Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Episode 11-20 Story

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine – Episode 11~20 Story

Below is the story of episodes 11~20 of the drama ‘Mohabbat Chor Di Maine‘ aired on 15~22 October 2021.

Omar shouts at Zaini for playing unknown about his marriage and plotting with Komal against him. He leaves the house and Zaini questions Komal to which she receives a scolding. Komal is upset at the thought of being divorced as she can’t face another failure in love. Sehar is glad to see Omar again. She is upset to cause trouble in Komal’s life. Sehar worries about being taken away by Sarfraz, the man from her village. Komal taunts Zaini for sharing her concerns with Bazil and Hazim as she gives a reality check to Komal about her marriage being over. Omar shifts Sehar to a hotel and both spend quality time together. Omar hears Sarfraz’s name and asks questions about him but Sehar stays mum. Komal is furious to find a chat between Hazim and Zaini. She asks her not to fall for anyone carelessly. Zaini is irritated as she had shared Komal’s situation with Hazim.

Komal allows Sehar into the house as she is pregnant with Omar’s child. Hazim returns to Pakistan and Komal has an anxiety attack remembering the past moments. Hazim wants her to get out of the unhappy marriage and return to him. Komal’s family wants Bazil to marry Hazim’s sister, Aleena. Komal is against the decision for her brother. Hazim talks in an extremely friendly way to Zaini making Komal jealous. Omar scolds Zaini for her closeness with Hazim but Sehar supports her unknown to the past. Komal scolds her terribly and Sehar faints. She gives birth to a boy but his health deteriorates. Komal is shocked to see Omar being rude to her upon his son’s state. The child is safe but Komal makes efforts to throw Sehar out. Komal looks for a suitable match for Zaini. 



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