Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Episode 1-10 Story

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine – Episode 1~10 Story

Below is the story of episodes 1~10 of the drama ‘Mohabbat Chor Di Maine‘ aired on 7~14 October 2021.

Komal is happily married to Omar with a seven-year-old daughter Fiza. Zaini, Omar’s sister, is a widow living with them. Although Komal has successfully built a lavish lifestyle for herself, she can’t forget her first love Hazim, now a writer and traveler. He too reminisces about his romantic moments with Komal. Komal shares a bitter relationship with her father and stepmother. Her pride is shattered when she discovers the secret marriage of Omar with Sehar. Sehar was a widow of Omar’s employee and got married to him as his good deed. Komal shares her pain with Zaini and doesn’t question Omar about his hidden action.

Sehar is scared as a man from her village comes to her house to take her back for marriage. She tries to contact Omar and the truth is out in the open to Komal. She shouts at him and asks him to divorce Sehar. As a punishment to Omar, Komal starts turning their daughter against him. Komal’s parents talk about love and she states how Hazim left her. Komal shares her worries with Bazil who tells her about Omar not being in love with her. Omar tells Zaini about his second marriage not being a mistake. 

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