Main Haari Piya Episode 16-19 Story

Main Haari Piya – Episode 16~19 Story

Below is the episodes 16~19 story of the dramaMain Haari Piyathat were aired on 01~04 November 2021.

Fawad expresses his love for Sara and explains how he won’t be able to reciprocate her feelings in the same way. Farwa is furious as Fawad instantly leaves for home when Sara falls sick. Farwa scolds Sara and asks for a divorce from Fawad. She faints and turns out to be pregnant. The family rejoices but Farwa warns Sara to stay away from her and the child.

Maria is happy as Waqar receives a promotion but her mother-in-law spoils the mood. Hina is asked by Jawad for a meeting but is spotted by Waqar. Waqar requests Maria to convince Saood for marriage with Hina.

Farwa plays tricks to create a situation where Nafeesa would insult Sara. Nafeesa scolds Sara for going out with Fawad leaving Farwa alone. Fawad realizes Farwa’s foul play and warns her. Saood calls Maria to scold her for tricking Hina but it is heard by Waqar. 

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