Mere Humsafar Episode 24 Story

Mere Humsafar – Episode 24 Story

Below is the episode 24 story of the dramaMere Humsafar that was aired on 16 Jun 2022.

Sameen expresses apology over Shah Jahan’s impolite behavior towards Khurram. Hala wonders why did Khurram refuse to recognize her. Shahjahan leaves no stone unturned in making everyone believe that Hala had an affair with Khurram but all in vain. She calls Sameen and asks her to tell everybody that Hala used to like somebody but Sameen simply refuses. Everyone considers it as her trick to defame Hala as well as turn down Sameen’s proposal. Shah Jahan then threatens Hala that she will not let her live peacefully.

Khurram visits Sameen’s house the other day and expresses his embarrassment over what happened in front of her mother. While leaving, he warns Hala that he will not let her unborn child live because his mother died because of Hala.

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