Below is the episode 28 story of the dramaIshq-e-Laa that was aired on 12 May 2022.

Azka requests the doctor not to disclose news of her donation to Azlan’s mother as she don’t want to see her mother-in-law feeling indebted to her. Azlan overhears their conversation and Azka’s ethics impress him. Resultantly, his attitude towards her softens a bit.

Kanwal reveals Azka’s current perils to Zain who comes looking for her. Azka’s mother happens to eavesdrop on their conversation and falls unconscious but stabilizes soon. Zain then pays a visit to Azka in the hospital. He promises to marry her as soon as the contract marriage is over. She feels unbelievable but nonetheless shows her consent. Azlan eyes Zain with subtle jealousy from the corridor. He seeks advice from a couple of elders regarding peace and how to obtain it.

Azka’s mother and Kanwal come to take her back. Azka pays a final visit to Azlan’s mother before leaving. Her ‘temporary’ mother-in-law is glad to meet her and even offers her a large sum of cash. Azlan is of the mind to take his wife back home. Unfortunately, Azka still remembers their deal and even returns the cash back to him. Azlan is left standing alone while his wife walks away forever.

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