Mohabbat Chor Di Maine – Episode 21~30 Story

Below is the story of episodes 21~30 of the dramaMohabbat Chor Di Maineaired on 23~31 October 2021.

Filza drops Sehar’s baby and receives a scolding. Sehar and Komal argue and Komal locks her in a room for two days along with Zaini who takes Sehar’s side.

Hazim visits Komal feeling worried for her and talks to her regarding the whole situation. Komal hardly controls her old romantic memories of Hazim. Omar returns and Filza tells him everything. He gets into a huge argument with Komal in front of her father.

Komal’s father is worried and doesn’t want her to return to Omar. He thinks about Hazim’s betrayal that shattered Komal. Omar asks Sehar to watch over Filza as well. Omar takes out all his anger on Zaini and Sehar as he sees Komal’s health deteriorating because of him. Komal returns home and Sehar feels left out as Omar and Komal spend quality time together. Omar is completely immersed in Komal that he keeps scolding Zaini and Sehar while Komal stays calm at the whole situation.

Komal reveals her past relationship with Hazim to Bazil who refuses to marry Alina. Zaini is hurt as Hazim rejects her calling her a sister. Komal cries thinking nobody is happy with her.

Sehar is shocked to find Komal’s medicine under her head. Zaini cleverly reveals the same to Omar who is angry at Komal for playing a game. Bazil comes back and Komal shares her concerns with him. She asks Bazil to win Zaini’s heart. Zaini spots Bazil and Komal together and blames Komal for drifting them apart. Komal calmly talks to her and Zaini agrees for marriage. Komal’s mother is unhappy with the marriage.

Omar feels jealous seeing the frankness between Hazim and Komal. Seher’s mother comes to stay with her and faces Komal’s humiliation. Zaini tries to win the heart of Bazil’s mother. Komal is hurt as Omar takes Sehar and her mother out for dinner after Komal’s misbehaviour. 

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