Below is the episode 19 story of the dramaMere Humsafar that was aired on 12 May 2022.

Hamza considers staying at some nearby farmhouse for honeymoon. Hala is quite thrilled by the news and prepares for the venture. Sadly though, Shah Jahan forbids them from going; thus vaporizing any excitement out of their pores. The couple sneaks away despite Shah Jahan’s restriction. Roomi is irked for not being allowed to accompany them two. She hurries to reveal the truth to her mother.

Meanwhile, Sameen finally agrees to marry according to her mother’s choice. Shah Jahan feels depressed and calls the groom’s family in reluctance. She reveals how Sameen is still stuck on Hamza and not willing to marry by heart. Sofia overhears Shah Jahan’s conversation and is shocked at her sister-in-law’s conspiracies.

A huge mess is created afterward; the end result being a slap on Shah Jahan’s face by Raees. Hamza and Hala share their heartfelt feelings for one another. The duo spends a peaceful night together at the farm. Unfortunately, good times don’t last long as Raees recalls his son. As it happens, Shah Jahan has gone nuts over her son’s disobedience. 

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