Fraud Episode 15 Story

Below is the story of episode 15 of the dramaFraud that was aired on 13 August 2022.

Tabraiz defrauds Rehana by selling the land she received in her dowry. After feeding her sleeping pills, he flees and gets into a feud with his business partners when they refuse to fulfill his demands to give him 50% of the earnings. Rehana wakes up from her sleep and is devastated to find divorce papers next to her. 

Paranoid, Shehnaz refrains Maya from touching Maila’s wedding shopping to keep Maila away from her doomed shadow. Nisar is bewildered after he is forced to retire prematurely. Shehnaz stops Maya from performing Maila’s wedding rituals, leaving her heartbroken. Later, she apologizes to her for being unreasonable and gullible. 

Shan hires a new secretary Maria and gets instantly drawn to her romantic advances. His cunning mother is perplexed to see him getting close to an outgoing girl. Maya requests her father to stop worrying about her marriage and let her become financially independent. 

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