires about their daughter, Tugçe. They are spotted together by Özlem’s crazy husband who later tortures her. Tugçe calls Eren for help and shouts at him for spoiling the family. Ceylin doesn’t file a complaint for Defne’s sake and hands over divorce papers to Ilgaz who is shattered and refuses to love anyone again. Çınar wishes to run abroad. It turns out that Serdar buried Zafer as per Engin’s instructions. Metin questions Merdan about Zafer’s body who assures him of safety but is himself unaware of its location. Ceylin and Ilgaz solve a case together. Parla is threatened by Engin for cheating in competition and tries to commit suicide. Pars puts Engin’s lawyer, Seda behind bars as he too receives a threat regarding Neva. Yekta offers freedom to Engin.

Episode 13

Air Date: 12-Dec-2021

Engin is rushed to the hospital and it turns out that he has been poisoned. Pars hides it from everyone. Ceylin and Ilgaz pair up to sort out the mess. Ceylin turns romantic after getting drunk. Neva disappears for a while. Seda is caught by Metin’s father who threatens her with her daughter’s life. Ceylin shows Engin’s reality to Seda and shakes her humanity as she sees Parla lying in the hospital due to Engin. Laçin cries to see Engin’s state and plans to help him escape with Yekta’s help. Zafer is nowhere to be found and this keeps all his family worried. Above all, his body is missing as well. Çınar wishes to run abroad due to the guilt but feels helpless. Engin is successful in running away from the hospital. Ceylin is furious and goes to hunt him down. She leaves a message for Ilgaz requesting him not to be offended. Ilgaz gets worried and follows Ceylin in search of Engin.

Episode 14

Air Date: 19-Dec-2021

Ceylin is seen lying with a gun in a jungle. Eren is in search of Engin and Ceylin. Pars and Ilgaz try to track them down. Ilgaz leaves no stone unturned in search and takes clues from the CCTV cameras. Parla gets treated and returns home but Zafer is nowhere to be found. Ceylin’s car is found and Ilgaz is shocked to find her in a disheveled state. The police find Engin’s dead body. Ceylin is blamed and taken into custody. She stays in a state of shock and doesn’t utter any word. She is taken to the hospital to treat a few injuries and later arrested as a suspect. Ilgaz doesn’t leave her side and lends his full support but Ceylin stays mum. Engin’s parents mourn his death. Metin wants Ilgaz to throw out his grandfather so he can leave their life but Çınar doesn’t let it happen. It is because his grandfather is actually the owner of the drug gang Çınar worked for. 

Episode 15

Air Date: 09-Jan-2022

Ceylin is discharged from the hospital and doesn’t utter a word. Ilgaz stays by her side lending his full support. He promises to finish all official work regarding the case and return to her. He tries to take Ceylin to his office. Pars arrives and argues with Ilgaz. He calls Ceylin a culprit and orders her to go into the cell. Ilgaz uses his power as a prosecutor and takes Ceylin to his office to make her comfortable. Ceylin‘s family arrives and creates havoc. Her mother gets tense thinking Ceylin is being taken to jail. Aylin cries as her husband was treated the same way and worries for Ceylin. They see Ilgaz taking Ceylin with him and get anxious. Parla calms them down, stating them to be a couple who will sort the problem. Ilgaz shows his trust in Ceylin and consoles her. He asks her to talk. She speaks and says that she might have done it. Ilgaz gets scared but asks her to speak. Ceylin cries and starts narrating everything. She states to have confronted Engin. He was holding a gun and so was she. Ceylin doesn’t remember pulling the trigger. She just knows Engin fell down with a question of “why” in his eyes and later, she too fainted. The senior prosecutor along with his team bangs Ilgaz’s door asking him to hand over Ceylin. Ilgaz requests Ceylin to remember if she pulled the trigger but she cries and doesn’t get any other flashbacks. The team breaks into the room. Ilgaz asks Eren about the car that is to take Ceylin to the police station. He leads the team out, pacifies Ceylin, and expresses his love for her. She cries and he promises to set things straight.

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