Below is the story of episode 13 of the dramaKaisi Teri Khudgharzi that was aired on 03 Aug 2022.

Shamsher coincidentally arrives in Multan where Sheru greets him. Akram is elated to find out that his transfer request has been approved by his office. He informs Mehak about it, promising her that they will be reunited soon and will lead a happy life together. 

Shamsher goes to a shrine in hope to find peace and begs God to grant him ease. To his surprise, he unexpectedly runs into Mehak on the street and is stunned to see her alive. Frightened to see him, Mehak runs away leaving her belongings on the street. 

Using her hostel card, Shamsher tracks her down into her cocoon and blames her for fooling him. Against her will, he drags her with him and warns her to comply. He then summons her family to Multan to convince Mehak to marry him. Seeing no other option, Akram convinces Mehak to marry after Shamsher threatens to kill Nida. 

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