Mahkum Episode 13 Story

Mahkum Episode 13 – Story in English

Episode 13 of the Turkish drama Mahkum went on air on 10 March 2022 on Fox TV. Here, we have summarized the entire story.

Barış manipulates Fırat into handing over the bag containing the murder weapon. The police can arrive at any moment and so Fırat finally yields. The prisoners evacuate safely while Barış and Sasha celebrate their success. However, soon after, their faces are scrunched with a frown saying, “Alright prosecutor, you got me!!”. As it happens, they open the bag and guess what? There’s no knife within it! Meanwhile, Fırat recounts to his buddies how he finally remembered that the knife was never within the bag. On the murder night, he’d been busy burying the knife but a stray dog got the smell of the blood. And so he had to change locations. Finally, he chose a doll shop and hid the weapon within one of the toys. Sasha becomes curious after seeing the word ‘doll’ written within Fırat’s journal.

Rafi is convinced about the ‘deceased’ Barış being the traitor once ‘Savaş’ hands over ‘proof’ of his dealings with Fırat. Pasha is a bit restless due to constantly wasting time on Fırat’s matter. Barış finds the pen in which Fırat recorded him revealing his real identity months ago. Büge later steals the pen from his closet in secret. Fırat and his teammates soon pay a visit to the doll shop. Unfortunately, the doll has already been sold to some guy named Alper. Barış and Sasha get wind of the matter as well. As it happens, this Alper used to be a friend of the original Savaş. He’s a collector of rare items and has arranged a party for the night. Barış is formally invited while Fırat plans to sneak in as well.

Tahir reveals the news of the Yesari family being involved in the case of Cemre’s father to her. He demands to meet Fırat before handing the case file to Cemre. Sasha and Barış become suspicious of Zahit being involved in Rafi’s shady business as well. He confronts his father who then discloses his knowledge of Barış’s real identity. Barış falls into a rage after being called a murderer by his father. He recounts the story of his miserable childhood when his father used to beat him for no reason at all.

Fırat finally manages to get his hands on the doll in Alper’s house. Meanwhile, Barış just gets back after dumping his ‘friend’ Alper’s dead body. Sadly, there’s no knife inside. Fırat remembers how there were two versions of the same doll. The knife is possibly within the other one. The police warden requests Barış’s help in retaining his job. Barış refuses and is in turn threatened by the warden. As it happens, the warden had long since been suspicious of Barış’s real identity. Barış complies to his demands under the threat.

Fırat soon manages to locate the second doll and the knife within. Barış tracks him because of a mistake from Pasha. The two struggle to snatch the knife. As they fight, some unknown guy (or gal) slips away with the knife in custody.

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