Jo Bichar Gaye Episode 5 Story

Jo Bichar Gaye – Episode 5 Story

Below is the episode 5 story of the drama ‘Jo Bichar Gaye‘ that was aired on 09 January 2022.

Sonia’s mother once again invites Farrukh for dinner. Meanwhile, her brother Haroon goes along with Roomi to attend public strikes and speeches without his mother’s consent. Because of that, he gets a face slap by her later on.

Farrukh reveals the latest intel to Col. Fakhar. While at it, Major Ghaisuddin intrudes upon them but Col. Fakhar castigates him. Shill once again incites the Bengalis to brutalize Pakistanis. Roomi warns them not to commit any bloodshed but to no avail.

Farrukh’s friend Salahuddin is posted to Ghazipur where public strikes have become common and the military needs reinforcements. One of the factory workers is particularly bold and refuses to do any work. Helpless, Salahuddin kicks him out of the factory. Roomi is depressed at the Bengali public’s increasing bloodlust. Sonia’s taunts lead to further stress for him.

Sheikh Mujib plans the killing of Bengali citizens by the army under life-threatening situations. Later, he refuses to negotiate with West Pakistan after the “brutal” killing of common Bengal citizens. The previous factory worker returns and threatens Salahaddin on behalf of the armed Bengali public besieging the factory.

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