Mahkum Episode 14 Story

Mahkum Episode 14 – Story in English

Episode 14 of the Turkish drama Mahkum went on air on 17 March 2022 on Fox TV. Here, we have summarized the entire story.

Some mysterious guy slips away with the knife. Both Barış and Fırat are left rubbing their hands in desperation. Paşa’s well of patience runs dry and he leaves for Bodrum together with Camber. The two of them are set on not letting Paşa’s billions go to waste.

Tahir sells the number plate of the SUV driven by Fırat’s team to Barış. The old prisoner’s friend Yadigar is suspicious about him being Prosecutor Erol’s killer. Büge’s emotions take over and so she agrees to deliver Nazlı to her father.

Barış and Sasha manage to locate Bekir running around in the SUV but Rafi interrupts. He then takes Barış to see the mysterious Signor in a hurry. Barış’s eyeballs pop out after witnessing Signor sending his party guests to Heaven through poison. What’s more interesting is how Signor is a well-known business-man. He’s also a decent friend of the real Barış. However, he fails to recognize his dear-old friend hiding behind Savaş’s mask. Signor charges Barış with the task of fetching Fırat for him, alive and well. Barış freaks out since the prosecutor is likely to reveal his true identity to Signor.

Büge agrees to deliver Nazlı to Fırat at Cemre’s house. The gleeful Fırat soon falls into despair and cancels his meetup plan with Büge. As it happens, Paşa and Camber get arrested by Hacı’s enemies. The latter take Hacı in custody as soon as Fırat comes to rescue. Bekir shoos away the gangsters while in police clothing. Büge betrays Fırat in the next meetup. In the present situation, Fırat’s survival means Barış’s death at Signor’s hands. And so she sells Nazlı’s father away for her love of life.

Barış soon captures Fırat and is one breath away from killing the prosecutor. Zahit barges in at that moment, in his desire to meet Cemre. Fırat listens to their talk and confirms Zahit’s involvement with Cemre’s father. He soon manages to sneak out while the duo is busy arguing.

The police warden once again comes looking for Barış with proof against the latter’s sins. Fırat distracts Tahir while Cemre steals a handful of documents from his car. Both Fırat and Barış come face to face once again in a place filled with containers. Signor’s men shot both of them down with their sniper guns.

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