Fraud Episode 14 Story

Below is the story of episode 14 of the dramaFraud that was aired on 06 August 2022.

Shana is highly impressed by Tabraiz and his family and asks her husband to fix the wedding date as soon as possible. Chaudhry advises her to think wisely and not make a decision in haste. Soon, he finds out through the broker who sold Tabraiz the mansion that Tabraiz and his family are “legitimate”.

Talal is ecstatic to hear that Nisar wholeheartedly agreed to the proposal. His mother, Safiya insists Shehnaz set the wedding within a month. Seeing Nisar’s hesitation, Talal refuses to take any dowry and suggests carrying out a simple wedding. When Shehnaz mentions calling Shazia to the wedding, Nisar becomes enraged and strictly prohibits her from doing so.    

Tabraiz who has taken the guise of Hashim finally marries Rehana. Chaudhary gives his daughter a large acre of land in dowry. While Tabraiz/Hashim is elated to have it, he puts up an act of humbleness and reluctantly accepts it.

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