Main Haari Piya Episode 48_51 Story

Main Haari Piya – Episode 48~51 Story

Below is the story of episodes 48~51 of the drama ‘Main Haari Piya‘ that were aired on 27-Dec-2021 ~ 30-Dec-2021.

Hina gets scared as robbers break into the house and steal Maria’s stuff. Nafeesa feels sad as she reminisces about the wrong done to Sara.

Fawad agrees to take his complaint back regarding Salman but refuses to forgive him and Farwa. Farwa apologizes to everyone and goes with the family to bring back Sara. Everyone is happy while Farwa decides to quit fighting for Fawad and focus on her child.

Salman is angry as his mother blames him for causing all chaos. Saood refuses to bring back Hina unless she forms her ways. Maria and Waqar argue over Hina who feels hurt and tries to mend her ways. Maria leaves the house and asks for a divorce. Nafeesa feels upset as this disturbs the peace of the house.

Hina takes care of Maria’s children. She turns out to be pregnant and Saood takes her back. The disputes are sorted but Maria stays furious and unhappy. Sara is happy as Hina bonds with her as well.

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