Fraud Episode 08 Story

Below is the story of episodes 08 & 09 of the dramaFraud that was aired on 02 July 2022.

Episode 8 Story

Shehnaz becomes restive as the matchmaker shows proposals of old-age widowers for Maya. She asks Nisar to talk to Shazia about Maya and Nael’s marriage. Shazia instantly agrees with Nisar when he asks her about it and promises to convince Nael to marry Maya. When Maya finds out about the development, she refuses and begs her parents not to be cruel to Nael.

On the other hand, Shazia emotionally blackmails Nael to marry Maya despite his constant refusal. She makes him understand that Nisar regrets turning down his proposal the very first time and admits his lack of wisdom. Nael does not utter a single word, making Shazia believe that he is ready for the marriage.

Finally, the marriage date is fixed and while everyone is excited about the wedding, Nael and Maya are unhappy. Meanwhile, Tabraiz and his business partners are elated to catch a big fish this time. They are busy arranging a house and other accessories to scam Chaudhry and his family.

Episode 9 Story

Nael flees away on his wedding night, leaving a message to his mother that he is unable to convince himself to marry Maya. Meanwhile, the wedding guests arrive at Nisar’s house and Maya is all glammed up as a bride, waiting for the groom. 

Shazia bursts into tears after listening to Nael’s message and summons Nisar to the house who loses his mind and begs Shazia to call Nael back but to no avail. He takes it upon himself to find Nael and accidentally tramples a stranger with his car. Thankfully, a police officer understands Nisar’s condition and takes him home. While Maya and her mother tolerate the situation, Nisar is unable to bear the defamation. After everything subsides, Nael returns home and is brutally harangued by his mother. 

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