Jo Bichar Gaye Episode 4 Story

Jo Bichar Gaye – Episode 4 Story

Below is the episode 4 story of the drama ‘Jo Bichar Gaye‘ that was aired on 02 January 2022.

Soniya makes a failed attempt in trying to convince Roomi to abandon his mission. Roomi, of course, ignores her and continues instigating the public for the cause of independence. Shill, a man under Roomi, gives an impassioned speech where he suggests his fellow Bengalis to cut apart the West Pakistanis. Roomi is infuriated at the unexpected and foolish words from Shill and slaps him.

Soniya’s mother is depressed while thinking of Soniya’s supposed love for Farrukh. Meanwhile, Farrukh overhears Soniya’s mother complaining to her about his mediocre background. He later seeks advice from his friend who gives the suggestion to let things flow naturally and stop worrying too much.

Bhutto travels all the way to Bengal where he and Sheikh Mujib have a chat without any obvious fruit because of the lack of trust between both leaders. Shill is once again bullying a student and accidently hits Soniya during the scuffle. Roomi gets mad after seeing the scar on Soniya’s forehead and sets off to deal with Shill.

Meanwhile, Major Ghaisuddin is having a secret meeting with the university warden and a few other key members where he spills confidential information. Roomi is once again shocked to hear Shill shouting like a madman with the theme being the mass murder of Pakistanis. Also, Col. Fakhar finally decides to intervene and play big.

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