Mere Humnasheen - Episode 21_22 Story

Mere Humnasheen – Episode 21~22 Story

Below is the story of episodes 21 & 22 of the dramaMere Humnasheen that were aired on 15~16 July 2022.

Episode 21 Story

Khajista feels guilty for being rude to Hadi and tries to make amends. However, Hadi shuts her off as he feels insulted for being called a flirt. Later, he is even more infuriated after finding out that Shehryar has made an announcement in the family about Hadi’s engagement with Aima.

The university plans to set up a medical camp in the mountains near Khajista’s area for two days. Khajista’s class along with Hadi and Aima are asked to join it. Daji orders to prepare the house for Khajista’s guests and Darakhzai spends day and night making sure everything is up to the mark.  

Aima burns on the inside seeing Hadi’s interest in Khajista on their way to the village. Sanober empoisons Shanzay against Khajista and warns her that once Khajista becomes a doctor, Shanzay will lose all her respect in the house and will merely be treated as a maid.

Episode 22 Story

Khajista’s family warmly welcomes her team into their house but are awestruck to see the girls’ modern dressing. Sanober asks Aima to keep Khajista bound in the city as her fiancé is a very uncivil and ignorant person.

Aima insists on leaving the village as she does not like the backward culture of the place. However, when Hadi refuses to entertain her demand, she seeks help from Behram. While checking the patients, Aima deliberately sends Khajista to the male section despite Khajista’s reluctance to check male patients.

Behram tells Darakhzai that his fiancé is checking unknown males from the village, driving Darakhzai mad. In his fury, he rushes to the camp and creates a spectacle while dragging Khajista home. When Hadi tries to intervene, Darakhzai pulls out his gun on him. Hadi is enraged with Aima for making Khajista’s life difficult. Later, he calls Shehryar to the village to take care of the situation. 

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