Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 13

Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 13 – Review

We are here with the review of ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ episode 13. In the coming lines, I will try to briefly explain the story of the episode and then will review it.

The departure of Mehwish has left Danish astray. He is going through a crucial period of his derailed life. He needs a true friend who can console his woes. This is where a new character emerges in the drama. Roomi’s teacher, Hira Mani appears to be Mateen Sahb’s daughter and we can expect a coming relationship between her and Danish. Let’s check out what happened in episode 13 of ARY Digital drama ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’.


Roomi is admitted to a boarding school where he underperforms in academics and co-curricular activities. Mehwish finds the truth that Shewaar is not willing to marry her but insists on an illicit relationship. While Danish vows to start a business in order to become enough rich to buy everything.

Storyline – Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 13

A few months have elapsed. Roomi went to a boarding school conceiving the distressing dilemma at home. Danish decides to become a businessman so that he could buy everything he wants. He wants to earn a lot of money so that he may be able to buy friendship, loyalty and above all love since he now thinks everything has a sale value. He is still unable to forget her unfaithful wife. Mateen Sahb consoles him in his predicament and inspires him to a new life ahead.

In the next scene, After Danish is summoned to Roomi’s boarding school where he gets a rebuke from the child’s teacher who complains of his underperformance, both in academics and extra-curricular activities. She declares that Roomi is unfit for the school. Danish defends his son and attributes his ill behavior to domestic problems. He reveals the truth about Roomi’s mother and is able to get one chance for his son’s reformation. The father and deprived child meet where Danish rebuffs him and then advises him to be brave instead of a coward.

Danish gets a promotion to the next scale in the office. But he is more concerned about his son than his career now. He decides to sell his flat for starting his own business. He is determined to earn 20 crore rupees and is willing to even sacrifice his newly promoted job. His audacious intentions frighten Mateen Sahb.

Shewaar and Mehwish return from abroad with Mehwish transformed into a whole new rich mien. She seems happy having a rich partner beside her. It is revealed that they have not married yet. Mehwish’s demand for marriage gets a shocking response when Shewaar resolves to continue the illicit relationship. He does not want to marry her rather regards marriage an unnecessary obligation. His response, however, disturbs Mehwish.

Mehwish's shock over Shewaar's views
Mehwish’s shock over Shewaar’s views

On the other hand, Mehwish’s memories still perturb Danish’s thoughts and he often cries in solitude. A friendly relationship has developed between Danish and Mateen Sahb where the former seeks advice from the veteran man. Danish is resolute and optimistic about his future business though he has not yet decided his course of action. Mateen Sahb suggests a second marriage to him and to live a normal life. He recollects his own experiences of a failed married life. The old man has lost his faithful wife and was not able to get her pardon for his disloyalty. Consequently, he is now leading a wretched and remorseful life.

Mateen Sahb recalling his bitter experiences
Mateen Sahb recalling his bitter experiences

When returning home, Danish finds Mateen Sahb unconscious in his car. He is carried to a hospital where the old man loses his life. In the end, it is revealed that the Roomi’s teacher (Hira Mani) is Mateen Sahb’s daughter. She has incurred a great loss in the form of her father’s death. As a result, she cries on the hospital floor.

Review – Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 13

A significant change has happened in Danish’s thoughts and personality. He does not bother to think over petty matters but instead believes in quick actions. The fact is manifest in his decision of starting own business. The tragedy has affected him adversely so as he now wants to become rich to avoid further depravity. The sincere relationship Danish got in form of Mateen Sahb has perished and he again finds himself alone in this merciless world.

The little star Roomi is wise enough to understand the domestic circumstances. He tries to escape reality but unable to normalize his life. His mother’s departure has affected him adversely. Likewise, he has developed hate towards his mother.

The episode widely covered Mateen Sahb’s character. He was put alongside Danish to create a comparison between both grieved men where one lost his faithful wife while the other was a victim of deception.

The manipulative nature of Shewaar is starting to expose before Mehwish’s eyes. The avaricious girl learns the fact that her aficionado is not ready to marry her. Instead, he is content with the status quo so that he may throw her like a tissue whenever he wants.

The previous episode stirred a greater agony among the women’s faction of viewers when it exposed Mehwish as a worthless woman. There emerged an opinion that termed the drama as anti-feminist and misogynic. However, the negation of the notion that all women are disloyal is proof that this drama is not misogynic or treating women ill. Moreover, Mateen Sahb’s declaration that woman is the source of goodness in this evil world also confirms the fact. Indeed, there is a more evil character, Shewaar, which is depicted in a male guise.


Overall episode               4.1/5

Plot                                      4.3/5

Acting                                  4.6/5

Dialogues                           4.3/5

Scenes to watch

(min:sec 22:53) Shewaar and Mehwish return from Europe’s tour. The argument between both is cathartic to the audience who developed sympathy for poor Danish.

(min:sec 25:23) Mateen Sahb’s confession of his own sins and the resultant pain he is suffering from evoked emotions of the audience. His regret for his wife and his reaction to recalling the previous events are certainly never to be missed.


The drama has started its journey from climax to the falling action where things are starting to settle down. The storm has passed and Danish is collecting the remaining threads of his life and is still content with his life. His interaction with the new character will be interesting. So, a wait of exactly seven days lies ahead for the next episode of ARY Digital drama ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’.

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