Fraud Episode 25 Story

Fraud – Episode 25 Story

Below is the story of episode 25 of the dramaFraud that was aired on 22 October 2022 on ARY Digital TV.

Tabraiz pretends to be worried in front of Tooba and lies to her that he lost the case along with all his wealth. Tooba gets cranky and starts acting up on small things with her mother. Kulsoom encourages her to attend Shan’s wedding happily and think about the problems afterward. However, Tabraiz refuses to go to the wedding and Tooba stays behind with him. 

Maila misses Talal immensely after seeing Maya’s wedding dress from her prospective in-laws. On the wedding night, Shan clarifies to Maya that she holds no importance in his life and is merely a compulsion. Shehnaz insists on remarrying Maila to pull her out of the grief but Nisar suggests giving her time to heal. 

On the next day of marriage, Shan leaves for the office, leaving Maya alone. Having nothing else to do, she bonds with Zimal and in no time becomes her favorite.

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