Jo Bichar Gaye Episode 7 Story

Jo Bichar Gaye – Episode 7 Story

Below is the episode 7 story of the drama ‘Jo Bichar Gaye‘ that was aired on 23 January 2022.

Farrukh is depressed over his friend Kabir’s death and the military’s helplessness. Col. Fakhar is worried regarding Mujib’s next step. He opines that in case Mujib announces independence and gives the stormy crowd a signal for taking direct action, none from the army shall live.

Someone in the Cantt secretly writes a letter to Col. Fakhar and warns them all to leave this country. Otherwise, the Cantt area shall become their graveyard. Farrukh is charged with investigating who the blackmailer was. One of his suspects is Major Ghaisuddin who’s increasingly meddling in affairs he shouldn’t.

Farrukh’s other friend Siddiq is sent on a mission. Being the only West Pakistani in the camp, he leads army troops comprised of Bengali soldiers. His subordinates purposefully mislead him and act as if they’re all lost in the dark. Siddiq smells the scent of conspiracy and prepares for the last counterattack in his tent.

Roomi’s house is marked with a cross. Upon asking, Ajit blames Sonia’s affair with an army captain as well his aunt who’s a West Pakistani. Roomi is scared out of his wits and tries washing away the cross mark.

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