Mohabbat Chor Di Maine – Episode 31~40 Story

Below is the story of episodes 31~40 of the drama ‘Mohabbat Chor Di Maine‘ aired on 01~10 November 2021.

Omar spends time with Sehar and her mother while Komal is unable to bear their existence. She misbehaves with Sehar’s mother and asks Omar to divorce Sehar or she will destroy Zaini’s life. Omar fears Komal’s terrible nature and shares his concerns with Sehar.

Komal is shattered as her father suffers a heart attack and scolds Bazil and Zaini for their irresponsibility. Hazim remembers Komal crying at the thought of losing her father. Omar doesn’t pay heed to Komal’s problems and she spends emotional moments with her father at his deathbed before he passes away.

Zaini is irritated at Komal’s overstay in her house and at Hazim’s closeness with her. Omar shows attitude to Komal and they keep fighting off and on. Sarfraz tracks down Sehar and Omar thinks him as a harasser. Sarfraz comes to Komal for work and starts working as a driver, scaring Sehar.

Zaini is perplexed to see Sehar’s mother giving money to Sarfraz. Komal and Omar are enraged to see Sarfraz inside the house and ask Sehar to tell her mother to leave the house. Sarfraz demands money from Sehar and intimidates to kill her and the baby otherwise.

Sehar’s mother takes her jewelry to save her from Sarfraz but Komal’s servant, Noorie catches them. Omar finds Sarfraz related to Sehar and orders them to get out of his life. Omar throws them out and apologizes to Komal for his actions. Zaini takes a step and sends a message to Omar to make a proper investigation which is read by Komal. Komal asks Omar to divorce Sehar. They are shocked to receive the notice sent by Sehar from Karachi. It turns out that Hazim took them in and is not helping them. Shehnaz talks about Hazim’s love for Komal. 

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