Habbs Episode 23 Story

Habbs – Episode 23 Story

Below is the story of episode 23 of the dramaHabbs that was aired on 11 Oct 2022 on ARY Digital TV.

While leaving Basit’s house, Ayesha bumps into Soha but does not introduce herself as Basit’s wife. Basit is surprised to see Soha after a long time and the two friends sit together to chat about life. Qudsia loses her wits when she receives a government notice to vacate the house. It turns out that her landlord defrauded her by retrieving the entire payment and handing over a fake property file. 

Bobby requests Qudsia to keep Ayesha out of the issue as she might get to know about the deal Basit made prior to marriage. Zoya, who always dreamt of living a luxurious life full of freedom, yearns for the smallest things and envies her mother-in-law who controls the house. 

Frustrated, she robs money from her mother-in-law’s locker. Amir’s mother suspects Zoya to be the thief and searches her room but does not find anything. 

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