Ehd e Wafa Episode 3

Ehd e Wafa – Review of Episode 3

SSG is gaining the attention of the audience due to their insane adventures and escapes of the hostel boundaries. Where their exploits will lead them to? Let’s find out the answer in our review of episode 3 of Hum TV drama ‘Ehd e Wafa’.


Saad is caught by the police while getting his friends away from Dua. The parents of SSG are summoned to college where they learn the exploits of their sons.

Storyline – Ehd e Wafa Episode 3

Sheryaar and Shariq enquire about the night’s incidence from the rest of the two. Shah Zain taunts Sheryaar and Shariq for their running like cowards while Saad is engaged in beautiful reveries of Dua. He recalls the event of his first meeting with Dua. He first saw her in an art class. The second possibility of seeing her came to a book shop but poor Saad couldn’t get a chance to talk to her, mainly due to his batman around him. He pretends to forget Dua now but Shah Zain reveals sketches of Dua made by Saad in his notebook. Saad is unaware of her name and whereabouts which Shah Zain reveals owing to his information from the guard.

Rani’s exam result brings her contention as she fails in two subjects. She defends her position before her parents and stresses her discontent in the present college where principles are compromised. She plans to get admission to Lawrence College Murree once her father utters the name of the institute and vows to transform her life in a new institute. However, her father spoils her ambitious plans referring it to a boys’ college. She poses herself hurt and angry at this and diverts her parents’ attention from her own failure to this college topic. When alone, she boasts of her acting performance that she has succeeded in fooling her parents who almost forgot her failure in the exam.

Rani with her parents
Rani with her parents

On the other hand, Raheel becoming possessive enquires Dua about last night’s event and whether someone offended her or not.

SSG is out again for satisfying their appetite and to prepare themselves for the coming day canning event. Shariq observes Dua’s presence with her cousin when he goes for buying ice cream and informs the rest of the girls. All boys are passionate to meet them except Saad who precludes his energetic friends from any venture. Shah Zain and Sheryaar approach lone girls since Raheel is side by to get ice-cream for them. Zealous Shah Zain starts the chat and tells Dua about Saad and how he is ambitious for her for long. Saad later arrives and tries to get his friends away but they refuse to do so. Meanwhile, Raheel returns after getting ice cream and a scuffle erupts among boys. Police reach the spot and arrest Saad and Raheel while the rest three manage to flee.

In the police station, Raheel’s family arrives to rescue him while Saad hesitates to tell about his parents since this act will bring his father’s wrath. In the hostel, the other three argue at the situation regarding going to the Police station. Shah Zain and Sheryaar intend to go to the police station but Shariq opposes the idea since it will not bring any comfort.

Police inform hostel warden Firdous about the incidence. The warden reaches the police station where the Police officer rebukes him for Saad’s fault. Although Firdous manages to get Saad out of the police custody. He then reproaches the culprit because his actions have tainted college reputation. He enquires him about his abettors but he conceals their identity. At last Saad is forced to tell the truth when warden threatens to inform his Brig father of the situation.

All parents get intimation from the college about their sons’ misdemeanor. All parents are anxious in this situation except Malik Allah Yar, father of Shah Zain, to whom this news exhilarates. Indeed, he is a comic character who gets pleasure in horse racing and is an ardent lover of local culture.

Dua’s family complains to the college principal who then placates them assuring that the culprits will get their comeuppance.

Brig Faraz admonishes his son quoting Rameen’s example of how she will be able to walk proudly since it is her own brother who offends walking girls. He also complains of his weak character and lost moral courage. Saad is emotional to listen to all this and unable to contain his tears once his father departs. Indeed, his depression is coming out as all the incidence was the result of his friends’ adventure and his mere presence has proved him guilty. Other parents too, arrive at college to learn about their sons’ activities.

Brig Faraz admonishes his son
Brig Faraz admonishes his son

Review – Ehd e Wafa Episode 3

In this episode, we got the introduction of some more characters. These are the parents of SSG boys. We realize the family backgrounds of each of the members of SSG. Though there was a brief introduction to Brig Faraz in the previous episode, his scene with his guilty son brings clarity to his role. Shariq and Sheryar belong to middle-class families while Malik Shah Zain is the son of Malik Allah Yar, an ostentatious landlord of Malikwal.

We know more about Saad and his propensity towards painting. Like his sister Rameen, he too takes interest in painting and sketching. His emotional acting before his father caught the hearts of many. In the same scene, his father’s dialogues were strong enough to deliver a societal message. We pity Saad in this situation as his friends’ erratic behavior has brought ignominy to him. Moreover, an emphasis on his character is predictable of his central role in the coming episodes.

The overall episode was satisfactory considering the development of the plot. However, like previous episodes too, acting of some characters has disappointed the audience. Especially, acting in the last scene where Shariq cries alongside his mother was not up to the mark. The whole scene looked factitious.


Overall episode                4.2/5

Plot                                        4.1/5

Acting                                   3.8/5

Dialogues                            3.9/5

Scenes to watch

(30:12)  The scene which occurs between a grieved father and his penitent son attracted the attention of many and it is a must-watch scene as it conveys an idea to eradicate a social evil which has stained the younger generations.

(01:46)  Further, one of the initial scenes, when all friends discover Saad’s affection, is comic and worth seeing.  


What fate SSG will experience for their exploits and what will be the future of Rani’s carrier. These questions necessitate a long wait of seven days to answer. Please opine your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box. That’s all from the review of Hum TV drama ‘Ehd e Wafa’ episode 3.

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